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2nd September 2016
Improving deep space medicine

Imagine a doctor trying to perform a life saving medical procedure in the middle of the wilderness. That's what it's like tackling medical emergencies in deep space. It's an issue that's become the focus of Tom Doyle's research. The McMaster Electrical and Computer Engineering professor and Director of the McMaster eHealth Program is among a team of experts working with NASA to determine what medial training and technology astronauts need to...

Component Management
16th August 2016
A way of purifying carbon nanotubes

Researchers at McMaster University have developed a way to purify carbon nanotubes, which are expected to replace silicon within computer chips and a wide array of electronics. "Once we have a reliable source of pure nanotubes that are not very expensive, a lot can happen very quickly," says Alex Adronov, a professor of Chemistry at McMaster whose research team has developed a new and potentially cost-efficient way to purify carbon nanotubes...

7th July 2016
DNA is the engine of super-efficient nanomachine

Researchers at McMaster University have established a way to harness DNA as the engine of a microscopic "machine" they can turn on to detect trace amounts of substances that range from viruses and bacteria to cocaine and metals. "It's a completely new platform that can be adapted to many kinds of uses," says John Brennan, director of McMaster's Biointerfaces Insitute and co-author of a paper in the journal Nature Communications that describe...

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