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Mentor Graphics® is a leader in electronic design automation software.

We enable companies to develop better electronic products faster and more cost-effectively. Our innovative products and solutions help engineers conquer design challenges in the increasingly complex worlds of board and chip design.

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ISO 26262 functional safety compliance achieved

ISO 26262 functional safety compliance achieved
It has been announced by Mentor, a Siemens business that the Xpedition and PADS Professional printed circuit board design (PCB) design flows, including the Valor NPI and HyperLynx family of products, have each achieved ISO 26262 functional safety compliance.
18th September 2018

Process reference flow leverages tools for design test-time savings

Process reference flow leverages tools for design test-time savings
Mentor has announced that Samsung Electronics has certified the Mentor Tessent products for Samsung Foundry’s 8nm LPP (Low Power Plus) process. These tools provide dramatic design and test time improvements for very large designs targeting markets such as mobile communications, high speed network/server computing, cryptocurrency, and autonomous driving.
23rd May 2018

High-quality CAD models available in all Mentor PCB formats

High-quality CAD models available in all Mentor PCB formats
Mentor has partnered with SamacSys to provide free PCB symbols, footprints and 3D models from within PartQuest, Mentor’s online platform for finding component information. The SamacSys CAD library content saves companies the time-consuming task of library part creation. SamacSys has been selected to provide high-quality CAD models for Mentor’s PADS, xDX Designer and Xpedition PCB design solutions.
26th April 2018

Emulation platform helps Infineon verify its microcontroller family

To meet stringent verification requirements for both the hardware and software components of its automotive chip platforms, Infineon Technologies is using the Veloce emulation platform from Mentor Graphics. 
10th January 2018

Silicon Creations selects Mentor for analog & mixed signal IP verification

Mentor has announced that Silicon Creations, a leading supplier of high-performance analog and mixed-signal intellectual property (IP), has selected Mentor software for circuit, functional, and physical verification of its complex pre-layout and post-layout analog and mixed-signal IP. Silicon Creations is using the Analog FastSPICE (AFS) Platform, the Questa Verification Solution, and the Calibre family of products to verify their silicon IP portfolio from 180nm to 7nm, including precision and general purpose phase-locked loops (PLLs), Enterprise class SerDes, and high-speed differential IOs.
24th April 2017

Further certification of Mentor Graphics software for TSMC 12FFC

Mentor Graphics has announced that TSMC has certified the Calibre Platform (Calibre nmDRC, Calibre Multi-Patterning, Calibre nmLVS, Calibre YieldEnhancer with SmartFill, and Calibre xACT tools), as well as the Analog FastSPICE (AFS) Circuit Verification Platform, for the most current version of the 12FFC process.
27th March 2017

Mentor Graphics adds ReqTracer to Mentor Safe Program

Mentor Graphics has further expanded its Mentor Safe functional safety assurance program with the addition of ReqTracer, an industry-standard line of software tools for requirements management and tracking. Achieving the highest possible tool confidence level as a standalone tool, ReqTracer is now qualified for use in safety-critical ISO 26262 designs and verification flows at all criticality levels up to and including ASIL D.
22nd February 2017

Veloce Strato platform scales up to 15BG

Mentor Graphics announced the Veloce Strato emulation platform. The Veloce Strato platform is Mentor’s third generation data-centre friendly emulation platform, and the only emulation platform on the market with full scalability across both software and hardware. As part of the announcement, Mentor is launching the Veloce StratoM high-capacity emulator and Veloce Strato OS enterprise-level operating system.
17th February 2017

Mentor Graphics awarded Product of the Year Award 2016

Mentor Graphics awarded Product of the Year Award 2016
Mentor Graphics Corporation has announced that its Tessent DefectSim product was awarded 2016 Product of the Year by Electronic Products magazine. This award is presented for a product launched in 2016 that represents innovative design and advancement in technology, as determined by the editors of the publication.
20th January 2017

Emulation takes on post-silicon validation

Emulation takes on post-silicon validation
According to a study jointly carried out by Mentor Graphics and Wilson Research Group in 2014, at least one percent of bugs escape to silicon level, and that underscores the critical importance of post-silicon validation. Moreover, there simply aren’t enough verification cycles to find bugs that pass the pre-silicon phase.
19th January 2017

Enabling verification tools for InFO Tech variants

Mentor Graphics announced that TSMC has extended its collaboration with Mentor Graphics on the Xpedition Enterprise platform in conjunction with the Calibre platform for the design and verification of TSMC’s InFO (Integrated Fan-Out) packaging technology for multi-chip and chip-DRAM integration applications. Mentor developed new Xpedition functionality specifically to support InFO and enable the IC package designer to complete design tasks to TSMC specification.
13th January 2017

Mentor Graphics joins FDXcelerator Partner Program

Mentor Graphics announced that it has joined GLOBALFOUNDRIES' FDXcelerator Partner Program. FDXcelerator program partners support customers of GLOBALFOUNDRIES FDX™ technologies by providing a variety of design solutions, including approved design methodology, IP development expertise, hardware/software system integration expertise, and other critical software, services, and support.
22nd December 2016

Frontloading CFD enables engineers to examine design options

Frontloading CFD enables engineers to examine design options
A version of Mentor Graphics Corporation's frontloading Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) FloEFD product targeting complex design challenges has been announced. Frontloading CFD refers to the practice of moving CFD simulation early into the design process, enabling design engineers to examine and evaluate design options, resulting in optimised product performance and reliability. 
18th November 2016

Agreement signed to accelerate early software development

Agreement signed to accelerate early software development
  A multi-year license agreement has been signed between Mentor Graphics Corporation and ARM to gain early access to a range of ARM Fast Models, Cycle Models and related technologies. 
17th November 2016

Defect simulator cuts mixed-circuit test time

The ability to measure the defect coverage of any test applied to an analogue or mixed-signal circuit is now achievable with Mentor Graphics’ Tessent DefectSim product. It improves the quality and reliability of analogue and mixed-signal circuits through the selection of more effective tests and reduces the cost of test by showing which tests do not increase coverage.
14th November 2016

How do you solve a problem like systems?

How do you solve a problem like systems?
Everything you see in modern electronics is a system and these are often part of a system of systems. However, as technology has advanced these systems have become increasingly complex – leading to integration issues between different systems. Electronic Specifier Editor Joe Bush talks to David Wiens, Xpedition Product Manager, Board Systems Division, Mentor Graphics, about these problems and how the company’s Xpedition offering can provide a solution.
24th October 2016

Verification tool enables maximum regression speed

The integration of the Questa Verification Solution from Mentor Graphics Corporation with the Jenkins Continuous Integration and Source Code Management (CI/SCM) ecosystem has been announced. As a result, Mentor Graphics Questa users are now able to manage and control regressions running Questa Formal and Questa Simulation tools from within the Jenkins dashboard. 
21st October 2016

Calibre PERC platform enables tandem analysis

The qualified Calibre PERC reliability rule decks from United Microelectronics (UMC) for their 28nm technology are now available it has been announced by Mentor Graphics. Customers of UMC can now extend their use of Mentor-based flows to incorporate advanced electrical reliability analysis that evaluates a variety of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection features.
20th October 2016

Predicting the next wave of semiconductor growth

Predicting the next wave of semiconductor growth
To predict the future of the semiconductor market, Mentor Graphics has utilised the Gompertz Curve, a mathematical model, to better understand product demand, after a history of highly inaccurate forecasts produced by outside sources, which not only disrupts market understanding and planning, but also is a serious problem for investors.
14th October 2016

DDR4 SDRAM IP design and verification solution available

Mentor Graphics, Northwest Logic and Krivi Semiconductor announced the availability of a complete DDR4 SDRAM IP design and verification solution that enables ASIC and FPGA design teams to quickly design and verify DDR4 memory subsystems in the Mentor Graphics IP Partnership Program. Together, Mentor Graphics, Northwest Logic, and Krivi Semiconductor enable customers to reduce time-to-market by a factor of 2X by integrating complementary design and verification IP into a single flow.
5th October 2016

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