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Littelfuse products are vital components in virtually every market that uses electrical energy, from consumer electronics to automobiles, commercial vehicles and industrial equipment.

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12th July 2013
Littlefuse Unveil its New Line of Littelfuse 1500 VDC Photovoltaic Fuses

Littelfuse unveil that it has developed in cooperation with leading photovoltaic equipment providers a Series of 1500 VDC photovoltaic fuses designed to protect the next generation of solar installations. The SPXV and SPXN Series of fuses meet the tough requirements of 30kA interrupt ratings, 1500 VDC protection and global standards critical to solar equipment manufacturers.

12th July 2013
Littelfuse's TVS Diode Arrays provide 40% Greater Protection Against ESD

Littelfuse launches SRDA3.3 Series TVS Diode Array. The SRDA3.3 Series integrates low-capacitance steering diodes with an additional zener diode to protect data lines against electrostatic discharge and high surge events. The SRDA3.3 Series devices provide 40 percent greater protection without performance degradation than other available solutions.

7th June 2013
TVS Diode Array from Littelfuse Reduces Clamping Voltage up to 35% to Protect Cutting-Edge Telecommunications Chipsets

Littelfuse has introduced the SP3051-04HTG Transient Voltage Suppression Diode Array (SPA Diode), the latest addition to the lightning surge devices in the company’s TVS Diode Array line. It integrates low capacitance rail-to-rail diodes with an additional zener diode to protect I/O pins against ESD and lightning-induced surge events.

23rd May 2013
First UL Listed Industrial GFCI from Littelfuse Protects Workers

Littelfuse announced the SB6100 Series Industrial Shock-Block, the first and only ground fault circuit interrupter device to meet UL 943C Class C and Class D requirements. Until now, GFCI devices have not been practical in industrial settings. Thanks to higher trip level standards and advanced filtering technology, industrial workers can finally be protected against dangerous electric shock.

21st May 2013
Littelfuse Increases Voltage Output of Multipulse SIDAC Devices

Littelfuse has introduced the Kxxx1GL Series Multipulse SIDAC, a thyristor power control device designed for use in 220-240V AC line installations. The thyristor, when coupled with a capacitor and transformer, generates the multiple high voltage pulses required to ignite metal-halide lamps.

17th April 2013
Littelfuse Announces Acquisition of Hamlin

Littelfuse today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Hamlin, Inc. from Key Safety Systems for $145 million in a cash transaction. Hamlin is dedicated to providing sensor technology to the automotive industry as well as the electronics and industrial markets.

10th April 2013
New Littelfuse TVS Diode Array Provides Lower Dynamic Resistance and Clamping Voltage to Protect Sensitive Electronics

Littelfuse has introduced the SR05 Series TVS Diode Array – SPA Diodes, designed to protect telecommunication and industrial equipment against electrostatic discharge and lightning-induced surge events.

27th March 2013
Littelfuse TVS Diode Arrays Provide 20 Percent Higher Protection against Lightning Induced Surges and ESD

Littelfuse has introduced the SRDA05 Series of TVS SPA Diode Arrays. The SRDA05 Series is designed to protect telecommunications data lines against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and high surge events, providing a 20 percent higher power and surge handling capability than competitive devices on the market.

12th March 2013
Thyristor Power Control Devices from Littelfuse Expand Usable Range of Lighting Spectrum for LED, CFL, and Incandescent Loads

Littelfuse, Inc has introduced the Q6008LH1LED and Q6012LH1LED Series of Alternistor Triac and Q6008LTH1LED and Q6012LTH1LED Series of QUADRAC Thyristor Power Control Devices. These devices are designed for use as the switch in a dimmer circuit to adjust the light output of Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs and strings. They allow designers of AC line based dimmers for LED lighting to accommodate a wide range of operating parameters without sacrif...

5th March 2013
Littelfuse Introduces First Fuse Certified under UL913 Standard for Intrinsically Safe Apparatus

Littelfuse has introduced the PICO 259-UL913 Series Intrinsically Safe Fuse, the first and only Fuse to be certified under the latest revision of the UL913 Safety Standard for Intrinsically Safe Apparatus and Associated Apparatus for Use in Class I, II, and III, Division 1, Hazardous (Classified) Locations.

26th February 2013
LV UltraMOV Varistors Offer Higher Surge Current Ratings in Smaller Disc Sizes

Littelfuse has introduced the LV UltraMOV Series of low voltage, high surge current, radial leaded varistors. They provide an ideal circuit protection solution for lower DC voltage applications by offering higher surge ratings than ever before available in such small disc sizes.

22nd February 2013
Littelfuse Ground Fault Indicator Improves Safety for Electrical Systems and Workers

The new EL3100 Ground Fault Indication System from Littelfuse indicates the presence of ground faults on ungrounded three-phase electrical systems while protecting operators from shock hazards. Because ungrounded electrical systems continue to operate in the presence of a ground fault, they can expose personnel to dangerous electric shock.

19th February 2013
Littelfuse Reveals Launch of its New Website In Two Additional Languages

Littelfuse today announced the launch of its recently redesigned website,, in German and Japanese. The English and Chinese versions of the website were released in July, with a fresh new look, updated content and improved functionality.

13th February 2013
Littelfuse Protects Sensitive Electronics from ESD and Surge Currents with 450W TVS Diode Arrays

Littelfuse has released the 450W SD05 (unidirectional) and SD05C (bidirectional) Series General-purpose TVS Diode Arrays (SPA Devices), which are designed to replace multilayer varistors for protecting electronic equipment from damage due to electrostatic discharge and other transient events.

28th January 2013
Low Profile 600W TVS Diode from Littelfuse Protects Sensitive Electronics from Voltage Transients

Littelfuse, Inc has introduced the TPSMA6L Series of Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) Diodes. This new series can provide secondary transient voltage protection from transients induced by load dump and other transient voltage events for automotive electronic control units, sensors, entertainment systems, and other applications that require high reliability. This SMA device’s low profile DO-221AC package is less than 1.1 mm high, but it o...

15th January 2013
New Fast Acting Subminiature Fuse from Littelfuse Protects Against Overcurrent Conditions

Littelfuse has released the 808 Series TE5 Fast Acting Subminiature Fuse. This 250VAC/450VDC-rated fuse is designed to protect components or internal circuits against overcurrent conditions, particularly in high voltage DC applications, such as DC power supplies. Its high interrupt rating/breaking capacity (up to 10kA@450VDC) ensures it will open safely under high fault currents.

4th December 2012
New Littelfuse TVS Diode Arrays Provide Better Protection of State-of-the-Art Chipsets

Littelfuse has expanded its SP1005 and SP1007 Series General Purpose TVS Diode Arrays (SPA Devices) with two new 0402 size devices designed to offer modern integrated circuits better protection from electrostatic discharge.

29th November 2012
New Littelfuse Surface Mountable 600VDC Fuse Announced Providing Exceptional Overcurrent Protection

Littelfuse has developed the Nano2 485 Series Fuse, a compact, surface mountable 600VDC fuse for overcurrent protection of high voltage DC circuits. The Nano2 485 Series Fuse packs a high voltage and energy protection capability in a very small footprint.

27th November 2012
Littelfuse Announces New Products For Solar Applications

Littelfuse today announced two new products for protection of solar installations. The new SPFJ 70–100 amp fuses complete the SPFJ series of 1000VDC fuses approved to the new UL Photovoltaic fuse standard – UL2579.

14th November 2012
Circuit Protection Must Be at the Forethought of Every Product Design

Littelfuse today highlighted the importance of placing circuit protection at the forethought of the electronic engineering community world wide. Bharat Shenoy, Director of Technical Marketing at Littelfuse, delivered this message to thousands of engineers attending the leading industry fair Electronica in Munich, Germany.

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