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16th February 2018
Duo design compact digital video broadcasting transmitter

Designer of field programmable RF transceivers, Lime Microsystems, has announced that the LimeSDR Mini and Raspberry Pi Zero have been used to create an open-source pocket-sized DVB (digital video broadcasting) transmitter, which is believed to be is the world’s smallest. Developed by Evariste Okcestbon, the open-source prototype streams live images from a Raspberry Pi camera (PiCam) and implements avc2ts, dvb2iq and limetx software to enco...

25th January 2018
SDR starter kit developed for Raspberry Pi and Grove using Scratch

Lime Microsystems, in partnership with Seeed Studio has announced a Starter Kit for its LimeSDR platform based on the Grove Platform and for use with the Raspberry Pi. It includes a LimeSDR Mini with antennas optimised for 433/868/915MHz unlicensed bands, plus a GrovePi+ and a array of Grove sensors and outputs, many of which are supported by a Scratch extension, and other programming environments.

2nd November 2017
LimeSDR Mini gets backing from FCP company

Lime Microsystems has announced the support of Frequency Control Products (FCP) company Rakon for its LimeSDR Mini platform. The Rakon oscillator - along with the Lime LMS7002 and Altera’s FPGA - is one of the three key components in the LimeSDR platform. Having the backing of Rakon enables the LimeSDR Mini to deliver its performance at a price point that makes SDR accessible.

19th July 2017
Collaboration develops software-defined cellular radio platforms

In order to develop software-defined cellular radio platforms that support Vodafone's OPEN RAN vision, Lime Microsystems will collaborate with Vodafone Group. The app-enabled LimeNET platform aims to bring together a large community of developers to provide innovative and tailored cellular applications more quickly and cost effectively than today. The applications are aiming to cover all aspects of Radio Access Network (RAN) functionalities ...

Events News
5th June 2017
Hackathon created for wireless network applications

  British Telecom (BT) and EE have partnered with Lime Micro to run a competition and Hackathon weekend aimed at creating next generation applications for wireless networks.

26th May 2017
Crowd fund campaign brings radio technology to the mainstream

In a bid to take its software defined radio technology mainstream is open to backers from today, Lime Microsystems has announced its crowd fund campaign - running on Crowd Supply. Lime’s campaign builds on the LimeSDR modules, which last year achieved it’s goal with over 4,000 pledges. The three new platforms for developers, enterprise networks and carriers uses among the most advanced radio technologies to dramatically cut the cost o...

4th April 2017
Campaign to enable SDR-based wireless networks

  IT has been announced that Lime Microsystems has released its LimeNET crowd-funding campaign, which aims to take the software defined radio small-cell and carrier-class base-stations to mass market. The company plans to launch the crowd-funding on the 27th April.

17th February 2017
Lime Microsystems announces LimeNET crowdfunding

Lime Microsystems and Canonical have today announced the upcoming launch of the second round of crowdfunding for LimeSDR the flexible, next-generation, open source Software Defined Radio. The new campaign called LimeNET is intended for use primarily as a mobile and IoT base station. LimeNET base stations hold the potential to completely transform the way telco networks run by shifting the emphasis and value away from proprietary hardware to open ...

15th November 2016
Lime Microsystems presented with Technology Innovation Award

Lime Microsystems, the UK-based designer and manufacturer of field programmable RF transceivers and systems, has been presented with a Global Software Defined Radio Technology Innovation Award by Frost & Sullivan at a gala awards ceremony in Paris on November 9th. The award recognises companies who have demonstrated significant innovation in their specialist field.

31st August 2016
Customised software defined radio chip supports all wireless standards

A manufacturing partnership for the LimeSDR product line with Advanced Semiconductor Engineering has been announced by Lime Micro. As part of the agreement, all the LimeSDR boards pledged during the crowdfunding campaign and any boards bought before the end of September, will have a customised ‘I backed LimeSDR on Crowd Supply’ logo on the LMS7002M Lime chip.

4th August 2016
Open source project delivers cloud economics

A provider of open source Software Defined Radio products for 2G to 5G wireless networks, Lime Micro, announces its collaboration with the CORD Project for a Proof of Concept (POC) on the Mobility Data Center (M-CORD). The work targets a number of applications including rural area coverage and use cases for Mobile Edge Computing.

29th June 2016
Telecomms enterprises invited to certification programme

  An innovation certification programme for enterprises wishing to build knowledge and understanding of the LimeSDR app-enabled software defined radio (SDR) has been launched by Lime Microsystems.

23rd June 2016
LimeSDR crowd-funding ends with over 120% pledged

Lime Microsystems has revealed that the crowd-funding campaign to bring its LimeSDR software defined radio platform into full-scale production has been a resounding success with over 120% of the goal pledged at the end of campaign. $610,659 has been raised so far and this continues to rise. The campaign, hosted on Crowd Supply, was created to fund the final stages of development and mass production of the LimeSDR platform which will now go ahead.

20th June 2016
Ubuntu App Store announced for LimeSDR developed applications

Lime Micro has revealed that Ubuntu are putting together an App Store for LimeSDR that can be accessed once the LimeSDR crowd funding campaign successfully reaches its $500,000 pledge goal. The Snappy Ubuntu App Store will ensure the SDR apps developed with the LimeSDR board are downloadable and those developed by Lime remain completely open-sourced.

14th June 2016
Eurecom selected in joint Lime, Ubuntu wireless network development

Eurecom and Lime Micro has announce that OpenAirInterface, has been selectedas part of a fully programmable mobile network capability launched last month by Lime Micro. The new network capability, itself a collaboration between Lime and Canonical, two of the UK’s leading open source technology innovators, will dramatically change the way mobile networks are built in the future.

24th May 2016
Quortus selected in joint Lime, Ubuntu wireless network

Quortus and Lime Micro have announced that the Quortus EdgeCentrix (ECX) technology has been selected as part of a fully programmable mobile network capability launched last month by Lime Micro. The new network capability, itself a collaboration between Lime and Canonical will dramatically change the way mobile networks are built in the future.

20th May 2016
EE backs Lime Microsystem’s crowdfunding campaign

Lime Micro has announced that EE is backing the LimeSDR initiative to bring the LimeSDR software defined radio platform into full-scale production. EE are signing up for a 100-unit bundle of LimeSDR kit through the crowd-funding campaign hosted on the Crowd Supply platform. The campaign aims to raise $500,000 to fund the final stages of development and mass production of the LimeSDR platform.

3rd May 2016
Crowd-funding initiative to take LimeSDR platform into mass production

Lime Microsystems has announced the launch of a crowd-funding campaign to bring their LimeSDR software defined radio platform into full-scale production. The campaign, hosted on the Crowd Supply platform, aims to raise $500,000 to fund the final stages of development and mass production of the LimeSDR platform.

3rd September 2015
Lime Microsystems & ZyXEL are to collaborate

Lime Microsystems and ZyXEL are to collaborate in developing open source implementations for next-gen wireless mobile networks. The collaboration between Lime and ZyXEL is an important milestone in the adoption of open source ideology by major corporations. It is envisaged that this collaboration will lead to a more diverse, creative and cooperative way of developing technology and that this will result in greater interoperability and scalability...

18th August 2015
Lime & Airbus develop robust Galileo GNSS receiver

Partly funded by Innovate UK (formerly the Technology Strategy Board), Lime Microsystems and Airbus D&S have announced joint development of robust GNSS products. Airbus D&S is using Lime’s Field Programmable RF (FPRF) transceiver technology to develop a robust timing receiver that exploits signals from the new Galileo satellite navigation constellation.

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