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12th April 2019
High power emitters for cost conscious applications

It has been announced that Lumileds has introduced the LUXEON IR 2720 Line of high power emitters that aim to set the standard for abundant radiant power delivered in an industry standard package for easy integration in existing designs. The emitters provide high radiant power of up to 1,300mW at 940nm or 1,250mW at 850nm wavelength and feature high efficacy and a popular 120° beam angle.

8th March 2019
Flagship smartphones produce photos with high colour quality

Reasserting its market position in camera flash LEDs while at Mobile World Congress, Lumileds has introduced the LUXEON Flash 9X with Spectral Pure Technology LED that produces photos with high colour quality. Noted for its small form factor (1.4x1.4mm chip scale package), this robust LED is suited to produce photos with vivid colours including the most realistic skin tones captured on any smart phone.

25th October 2018
Efficient mid power solution reducing LED count

The introduction of the LUXEON 2835 HE has been announced by Lumileds, which has reportedly achieved efficacy of over 200 lm/W, while providing market defining colour consistency. Expanding on the successful LUXEON 2835 Line, the new LED is optimised to deliver high efficacy and two step MacAdam ellipse colour consistency in applications such as troffers and high bay/low bay fixtures.

23rd August 2018
Product Innovation Award for Integrated Light Guides won

Architectural SSL has announced that Lumileds has won a 2018 Product Innovation Award (PIA) from Architectural SSL magazine for its line of Integrated Light Guides under the Matrix Platform Advanced Technologies. These ultra-thin plates soften high flux LED light, enabling light control in a compact form factor.

14th August 2018
Lumileds wins jury verdict for intellectual property theft

On 10th August 2018, a jury of six men and six women rendered a verdict in favour of LED, Lumileds, based in San Jose, finding that a Chinese competitor stole trade secrets related to Lumileds core technology for making high power LEDs used in flash phones, automotive headlights, and general illumination.

28th March 2018
Highest flux two-die mid power LED for general lighting

  Lumileds has introduced an addition to its mid power family, the new LUXEON 3030 2D with a square LES, which is specifically optimised for high flux and maximum reliability in a variety of general lighting applications including downlights, high bay & low bay fixtures and outdoor lighting applications.

28th February 2018
Next-gen CoB LEDs offer five percent greater efficiency

A range of fourth generation chip-on-board (CoB) LEDs has been introduced by Lumileds. The company claims that the LUXEON CoB Core Range leads the market in efficacy and quality of light. With the new LUXEON CoB Core Range, Lumileds sets a new standard with five percent greater efficacy than the nearest competitors. Efficiency is not compromised at high colour rendering index.

9th August 2017
IR emitters for facial recognition systems

Global lighting solutions provider, Lumileds, has introduced a family of high power infrared (IR) emitters designed to address the vast array of rapidly growing IR applications. These uses range from facial recognition/iris and gesture scanning to wearable health monitors, machine vision, night vision cameras and other industrial/biotech applications. The LUXEON IR Family combines high radiant intensity imaging with the industry’s lowest th...

28th June 2017
Lumen extension delivers up to 30,000 lumens for streetlights

  Lumileds has announced the addition of three products to its successful LUXEON CoB Core Range to satisfy high lumen output applications such as streetlights, stadium lights and high bay and low bay fixtures.

24th May 2017
LED achieves up to 170lm/W with lumen maintenance

  With the addition of LUXEON 2835E 3V to the LUXEON 2835 Line, Lumileds reset customers’ expectations regarding the typical 2.8x3.5mm package. The 2.8x3.5mm footprint first gained traction in television backlighting, but now is proving convenient in general lighting applications including downlights, indoor area lighting such as TLEDs and troffers and lamps like B12 and A19 bulbs.

22nd May 2017
High density CoBs pack a punch in narrow beam spotlights

Lumileds has introduced the LUXEON CoB Core Range – High Density, a range of CoBs that feature double the luminous flux of the LUXEON CoB Core Range (Gen 3) devices. Focusing on the most popular light emitting surfaces (LES) for spot lighting applications(6, 9 and 11mm), these High Density CoBs can achieve the highest center beam candlepower (CBCP, or punch) in narrow beam (less than 20°) spotlight applications.

24th January 2017
Achieving efficiency records with multi-die emitter

  Lumileds introduced the LUXEON MX, a multi-die emitter that delivers efficiency and flux for outdoor fixtures and high bay lighting applications. Lighting fixtures benefit from the emitter’s 1,200 lumen, 150 lm/W efficacy, at 85°C which enables a system efficiency of 120 lm/W when driven at 700 mA.

17th January 2017
Horticulture lighting calculator accelerates development

Lumileds introduced an online calculator that fixture manufacturers can use to more quickly optimise the design of their grow lights. The calculator allows the user to input various LED combinations and operating conditions to generate the spectral power distribution, photosynthetic photon flux (PPF), and power usage of a fixture using Lumileds LUXEON SunPlus Series LEDs.

30th September 2016
Driving down cost-per-lumen

A multi-die high power package that provides high flux at high efficacy has been introduced Lumileds. The LUXEON 5050 enables system designers to reduce LED count and cost in outdoor and indoor fixtures. 

6th September 2016
LEDs highlight the appeal of meat and fish

FreshFocus Technology LEDs are used to show food items in their most appetising light. FreshFocus Technology is part of the LUXEON Stylist series, Lumileds transformative line of LEDs designed to provide the perfect lighting environment for fashion retail, fresh food and restaurants.

29th June 2016
Expansion of LED colour range

The global leader in light engine technology, today expanded its line of LUXEON C Colour LEDs to a total of 12 colours (and 8 whites), making it the industry’s broadest line of colour LEDs available. The LUXEON C Colour Line is an optically advanced portfolio of LEDs that enables flawless colour mixing because the focal length of each LED is identical, enabling maximum optical efficiency in design. 

1st March 2016
Lumileds kicks off Mid Power March

Lumileds kicks off Mid Power March, a month-long event to introduce a variety of mid power products that feature breakthrough performance and unmatched product reliability. “Since we first entered the mid power market in 2012, our focus has been to offer mid power LEDs with a performance edge over our competitors,” said Emmanuel Dieppedalle, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing,Lumileds.

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