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17th November 2020
Connector sales growth belies a tough year ahead

Back in August we reported that, while the easing of the COVID 19 lockdown had many positive benefits, the pandemic would continue to have an ongoing and negative impact on the UK electronics and connectors industry. Just over three months later, the numbers reported by ITSA members for the third quarter clearly demonstrate how significant the impact has been. News that a vaccine could be available by the end of the year was a single major plus i...

5th August 2020
The UK electronics industry is facing a perfect storm

While some aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown have been eased, the crisis continues to have a major impact on the UK electronics industry and what many describe as a perfect storm is gathering to really challenge the UK. As well as the pandemic, there’s BREXIT to consider and the potential fallout from the current tensions between the US and China.

18th May 2020
Challenging year ahead for the UK connector industry

It has taken just a little under three months to turn what had the real potential to be a positive 2020 for the UK connector industry into one that has shaken every business to the core. The shutdown in China, for example, has had a significant effect on the supply chain while the dramatic changes in commodity prices will have an obvious impact on materials and manufacturing as well as incoming costs and outgoing prices.

21st February 2020
Providing a voice to the interconnect industry

At a gathering in London, John Biggs, Chairman of the Interconnect Technology Suppliers Association (ITSA), and a selection of association members, explained how ITSA exists as the voice of the industry and what it can offer to its members.

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