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14th April 2015
FTTdp chipset delivers up to 300Mb/s per VDSL line

  A Fiber-To-The-distribution-point (FTTdp) chipset, supported with a reference design, has been released by Lantiq. The dp8 VINAX enables the rapid deployment of eight-port broadband hybrid fibre/copper Distribution Point Units (DPUs) with data rates of up to 300Mb/s per VDSL line.

10th April 2015
Smart home platform is a fully interoperable ecosystem

A smart home platform, designed as an open and fully interoperable ecosystem, has been developed by Lantiq and IOLITE. The IOLITE platform allows devices of all kinds to be integrated in a home environment and used in a range of innovative applications. The computing power for the platform is provided by Lantiq`s high-performance GRX 300 network processor family.

17th March 2015
Network processor is 'industry’s most integrated'

A home gateway network processor, described as the industry’s most integrated, has been introduced by Lantiq. The GRX350 combines outstanding routing performance and bi-directional packet classification to provide True Quality of Service (TrueQoS), along with a dedicated Trusted Execution Processor (TrustWorld) and hardware-enforced virtualisation (TrueVirtualization). 

2nd February 2015
Intel moves in to add Lantiq to acquisition portfolio

Intel has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Lantiq, a supplier of broadband access and home networking technologies. The transaction, expected to close in approximately 90 days, is subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals, and deal terms were not disclosed. Smart gateways and intelligent access networks are important elements in Intel’s objective of ‘making everything smart and connected’.

8th January 2015
AC2000 router offers 4x4 802.11ac for 5GHz WiFi

A solution designed for the Ethernet retail router market has been introduced by Lantiq and Quantenna Communications. Combining Quantenna’s QSR1000 4x4 802.11ac with Lantiq’s GRX300 communications processor family, the AC2000 solution provides high performance WiFi technology to the mid-range Ethernet retail router market. 

8th December 2014
Whitepaper explores technology and the FTTdp network

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has approved the broadband technology standard, allowing to become broadly available in a bid to help service providers deliver speeds over DSL of up to 1Gb/s in mixed-technology broadband delivery scenarios over existing copper lines.

21st October 2014
Voice line termination chip uses 50% less stand-by power

Manufactured for customer premise equipment (CPE) designs, the DUSLIC XS next-gen voice line termination chip has been released by Lantiq. According to the company, the chip enables CPE manufacturers to use fewer external components than competing devices and reduces the cost for manufacturers to provide wideband-capable voice telephony. Compared to competing ICs, Lantiq claims that the chip uses 50% less stand-by power, at 20mW. 

15th October 2014
Gateway software supports IoT devices

Lantiq has integrated support for the ULE Alliance’s HAN FUN (Home Area Network FUNctionality) protocol into its software powering the xRX 200/300 Gateway SoC families, advancing it's strategy to make the broadband gateway the central node for smart home networks. IoT devices are supported by the integration of the HAN FUN protocol, which allows gateways based on Lantiq chipsets to act as a home automation hub. 

8th October 2014
Reference board is first to be built around

A reference board, claimed to be the first residential gateway reference design built around, has been released by Lantiq. The EASY330 utilises the company's AnyWAN architecture which is based on the GRX330 multicore networking processing unit. By providing Gigabit routing performance, the unit enables maximum flexibility in CPE design and deployment.

1st October 2014
Dp chipset enables ISPs to meet network performance goals

Providing Telcos and DSL ISPs with a solution to address competitive offerings from cable providers, a Fibre to the Distribution Point (FTTdp) chipset has been introduced by Lantiq. The VINAX dp chipset meets network performance goals set by government broadband initiatives. Between a customer premise gateway and the fibre network dp, the chipset provides aggregated 300Mb/s over VDSL2 at distances up to 200m.

11th July 2014
Lantiq are developing broadband access network FTTdp

A broadband access network called Fibre-To-The-Distribution Point (FTTdp) is being developed, it has been announced. This concept calls for running optical fibre to a distribution point that can be flexibly installed relatively close to the customer premise. The existing copper infrastructure is utilised to complete the access line to and within the building.

20th June 2014
Lantiq Launches World’s Fastest LTE Cat6 Gateway Platform

Lantiq has announced the availability of a joint reference platform with Intel for fixed LTE Broadband Router designs, offering up to 300 Mbps using Intel’s latest Cat6 capable LTE platform. The co-developed reference platform combines the Intel XMM 7260 LTE communications platform with Lantiq’s GRX330 Communications Processor and perfectly addresses the growing market demand for fixed 4G/LTE broadband services.

19th June 2014
Lantiq Expands Market Leadership in SHDSL and Enhances Product Offering

Lantiq announced an SHDSL initiative, designed to bring the unique data-rate and reach performance of G.SHDSL and Ethernet First Mile (EFM) to new applications.

27th May 2014
Lantiq founding member of 'prpl' Foundation

Lantiq have announced that it is a founding member of the prpl Foundation, a non-profit open source initiative. Lantiq will contribute to the foundation by extending the software ecosystem around the MIPS architecture for communications infrastructure, thereby enabling advanced SoC devices for the connected home and IoT. The prpl Foundation is a community-driven, collaborative organisation targeting and supporting th...

30th April 2014
Voice line solution qualified for Intel PUMA 6 powered cable gateways

Lantiq has revealed that the company's DUSLIC-xT voice line solution is now qualified for integration in cable gateways based on the Intel PUMA 6 SoC. The driver has has been integrated into the Intel Cable Software Development Kit (SDK) and Lantiq’s Telephony Interface Daughter (TID) card reference design has been tested for compatibility with Puma 6 platforms.

25th March 2014
Gateway chip delivers CPE flexibility to telecom carriers

The VRX220 entry-level xDSL home gateway SoC family, from Lantiq, enables customers to offer mature, feature rich VDSL Gateways at an cost competitive setup for customers and telecom operators. There are significant Bill-of- Material (BOM) savings due to the small form factor reference Gateways on a two-layer PCB with Fast Ethernet LAN ports, 802.11n wireless LAN, and Carrier-Grade VoIP.  

3rd March 2014
Design kit delivers fast implementation of Gigabit Ethernet

Designed to deliver easy and fast implementation of Gigabit Ethernet in a broad range of products, a design kit has been announced by Lantiq and Würth Elektronik eiSos. Jointly developed by Lantiq and Würth, the Evaluation Kit paves the way to easily add high-speed network connectivity to an application or device.

13th February 2014
Lantiq Names Executive to Intensify Focus on Telecom Carriers in Americas

Lantiq announced that it has named Bill McDonald as Director Business Development.

22nd January 2014
Lantiq partners with ASSIA for managing vectored systems

Lantiq and ASSIA have announced a collaboration and cross-license agreement for the management of vectored systems. The partnership will utilise Lantiq's vectored VDSL chipsets and ASSIA’s DSL Expresse management software to enable broadband service providers to automatically plan, predict, manage and optimise the performance of their vectored VDSL networks.

16th December 2013
Simulation models speed development of broadband networks

In a paper scheduled for presentation at the IEEE Globecom Conference, Lantiq researcher Rainer Strobel will describe a computer modeling and simulation approach developed by Lantiq in order to speed development of broadband networking technology. Strobel will detail a comprehensive approach to creating computer models of the complex, heterogeneous copper wire cable runs typically found in broadband access distribution systems.

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