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11th January 2023
Menlo Micro’s integrated low-power solution for MEMS switches

Menlo Micro has announced the formal qualification and production release of the MM101, an 8-channel, low-voltage to high-voltage driver with an integrated charge pump.

2nd December 2022
Menlo Micro delivers high power MEMS switch

Menlo Micro has introduced a micromechanical power switch capable of handling 10A in a miniature 5mm x 5mm surface-mount package.

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19th October 2022
Menlo Micro joins MITRE Engenuity’s Semiconductor Alliance

Menlo Microsystems, the company responsible for bringing to market its Ideal Switch technology, has announced it has joined MITRE Engenuity’s Semiconductor Alliance in an effort to create a more resilient and advanced US semiconductor ecosystem.

28th September 2022
Menlo Micro joins the American Semiconductor Innovation Coalition

Menlo Microsystems, reinventor of the electronic switch with its Ideal Switch technology, has announced that it has joined the American Semiconductor Innovation Coalition (ASIC) in its effort to ensure that the funding provided through the historic CHIPS and Science Act will be effectively employed to advance US semiconductor R&D leadership and improve the pathway from research to manufacturing.

25th August 2022
Menlo Micro Ships MM5120 and MM5140, latest Ideal Switch products

Menlo Micro, known for its Ideal Switch technology, has announced the formal qualification and production release of its MM5120 single-pole/four-throw (SP4T) DC-to-18GHz switch and MM5140 DC-to-6 GHz SP4T switch.

14th April 2022
SP4T switch cuts cost of high-power RF designs

Menlo Micro has introduced a new single-pole/four-throw (SP4T) DC-to-6 GHz switch that provides what is claimed as best-in-class performance, reliability and integration for 5G network infrastructure, test and measurement equipment, and other high-power RF switching applications.

20th January 2022
SP4T switch cuts cost of high power designs

A high-power single-pole/four-throw (SP4T) DC-to-18 GHz switch that is said to provide the industry’s highest performance, reliability and integration for RF switching applications has been introduced by Menlo Micro.

14th December 2021
Menlo Micro wins 2021 global semiconductor alliance award

Start-Up to Watch Award Is a Validation of Menlo Micro’s Disruptive Ideal Switch™ Technology, the Most Important Electronic Component Since the Invention of the Transistor.

12th November 2021
Menlo micro announces commercial availability of MM5600

Menlo Microsystems has announced the formal qualification and production release of the MM5600. This new product is a unique double-pole/double-throw (DPDT) switch providing the industry’s highest performance and data rates for high-speed differential switching applications, including next-generation artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), GPU/CPU, data center and cloud-based applications, as well as automated test equipment (A...

30th June 2021
Modular RF switch design solution for easy simulation

Menlo Microsystems has announced that it has partnered with X-Microwave to deliver an X-MWblocks modular building block that enables developers to rapidly prototype RF switch design solutions based on Menlo Micro’s high-performance MM5130 switch.

24th March 2021
MM5130 Ideal Switch for RF signal performance

Menlo Microsystems, has announced significant performance in RF signal performance across multiple industries. According to Menlo Micro characterisation tests, the new MM5130 Ideal Switch product, released to production last year and now shipping in volume, has achieved an IP3 linearity of greater than 95 dBm, enabling significant reductions in distortion for RF systems.

19th November 2018
Wafer fab capability signals the coming of a new generation

Last week at the electronica trade show, Menlo Micro announced that its Digital-Micro-Switch (DMS) technology platform has been successfully ported from an R&D facility to a commercial 8” wafer manufacturing line. In partnership with Corning Incorporated, and Silex Microsystems, Menlo is now sampling product from this new manufacturing line and will begin scaling up the production of its micro-mechanical switches bef...

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