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5th February 2020
Auto-ranging DC supply integrated energy-recovering load

Intepro Systems announces the availability of its Model PSB 10000 30KW programmable digital power DC supply/load. The PSB 10000 Series is a microprocessor controlled bi-directional supply that features two devices in one: an electronic DC load with energy recovery and an auto-ranging DC power supply. This allows for two-quadrant operation in an efficient and easy-to-use instrument.

Test & Measurement
24th October 2018
Battery test system achieves exceptional energy recovery

The advanced benchtop/rack mount Procyon Battery Test System from Intepro Systems is for engineering design and production testing of high-performance electro mobility battery packs. It utilises Intepro’s bi-directional charge/discharge regenerative power stage that returns over 93% of the power back to the AC mains, lowering operating costs, reducing system size and eliminating/reducing external cooling requirements.

4th July 2017
High power regenerative DC load operates 360-528V AC

Intepro Systems has introduced the ELR 9000 HP Series of regenerative, programmable electronic DC loads. This latest version of the popular ELR Series is designed to accommodate three-phase mains between 360V–528V AC. The increased power density of HP Series units provides load ratings of up to 15kW in a single 3U rack-mounted instrument.

Test & Measurement
16th February 2017
Test system enables open-source integration

The Procyon line of integrated production test systems has been announced by Intepro Systems. At the core of each Procyon system are Intepro’s industry-leading programmable DC and AC sources and programmable electronic loads. All Procyon ATE’s feature open architecture supporting LXI, IEEE, VXI, PXI and AXI protocols facilitating integration of commercial off-the shelf, 3rd-party instruments, such as oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers ...

25th January 2017
Programmable AC power source includes DC output capability

The AFV-P Series of precision, programmable AC/DC power sources, has been introduced by Intepro Systems. The compact rack-mounted AFV-P Series units are available in four power levels – 600VA, 1,250VA and 2,500VA (2U) and 5,000VA (5U) – and provide clean power with distortion less than 0.3% at 50/60Hz.

5th October 2016
DC load solves point-of-load converter test challenges

Intepro Systems announces the EL 2000 HS (high-speed) electronic DC load as the latest addition to its growing family of power system automatic test equipment (ATE). The EL 2000 HS Series is a stand-alone 40W load module providing point-of-load (POL) connections and point-of-use (POU) for fast slew rate DC loading. Ever-higher switching speeds and lower operating voltages present unique challenges in testing POL/POU power conversion systems.

Test & Measurement
6th May 2016
The ‘green’ argument for auto-ranging power supplies

Auto-ranging supplies offer the potential to both save equipment costs and save energy. Eric Turner, Intepro Systems.

Test & Measurement
29th March 2016
Energy recovery helps return power to its source

In the latest addition to its power system automatic test equipment (ATE), Intepro has announced the release of the ELR 5000 modular, programmable DC load. Housed in a 6U, 19” rack enclosure, the ELR 5000 can accommodate up to ten completely self-contained, fully programmable DC load modules with 320W nominal power each.

17th December 2015
DC electronic load reduces rack space by 50%

Intepro Systems, a market leader in power component and power system automated test equipment (ATE), introduces the EL 9000 B Series of electronic DC loads. The EL 9000 B Series is offered in 15 models with rated peak power from 1,200 to 7,200W. 

14th October 2015
Auto-ranging feature adds flexibility to DC power supplies

Intepro Systems introduces the PS9000 2U series of auto-ranging programmable DC power sources with models rated at 1.5 and 3.0kW. The panel-mounted units operate at 92-93% efficiency. Compared to alternative products in this price/performance class that operate at 82-87% efficiency, Intepro’s PS9000 2U series offers lower heat dissipation and lower operating cost.

9th September 2015
Intepro introduces auto-ranging programmable DC power source

Intepro Systems introduces the PSI 9000 series of programmable DC power sources. A single 3U chassis houses up to 15kW of DC power and can be paralleled up to 150kW. Each chassis features a controller that allows the flexibility of separating into individual sources or paralleling for high-power applications.

13th August 2015
DC electronic load returns up to 95% of test energy

Intepro Systems has introduced the ELR9000 series of electronic DC loads. A unique feature of the ELR9000 series is an integral, grid-synchronised inverter designed to return up to 95% of the load test energy back to the grid. The rack-mounted unit is available, off-the shelf, with output ratings of 3.5, 7 and 10.5kW (scalable to 105kW).

8th July 2015
Load bank accepts standard AC input ranges from 120 to 480V

The introduction of the PEL Regenerative AC Electronic Load Bank has been announced by Intepro Systems. Built around a 60kVA chassis, the system can be parallelled for higher power requirements. It also accepts standard AC input ranges from 120 to 480V and provides grid-synchronised, regenerated AC power output that returns 90% of the equipment under test load power back to the utility. The PEL series provides an energy-saving solution when testi...

3rd June 2015
Programmable utility grid simulator needs no parallel load

Intepro Systems has announced its PAS-F Series of programmable three phase utility grid simulators. The PAS-F system combines utility grid simulation and regenerative bi-directional AC source that is capable of both sourcing and sinking the full current load from the Device Under Test (DUT). With power levels ranging from 45kVA to 1.6MVA, the series is capable of testing the largest of dispersed energy inverters.

Test & Measurement
22nd April 2015
Software launch expands test library

The latest version of Intepro Systems’ PowerStar test software, PowerStar 6 includes a number of new features designed to make testing even easier including an expanded test library that allows users to “program without coding” Using a simple drag and drop method to create a test program with the convenience and ease of fill-in-the-blank test screens

Test & Measurement
6th November 2014
LCD display enhances 1800W electronic load module

INTEPRO SYSTEMS has introduced a 1800W modular electronic load which boasts an 8-inch TFT LCD colour display with multiple language selection that is visible across the room. The 6-slot chassis is rated at 1800W and can be specified with up to six 300W or three 600W modules. Modules are available with current ratings of 60 or 120 amps with voltages up to 80 or 10 or 20 amps with voltages up to 500V.

26th August 2014
Electronic load equipped to meet high voltage applications

Intepro Systems EL9718E-M 1000V, 6kW1 electronic load has been developed specifically to meet high voltage applications and offers the same wide range of features found across INTEPRO’s EL97 series of electronic loads. The load can be used in many different test environments on a wide range of products in any industrial environment, including; product development and characterisation, test, service, burn-in and laboratory experiments.

Test & Measurement
28th July 2014
Power semiconductor test platform meets JEDEC standard

An automated test system that meets the requirements of JEDEC standards and may be used for product development characterisation has been launched by Intepro. The system is a solution for reliability and extended lifetime testing of power semiconductors including IGBT, MOSFET, SCR, diode and bipolar parts and modules. The SemTest system is comprised of a test system, thermal oven and test software with optional chiller and cold plates.

Test & Measurement
13th May 2014
Electronic loads offer power ratings from 150 to 6000W

The new EL97xx series of electronic loads available now from INTEPRO SYSTEMS offers users a simple means to test or characterise individual battery cells or multi-cell stacks. Models are available with power ratings from 150 to 6,000W for use as simple front panel controlled bench test or repair instruments to components in complex, automated test and burn-in systems.

Test & Measurement
6th February 2014
Electronic load targets R&D, service and test applications

The new EL9712B 300W electronic load available now from Intepro Systems joins the growing series of competitively priced electronic loads being introduced by the company.  Ideal for research and development, inspection, service and test requirements in industry, research laboratories, training centres and education, the EL9712B electronic load has an input rating of 0-15A and 0-500V, a 2 year warranty and is available on a 4 week lead-time.

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