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26th April 2016
Current sense resistor features a wide operating temperature

KOA Speer Electronics has added the SLW1, a 1.5W, 2512 size chip to its line of molded current sensing resistors. The SLW1 features resistance values ranging from 3 up to 100mΩ in several tolerances as low as 0.5% with a wide operating temperature range of -55 to +180°C.

8th March 2016
Current sense resistor features up to a 5W power rating

KOA Speer Electronics introduces the TLRH3AP Current Sense Resistor, featuring up to a 5W power rating in a 2512 package. The TLRH3AP is a metal plate low resistance resistor designed for current detection. This resistor provides excellent dimensional accuracy and low height with a thickness as low as 0.5mm. In addition, it offers superior corrosion and heat resistance with a high operating temperature of -65°C up to +170°C.

22nd December 2015
High power resistors feature low Ω

KOA Speer Electronics introduces the WU73, a 1W wide terminal low ohm chip resistor available in an 0612 package. The WU73 is a precision resistor offering resistance values from 10  to 100mΩ with a standard tolerance of ±1%.

16th October 2015
Current sense chip resistor operates at high temperatures

KOA Speer Electronics introduces the UR73V, 1206 size, thick film current sense resistor with a high operating temperature range from -55 to +155°C. The UR73V2B is AEC-Q200 qualified and has a 0.5W power rating and a resistance range from 10 to 100mΩ.

14th April 2015
Resistor features a 3W power rating in 4528 size

A moulded current sense resistor, which features a 3W power rating in 4528 size, has been introduced by KOA Speer Electronics. The SLN3 is a moulded resin resistor that provides outstanding dimensional accuracy, mountability and shock resistance. Due to its metal plate terminal electrode, the device also offers outstanding terminal strength, heat and shock resistance and solderability. 

18th November 2014
Resistor features ultra-low resistance of 1-10mΩ

Featuring a 2W power rating and ultra-low resistance of 1-10mΩ, the TLR2HW metal plate chip current sense resistor has been released by KOA Speer Electronics. The metal alloy of the resistor provides corrosion and heat resistance, while the 2010 size SMD type metal plate enables low resistance for current detection.

15th September 2014
Fast-acting chip fuse offers over-current protection to 15A

  Rated for currents of 0.4-15A, the CCF1F fast-acting chip fuse has been introduced by KOA Speer Electronics. The chip fuse provides over-current protection with stable fusing characteristics and meets IEC 60127-4 specifications.

18th August 2014
1W current sense resistor provides superior heat resistance

  Constructed with a metal alloy providing superior corrosion and heat resistance, the TLR2BW metal plate chip current sense resistor has been unveiled by KOA Speer Electronics. The 1206 chip size resistor features a 1W power rating and a low resistance of 1-20mΩ.

16th June 2014
Current sensing chip resistor is AEC-Q200 qualified

Providing an ultra low resistance of 0.5-10mΩ, KOA Speer Electronics has introduced the TLR3AP 3W current sensing metal plate chip resistor in a 2512 package. The AEC-Q200 qualified resistor is suited for current sensing applications such as DC/DC conversion, inverter power supplies, CPU current sensing and motor controls in the transportation, telecomms, consumer electronics and industrial markets.

23rd May 2014
Sensing resistor offers 44A rated current in a 2512 size

The 0Ω SLZ and the 1W/2012 SLW07 are the latest current sensing resistors introduced by KOA Speer. The high current SLZ1 jumper chip offers a rated current of 44A in a 2512 size, whilst the SLW07 has an enhanced high power rating of 1W in a smaller package size of 2010. Both devices feature a wide temperature range of -55°C to +180°C.

3rd April 2014
Power shunt resistors precisely sense high currents

Expanding the company's line of power shunt resistors, KOA Speer Electronics has introduced the PSI and PSE series to address higher current applications. The 3W (PSI) and 5W (PSE) power ratings enable these resistors to offer a smooth current flow making them suitable for large current detecting.

7th February 2014
LF antenna transponder coils offer high Q & sensitivity

Featuring precision tolerances of ±2%, 3% or 5%, the KT11835 and KTZ1030 have been added to KOA Speer's KT series of receiving transponder coils for low frequency antennas.

14th October 2013
Anti-sulfur thick film chip resistor from KOA Speer

KOA Speer Electronics introduces the latest in precision thick film chip resistors, the anti-sulfur RK73H-RT. Made with a sulfur-proof electrode material, the RK73H-RT resistor features precision tolerances of 0.5% and 1.0% and a resistance range of 10Ω ~ 10MΩ. KOA Speer's RK73H-RT chip resistor has a power rating from 1/16W up to 1W and TCR values of ±100 and ±200ppm/°C.

19th September 2013
High power wide terminal flat chip resistor from KOA Speer

KOA Speer Electronics announce a new size for their WK73 wide terminal flat chip resistor series, the 2B (0612) package. The WK732B offers a higher power rating and features high reliability and performance with 0.75W power rating as a result of its enhanced heat dissipation, compared to the standard 0.25W of the thick film 1206 size.

12th August 2013
Current sense resistors with 10mΩ - 270mΩ resistance range

KOA Speer Electronics has today revealed the enhancement of the TLRH3AW metal plate chip current sense resistor. The TLRH3AW current sense resistor now features an extended resistance range of 10mΩ - 270mΩ with greater corrosion protection and higher temperature resistance up to +170°C. Allowing for a 2 Watt power rating in a 2512 package size, the TLRH3AW current sense resistor features metal foil technology.

11th July 2013
KOA Speer unveil Ultra Precision Chip Resistor with Improved Moisture Resistance

KOA Speer Electronics has today announced the new 0603 (1J) size RN73H1J ultra precise thin film chip resistor. Offering enhanced moisture resistance (85°C+2°C, 85%+4% RH, 1000 hrs), the RN73H1J features a moisture-resistant protective layer over the resistive film construction. The new resistor features power rating of 1/10W and a precision tolerance of ±0.05% ~ ±1.0%.

7th May 2013
KOA Announces New Metal Plate Resistor

For current detecting in small applications, KOA has now expanded it’s existing TLR-series by adding the new size 0805. This TLR2A is offered with the highest power rating of 1W - rated power@+105°C - and a resistance range of 5 milli Ω to 10 milliΩ.

26th April 2013
0402-Size Ultra Precision Chip Resistors Announced By KOA Speer

KOA Speer Electronics has today announced the release of the 0402 (1E) size of their RN73H line of ultra precision chip resistors. These thin film (metal) chip resistors feature high heat resistance (up to +155°C) and ultra high precision (±0.1%) tolerance. The RN73H offers enhanced moisture resistance (85°C ±2°C, 85% ±4% RH, 1000h) by the use of a special protective layer over resistive film construction.

1st March 2013
KOA Speer Announces Industry's First 1W 0805 Metal Plate Current Sense Resistor

KOA Speer Electronics has today announced the introduction of the TLR2A, a 1Watt, 0805-size metal plate resistor. The new TLR2A resistor offers the ability to use a smaller component, while maintaining a high power rating.

4th February 2013
KOA Enhance Resistance Range For 01005-RK73B1F Thick Film Chip Resistors

KOA Speer Electronics has recently expanded the range of resistance values of their smallest size within the RK73B1F series of general-purpose thick film chip resistors. The new value range, which affects the 01005 (1F) size, has been expanded to 4.7 Ohm ~ 1M Ohm for both 2% and 5% tolerances. The RK73B1F chip resistor, which is 55% smaller than the 0201 size, features a power rating of 0.03W and a TCR up to +300ppm/°C.

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