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Functionality for critical out-of-band infrastructure management

Lantronix has announced the worldwide availability of the USB I/O module for the Lantronix SLC 8000, claimed to be the industry’s first modular console manager. The USB I/O module leverages the modular design of the Lantronix SLC 8000, allowing IT professionals to easily support a variety of interface combinations including RS-232 and USB for secure out-of-band management. 
18th August 2015

Print server solution delivers app-free mobile printing

Lantronix has released the latest version of its xPrintServer Office. Designed for businesses of all sizes, the print server solution delivers app-free mobile printing for users of mobile devices. The company will demonstrate the xPrintServer at MacIT 2015, which takes place on 14th July 2015 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California. 
8th July 2015

Better monitoring & management of IoT Infrastructure

Better monitoring & management of IoT Infrastructure
Highlighting the importance of maintaining business continuity and reducing downtime, Lantronix demonstrated IoT infrastructure management and mobile printing solutions at Cloud Expo Europe 2015, in London. Products on show included the SLC 8000 advanced console manager, the PremierWave XC HSPA+ intelligent gateway and application server, the SLB 8824 branch office manager and the xPrintServer which enables native mobile printing.
13th March 2015

Support for intelligent gateways enables IoT development

Lantronix announced availability of software features for its PremierWave family of Intelligent Gateways. With this release, Lantronix added support for Python – a dynamic, object-oriented programming language that is rapidly becoming a standard for creating and deploying industrial IoT applications. The Company also announced the launch of a developers’ wiki to provide downloadable sample scripts, instructions, and a platform for community sharing and collaboration.
25th November 2014

Board enables WiFi connectivity for the Raspberry Pi

Enabling the easy integration of the xPico WiFi device server with the Raspberry Pi SBC, the xPico WiFi Pi Plate expansion board has been released by Lantronix. Supporting simultaneous Soft AP and Client mode, WiFi connection management and QuickConnect, the xPico WiFi Pi Plate completely offloads WiFi connectivity for the Raspberry Pi. The expansion board, which features an easy to use interface, has a low power consumption, consuming 6uA in standby.
22nd October 2014

Lantronix Enables IT Professionals to Remotely Manage, Monitor and Troubleshoot IT Equipment with the Launch of the New SLC 8000 Console Manager at Interop 2014

Lantronix announced the launch of its new SLC 8000 – the industry’s first modular console manager.  Designed to reduce deployment and management costs and time by providing secure, centralised out-of-band management to most IT equipment, the new SLC 8000 can be expanded from eight to 48 ports.  In a typical deployment, each port would manage one piece of IT equipment such as a switch, router, or server.  This modular design makes the SLC 8000 the first of its kind, allowing users to simply add or swap modules to expand device port density and power supply, or introduce new interfaces such as USB. 
6th October 2014

Programme targets digital classrooms

To support the growing adoption of mobile technology in education, Lantronix has launched a programme to help schools and universities optimise their investment in today’s digital classrooms. The Print and Learn (PAL) Programme, which is sponsored by the National Parent Teacher Organisation (PTO), closes the loop on the missing link for students and teachers who need to print from their mobile devices.
1st September 2014

Lantronix Launches xSenso Controller

Lantronix today announced the launch of the Lantronix xSenso Controller – the newest member of its xSenso analog sensor networking family, designed specifically for use in rugged and harsh environments including industrial automation, process control, manufacturing, chemicals, oil and gas industries, and many more.
2nd April 2013

Achieving Medical Device Connectivity

Achieving Medical Device Connectivity
More timely, inexpensive, accurate data capture enhances a hospital’s competitive advantage, but networking medical devices requires real expertise. Martin Poppelaars, VP of Sales, EMEA, with Lantronix, takes a thorough look at the connectivity of medical devices in this ES Design article.
8th November 2012

Making sense of the smart sensor opportunity

Wake up, shower, make coffee, water the lawn, activate the home alarm, drive to work; an average day for the average worker. What might not be so obvious is the number of sensors involved in all of those seemingly mundane activities. From the utilities powering and monitoring your electric and hot water usage, to automatic coffee machines, sprinkler and alarm systems, to the manufacturing and ongoing service of your automobile — sensors are already making our days easier, and are in use across every vertical market around the globe.
3rd October 2012

Lantronix Launches xPico, Chip-sized Networking Module for Ethernet Connectivity

Lantronix Launches xPico, Chip-sized Networking Module for Ethernet Connectivity
Lantronix, Inc. today announced the launch of its new xPico, the first product in the company’s new line of embedded device servers. The chip-sized xPico, designed for quick integration with minimal engineering effort and will begin volume shipping in the early second half of calendar 2012.
2nd March 2012

Lantronix Launches EDS-MD: Next Generation Device Aggregator for the Medical Market

Lantronix has announced the global launch and general availability of its EDS-MD, a next generation medical device aggregator, based on the award-winning EDS product family. Developed specifically for the medical industry, EDS-MD facilitates the secure access and management of medical devices in hospitals, laboratories, and other healthcare environments. EDS-MD network-enables equipment such as patient monitoring systems, glucose analysers, EKG machines, ventilators and infusion pumps – helping deliver data from routine stats to life-saving, critical patient information to virtually any location, device, or healthcare information system.
7th December 2011

Mall of America incorporates Lantronix into its smart metering technology

Lantronix and Quadlogic have announced that the Mall of America has upgraded its smart metering technology to provide accurate, real-time energy meter readings from anywhere at any time. Originally installed over 20 years ago by Quadlogic, the metering infrastructure at the Mall of America was hard-wired directly into a larger system. A telephone line was required to transmit data from the central office. Mall of America elected to upgrade the entire submetering system, including the network communications technology, to decrease the time and cost associated with meter reading and billing.

“We were spending significant time and money due to the inefficiencies of our legacy energy infrastructure and needed a cost-effective way to update the system. With the new system in place, we can remotely retrieve data from each of the 485+ store’s individual meters,” said Charlie Brantl, Engineering Manager, Mall of America. “It was important that the vendor we selected was reliable and provided a technology that worked. Having previously worked with Quadlogic, we knew they could provide a cost-effective, dependable system.”
7th December 2011

Lantronix Targets European Growth with Appointment of VP EMEA Sales

Lantronix Targets European Growth with Appointment of VP EMEA Sales
Lantronix has appointed Martin Poppelaars as vice president of EMEA sales. Poppelaars, who has more than 20 years of sales and management experience, was previously director of EMEA sales at Lantronix. In his new role, Poppelaars will be responsible for developing the company’s customer-driven product development strategy and enhancing its channel partner network. His objective is to drive further growth across Europe. Worldwide, the company has already connected over three million Lantronix devices across more than 10,000 customers.
4th October 2011

Lantronix shortlisted for ‘Contribution to Security’ category at e-Legacy Awards 2011

Lantronix has been shortlisted for the “contribution to security” award at the fifth annual e-Legacy awards.
12th September 2011

Lantronix’ XPort Pro now drives machine-to-machine communications for energy and industrial markets

Lantronix, a leading provider of secure, remote management, device networking and data centre management technologies, has announced the addition of the de facto worldwide standard industrial protocol, Modbus, to its XPort Pro. Known as the world’s smallest Linux networking server, XPort Pro provides customers with a powerful, embedded Ethernet networking engine for deploying advanced applications at the network edge, all in an integrated, thumb-sized package. XPortPro with Modbus offers customers unprecedented power to seamlessly communicate with, manage and control their energy monitoring and manufacturing equipment remotely and securely, via the internet – even behind firewalls.
21st September 2010

United Oil deploys Lantronix’ ManageLinx with EDS 1100 to remotely access hundreds of service stations

Lantronix, a leading provider of secure, remote management, device networking and data centre management technologies, has announced it has signed a contract with California-based United Oil to provide its ManageLinx VIP Access-enabled EDS 1100’s for remote access to petrol stations. United Oil, a large fuelling station services company, provides a wide variety of retail station design and branding, customer experience services, and wholesale fuel sales and services to Shell, Exxon-Mobil, ConocoPhillips and United Oil-branded stations. Its initial deployment of EDS1100, a unique hybrid Ethernet terminal/multiport device server, will enable remote access to gasoline storage tanks for data collection and analysis at 70 Shell stations in southern California.
3rd September 2010

Lantronix to Launch, Enterprise-Grade Remote Access Service

Lantronix, Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRX), a leading provider of secure, remote management, device networking and data center management technologies, today announced the launch this September of, a new Internet-based service enabling business and technology professionals to easily view, manage, control, and service virtually any device from a web browser.
24th August 2010

Lantronix furthers its commitment to Linux

Lantronix has announced the worldwide availability of the EDS1100 and EDS2100 Linux software development kit (SDK).
3rd August 2010

Lantronix Supports Perinata’s New Subscription-based IT Service Offering

Lantronix today announced its ManageLinx solution is enabling a new business model for Perinata, a recently launched IT services company. ManageLinx provides secure access to firewall-protected devices via the Internet, enabling Perinata to provide robust IT services from remote locations. This gives Perinata’s clients the advantage of quickly and easily accessing business-critical information anytime, anywhere.
9th July 2010

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