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Test & Measurement
29th June 2015
Options expand signal generator DAB test capabilities

New features have been added to IZT’s S1000 signal generator family as the company expands its comprehensive support for Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) applications. A DAB ContentServer Embedded Edition option integrates DAB, DAB+ and DMB multiplexing and makes the functionality of the DAB ContentServer directly available on the S1000 signal generator. This makes it easier to generate DAB test sequences and to test DAB receivers in real-time...

Test & Measurement
26th January 2015
Paris show beckons for satellite channel emulators

IZT is displaying its range of satellite link channel emulators will be heading to Paris Space Week (Feb 4-5) located at Paris-Orly Airport in France. It is Europe's premier global B2B space event dedicated to launch vehicles, satellites and space-related technologies.  Today’s satellite link emulators need to respond to the shift to wider bandwidth, allowing engineers to test the ground segment and terminals of the latest satellite co...

Test & Measurement
20th October 2014
Waveform generator boosts wideband digital channel simulator

An Arbitrary Waveform Generator (ARB) has been added to IZT’s 3040 wideband digital channel simulator.  The generator enables the simulator to emulate other traffic on the satellite transponder, signals in adjacent bands or interference scenarios. With the internal generator memory, the simulator now supports the generation of user-defined signals, for example using MATLAB, which increases its flexibility.

Test & Measurement
22nd April 2014
Receivers, signal generators on parade at EW Europe 2014

IZT will showcase its broad range of receivers, channel emulators and signal generators for the global electronic warfare and signals intelligence market, and present a paper during EW Europe 2014 in Edinburgh (May13-15). IZT will highlight its signal generators for COMINT, SIGINT and DF systems.

Test & Measurement
11th December 2013
Channel simulator enables individual frequency set-up

A new wideband digital channel simulator for satellite or unmanned armed vehicle (UAV) data links from IZT provides a cost effective, time-saving solution with exceptional functionality. Accurate, complex and reproducible simulation of uplink, payload and downlink let system engineers create extremely realistic scenarios for testing their product in a laboratory environment.

Test & Measurement
19th March 2013
IZT And LOG.IN Jointly Announce New Scenario-Based RF Signal Generator

IZT and LOG.IN have today jointly announced the availability of EXERCISE-RF. This new scenario-based RF signal generator is designed for interactive radio frequency testing environments and can generate a real-time radio frequency spectrum. The generated spectrum can be fed into a receiver such as the IZT R3000, a radio monitoring system, and even a geo-localization system based on multi-channel direction finders or Time Difference of Arrival sen...

24th August 2012
Frequency Hopping Module added to S1000 Signal Generator Platform

IZT is pleased to today announce the addition of a frequency hopping module to its industry-leading signal generator platform IZT S1000, which combines 31 virtual signal generators in one platform for testing radio receivers and for creating complex mixed signal RF scenarios.

4th April 2012
IZT presents scalable multi-channel receiver system for direction finding and monitoring applications

IZT has launched a new scalable multi-channel RF receiver system for direction finding (DF) systems. The IZT R3600 offers up to five channels with 24 MHz instantaneous bandwidth each and covers the frequency range from 9 kHz to 3 GHz or even 6 GHz. The innovative multi-channel receiver system enables users to combine direction finding and monitoring by using free channels as individual monitoring channels.

Test & Measurement
19th August 2011
Portable wideband receiver and RF recorder IZT R3301 supports ENKOM's PerMIT measurement and analysis software

IZT, a technology leader in innovative, high-performance products for capturing, modifying and generating radio signals, and ENKOM AG, a leading supplier of products and services relating to the planning and implementation of radio network infrastructure, are announcing a partnership in measurement instrumentation for digital radio.

13th December 2010
IZT extends its wideband monitoring receiver R3000 series with input frequency range to 18 GHz

IZT, a technology leader in innovative high-performance products for capturing, modifying and generating radio signals, launches two additional frontend options of the versatile high- performance wideband receiver series IZT R3000:

Test & Measurement
3rd August 2010
IZT brings virtualization to signal generators for radio test applications

IZT today introduced the IZT S1000, a signal generator platform which combines the functions of multiple conventional RF generators into one compact, flexible RF test source with support of most radio broadcast standards – FM-RDS, DVB-T, HD radio, DAB, DAB+, DMB-Audio, Sirius and XM.

16th June 2010
IZT présente la plate-forme source de signal numérique pour les tests de systèmes de Communications Intelligence

IZT, un leader dans la technologie de capture, de modification et de production de signaux radio, dévoile son Simulateur IZT COMINT (Communications Intelligence), une plate-forme source de signal numérique unique qui permet de générer des signaux FR variables dans le temps, complexes et réalistes à sorties multiples. Le simulateur COMINT (Communications Intelligence) est capable de tester des radiogoniomètres haute-résolution pour évalue...

Test & Measurement
14th June 2010
IZT introduces digital signal source platform for communications intelligence system tests

IZT, a technology leader in innovative high-performance products for capturing, modifying and generating radio signals, introduces the IZT COMINT Simulator, a unique digital signal source platform for generating time variant, complex and realistic RF signals at multiple outputs. The COMINT (Communications Intelligence) Simulator can test high-resolution stationary and mobile DF (Direction-Finding) receivers to determine their accuracy and whether...

14th June 2010
IZT launches cutting-edge digitizer, wideband receiver and signal collection system for COMINT and ELINT applications

IZT, a technology leader in innovative high-performance products for capturing, modifying and generating radio signals, today launches a high-performance digital receiver and signal collection system that supports multiple simultaneous users on multiple channels. The IZT R4000 is designed to meet customer demands for excellent dynamic range even in high-bandwidth applications, and has the ability to store and analyze the huge amounts of data that...

Test & Measurement
25th March 2010
IZT announces portable wideband RF recorder for telematic applications covering 9KHz to 3GHz

IZT, a technology leader in innovative high-performance products for capturing, modifying and generating radio signals, has announced a state-of-the-art portable monitoring RF recorder for mobile and telematic applications.

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