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12th August 2013
ITAC trackball controller meets military and aerospace requirements

ITAC Systems has today introduced a new series of trackball controllers providing a heavy-duty solution for computer control and pointing devices. Manufactured using superior grade materials, the Mouse-Trak Industrial Desk Top series of trackball controllers are capable of enduring the most stringent of environments in demanding applications ranging from military and defence systems, through to commercial marine equipment and medical products.

23rd October 2012
ITAC offers rugged panel mount joystick with pushbuttons for use in tough industrial environments or medical applications

ITAC Systems is offering its Panel-J Joystick for use in aggressive environments where airborne or process contaminants, or the extensive use of cleaning solutions, would make other pointing/input devices unviable.

26th September 2012
IP65 backlit metal keyboards for kiosk and industrial applications from ITAC

ITAC has today introduced a new family of backlit, rugged metal keyboards for kiosk and demanding industrial applications. The keyboards each have 65 laser-etched keys (black, grey or sliver), individually lit by LEDs (blue, green or red), and an integral touchpad.

4th July 2012
ITAC’s IP66 sealed HMI device achieves reliable operation by eliminating moving parts

Hand-Trak has been introduced by ITAC– a patented high-reliability gestural input device where the user simply moves a hand or finger over the device’s optical lens to communicate the desired direction, speed and distance of cursor movement, providing more precise control than either a sealed touchpad or joystick.

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