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Alternative Energy
5th March 2020
Poll finds low public understanding of nuclear power

Only 26% of people aged 18-24 understand that nuclear power is a low carbon source of electricity, compared with 76% for renewables such as wind and solar. This is the main finding of a new poll by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) into public attitudes.

24th February 2020
Surge in autonomous vehicles at Formula Student 2020

A record number of electric and autonomous vehicles are set to do battle in this year’s Formula Student competition which will see thousands of engineering students from over 30 countries travelling to Silverstone in July to take part in the event.

4th December 2019
Less than a quarter of UK adults support deliveries by drone

Companies are looking into using drones to deliver online orders more quickly and cheaply, but they are likely to face considerable opposition as new research by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) shows that less than a quarter of UK adults support the idea.

26th September 2019
Third of UK adults say we will never switch to driverless cars

Nearly a third of UK adults think we will never switch to having only driverless cars on the roads while 60% of people say they would always prefer to drive themselves rather than use a self-driving vehicle, according to a new opinion poll from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. The poll, which follows a similar survey by the Institution in 2017, found the public remains wary of driverless technology with two thirds of people uncomfort...

25th July 2019
Report shows the impact of heatwaves on UK water industry

This summer has presented the UK with the hottest and driest summer since 1976, a year well remembered for melting tarmac and long, hot summer’s days. So as we head into a record day for temperatures the Institution of Mechanical Engineers has looked at the impact of heatwaves and flooding on the UK’s water industry and released a report.

25th April 2019
Over 130 teams on the grid for Formula Student 2019

Formula Student, a student engineering competition organised by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, will see more than 3000 participants from over 25 countries take part in the event which returns to Silverstone this July. Formula Student challenges university teams from across the world to design and build a single seater car which they drive in a series of races over three days on the renowned Silverstone track.

17th April 2019
Aerospace drone competition to inspire schoolchildren

  Gwynedd Council is supporting a programme to invite 120 local school children take part in aerospace workshops at this summer’s international drone design competition which is returning to the Snowdonia Aerospace Centre in Llanbedr in June.

28th February 2019
International railway competition introduces new safety challenge

Teams of undergraduate students, industry apprentices and young professionals from the UK and overseas will compete in a new track-based challenge as part of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ Railway Challenge at Stapleford Miniature Railway in Leicestershire. This year will see the introduction of a new auto–stop function element to the competition, where participating teams will have to design their locomotive to stop au...

19th February 2019
‘Game of Drones’ returns to Wales in June

  An international drone competition returns to north Wales between 16th-18th June 2019 with Welsh Government backing and a home team competing from Wrexham Glyndwr University.

11th February 2019
Supersonic car faster than the speed of sound wins award

The first land vehicle to break the speed of sound, which is housed in Coventry Transport Museum, has been honoured with an award that puts it alongside engineering greats such as Concorde and The Channel Tunnel. The iconic 54ft long Thrust SSC reached a speed of 764mph in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada in October 1997 and has since been on permanent display in the museum's land speed gallery.

16th January 2019
UK aerospace industry will suffer if no Brexit deal agreed

  Britain’s aerospace industry risks losing investment and will face supply chain problems if the government fails to negotiate a Brexit deal which maintains the current strategic relationship with the European Union, according to a new report from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

29th June 2018
Smart virtual assistants could revolutionise dementia care

Developing new virtual assistant technologies, such as Amazon Echo, should involve dementia sufferers, their carers and the NHS so that these tools can help people to stay in their homes for longer, according to a new study from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

22nd June 2018
Istanbul Technical University students win UAS drone competition

  Engineering students from Istanbul Technical University beat 20 other teams to be crowned the winners of the 'fly-off' final of the UAS Challenge 2018 drone design competition, which is organised by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

15th June 2018
Student racing car winners go head-to-head in one-off Grand Prix race

To mark the 20th anniversary of Formula Student, the student engineering design event run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, are holding a one-off race at Silverstone on Qualifying Day of the Formula One British Grand Prix. The 100m acceleration race will see the winning car from the first event in 1998, from The University of Texas Arlington, go wheel to wheel against last year’s winner from Cardiff University.

9th March 2018
The smart cities: is technology our friend or foe?

  According to a new report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the UK needs to build new levels of resilience and reliability into its electricity networks, including protection against hackers, to support the country’s increasingly digital infrastructure.

20th February 2018
Student engineers gear up for railway engineering competition

  Eleven student and apprentice teams from the UK, Germany and Egypt are preparing to take part in the Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ Railway Challenge in Stapleford Miniature Railway in Leicestershire in June.

8th February 2018
Smarter homes for older people could save NHS over £2.5bn

By creating more modified homes, it could encourage older people to keep mentally and physically fit for longer, and it could help save the NHS and social care system billions of pounds each year, according to a new report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. The report, Healthy Homes: Accommodating an Ageing Population, calls for Government to introduce financial incentives for construction companies to build for older living.

31st January 2018
Drone competition off to a flying start

A variety of young budding engineers from across the UK and overseas will be challenged to design, build and operate an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) in a humanitarian aid mission as part of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ annual challenge. The competition, which is now in its fourth year, has been growing steadily since its launch, when twelve teams took part. This year, twenty-five teams will compete, including 4 internatio...

23rd January 2018
The UK needs new Clean Air Act to prevent illness and deaths

According to a new report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the UK needs to create a modern Clean Air Act, equivalent to the one produced in the 1950s in response to London’s Great Smog, in order reduce harmful emissions across the UK. With air pollution responsible for one in ten of all deaths globally, the report calls for urgent action to tackle the damage to health which these emissions can cause. Health problems range fr...

18th December 2017
Without integrating engineering into curriculum the economy suffers

It is common knowledge that the UK is in the middle of an engineering skills crisis, but the Government are now worried that this will deepen without a fundamental change in the way we educate children about the 'made world'. School students have little exposure or understanding of engineering which is leading most to choose subjects which effectively rule out this career path early on in their schooling, according to a new report by the Ins...

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