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Aerospace & Defence
10th August 2020
IZT direction finders safeguard upper airspace

IZT has installed and successfully commissioned the first two of four radio direction finders for Eurocontrol.

Events News
6th August 2019
IZT prepares multiple solutons for IBC2019

At this year’s International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2019) in Amsterdam (September 13 to 17) IZT is presenting solutions for digital radio systems as well as high-performance test and measurement products. Show highlights are new features for IT-based digital radio head-ends, a RF signal source with enhanced support for broadcast standards and equipment for virtual field tests.

Test & Measurement
14th May 2019
Wide-band receiver boasts 60MHz bandwidth

The R5010 is a wide-band receiver from IZT with a frequency range up to 6GHz, up to 120MHz instantaneous bandwidth and powerful internal signal processing. Typical applications are COMINT Systems, satellite monitoring, wide-band RF recorders or quality measurements in mobile communication networks.

Test & Measurement
13th February 2019
Software option enhances signal analysis

IZT Modulation Recognition (ModRec) is an innovative software feature of IZT Signal Suite for signal analysis. This option recognises various modulation schemes and can be easily upgraded with future technologies. The processing time overhead of the IZT Signal Suite option will maintain its real-time operating objectives with the increased number of supported modulation schemes.

11th December 2018
ATC centre deploys four radio direction finders

Four innovative Radio Direction Finders (RDF) have been delivered to Eurocontrol by IZT. The IZT R5509 RDF will be deployed in the international airspace of the Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC), which is a navigation service provider for the upper airspace of Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and north-west Germany.

Test & Measurement
4th December 2018
Signal generator speeds up eCall systems testing

An instrument that prepares the automotive industry and their suppliers for current and future regulations and standards regarding eCall and adjacent band interference has been unveiled by IZT. The IZT S1000 / IZT S1010 Signal Generators with the GIPSIE software combine several conventional test sources in one device and delivers highest performance.

Test & Measurement
20th November 2018
Signal generator supports NGO waveform

The Sirius/XM signal generator from IZT has a new overlay waveform. The overlay modulation which was used for the Sirius Waveform was exchanged and enhanced with the next generation overlay (NGO). IZT Signal Generators support the new broadcasting technology and are suitable as test equipment for upcoming broadcasting systems.

Events News
5th September 2017
Digital radio systems to be showcased at IBC

At this year's International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam (September 11 to 15), IZT is presenting solutions for digital radio systems as well as high-performance test and measurement products. These include solutions for broadcast infrastructures like the IZT DAB/DRM ContentServer in addition to the IZT DAB Archive, a system for quality control and long-term archiving of DAB multiplexes.

20th June 2017
Multipath fading simulator for satellite link emulator

A new and powerful Fading Simulation option has been added to IZT's C3040 Satellite Link Emulator. The Multipath Fading Simulator allows for precise modelling reflections of the signals on terrain, fixed and moving objects, both in satellite and terrestrial communication networks. The IZT C3040 Satellite Link Emulator is a cost-effective, time-saving solution for satellite and aircraft RF link testing.

Test & Measurement
9th June 2017
RF receiver covers 9kHz-18GHz frequency range

The IZT R5000 was faerured on the ITZ stand at EW Europe. The next generation of high performance receivers combines up to 100MHz instantaneous bandwidth with the proven excellent RF performance of the legacy IZT receivers. The R5000 covers the frequency range between 9kHz and 18GHz.

Test & Measurement
10th May 2017
Data streaming demands met by compact signal generator

Ideal for highly demanding applications that require extensive data streaming, the new IZT S1010 signal generator enables users to benefit from its smaller dimensions. It is equipped with an external memory extension, large integrated touch screen and enhanced usability. The high-speed data streaming functionality is integrated into the IZT S1010 by means of very fast SSDs which make it possible to stream a large number of VSGs (Virtual Signal Ge...

Events News
22nd August 2016
Digital TV test solution set for IBC in Amsterdam

The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam beckons and IZT will present its latest solutions for broadcast infrastructures like the DAB/DRM ContentServer and high-performance test and measurement products, including the S1000 signal generator with expanded DVB-T/DAB support. Further show highlights include products from IZT’s families of wideband receivers.

Test & Measurement
18th August 2016
RF receiver boasts 9kHz to 18GHz frequency range

THE RF receiver family at IZT has been extended with the introduction of the IZT R5000. The next generation of high performance receivers combines up to 100MHz instantaneous bandwidth with the proven excellent RF performance of the legacy IZT receivers. The R5000 covers the frequency range between 9kHz and 18GHz.

Test & Measurement
5th July 2016
Signal generator supports transition to DVB-T2 standard

The S1000 signal generator from IZT offers a solution to simulate the new digital TV standards and to test related receivers. It provides an easy and cost effective approach to evaluate the functionality of digital TV receivers. Using modulators, TV standards like DVB-T, ISDB-T and the recently launched DVB-T2 are supported. An option to support the CMMB standard is in preparation.

Test & Measurement
17th May 2016
Software cooperation extends GNSS support

To expand its GNSS support, IZT has cooperated with TeleOrbit, the marketing & sales unit of TeleConsult Austria. To enable the generation of GNSS signals provided by the GIPSIE software from TeleOrbit to be integrated into the feature set of the IZT S1000 signal generator. The signal generator with its broad frequency range and the Virtual Signal Generator (VSG) channels enables the similar generation of various GNSS standards in one device ...

Test & Measurement
2nd December 2015
RF Receiver combines 120MHz Bandwidth with 32768-Point FFT

A new option has been added to IZT’s R4000 RF receiver. The 32768-point FFT option in combination with the 120 MHz real-time bandwidth ensures reliable detection of fast bursts and frequency-agile signals. Even the most advanced hoppers with extremely high hop rates are detected under demanding SNR environments.

Test & Measurement
2nd November 2015
Hardware, software solutions drive OTA test system

An Over-The-Air (OTA) wave field synthesis system for test and certification of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers was presented by Fraunhofer Gesellschaft at it’s IIS Facility for Over the Air Research and Testing (FORTE) in Ilmenau. The innovative and complex OTA test system is mainly based on Hardware and Software solutions from IZT, including powerful RF receivers and high performance signal generators.

Test & Measurement
26th October 2015
Software extension ushers in new approach to signal recording

The R3000 Signal Archive is a software-defined extension to the IZT R3000 receiver family. It receives the data from the actual receiver and buffers it in the memory. This approach allows users to visualise and extract any signal in the entire memory depth without having to interrupt recording.

Test & Measurement
16th October 2015
RF receiver offers adaptive preselector

An RF receiver providing a high performance solution for the interception of RF signals has been introduced by IZT. Instead of standard solutions with fixed filters, the R3500 offers a highly linear, flexible preselector with electronically configurable start- and stop frequencies. Modern, automatic signal classifiers are able to simultaneously analyse several MHz of spectrum for any signals of interest.

Events News
18th August 2015
Broadcast infrastructure solutions on display at IBC 2015

IZT will attend 2015's International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), Amsterdam, 11th to 15th September. At its booth (Hall 8, A.34), IZT will present its latest solutions for broadcast infrastructures, such as its DAB ContentServer and high-performance test & measurement products, including the S1000 signal generator with expanded DAB support. Further highlights include products from IZT's wideband receiver and satellite channel emul...

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