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17th August 2018
Precision motion is rising to the challenges of photonics

Just as 20th Century engineers relied on electric motors, 21st Century engineers are turning to lasers and fibre optics to create machines and technologies that will change the world and redefine life as we know it. Here, Gerard Bush of motion experts INMOCO explains how the precision optical systems required are pushing the boundaries of drives and controls.

24th July 2018
DNA sequencer uses naturally occurring light for precise positioning

Genomics advances are changing the world. By mapping the DNA of living organisms human and animal health can be improved, diseases eradicated and crop plants strengthened to increase their yield. It is a relatively young science, largely based on Francis Crick and James Watson’s discovery of the DNA double helix in 1953 and still has a great deal of potential for further advancement. 

Motors & Drives
25th June 2018
Four-quadrant current control IC redefines motion engineering

A family of compact integrated circuits (ICs) for velocity and torque control, capable of four-quadrant current control is now available from Daventry’s INMOCO. Developed by Performance Motion Devices in Massachusetts, and launched to the world in February 2018, the Juno IC family of ultra-efficient and powerful velocity and torque control ICs are ideal for next-generation laboratory automation, healthcare equipment, and similar applic...

3rd April 2018
Haptic feedback meets telerobotic applications

When implementing haptic feedback on a joystick through motor force or vibration, it can bring significant benefits in telerobotic applications. To do this requires precise control over the motor current on the haptic side and precise sensing of the applied motor current on the working end of the system. Gerard Bush of INMOCO discusses applications for haptic feedback and how they can be implemented.

Mixed Signal/Analog
19th September 2017
Digital amplifier delivers multi-motor capability

The ATLAS digital amplifiers from Performance Motion Devices, available through INMOCO have been able to control a user’s choice of DC brush, brushless DC and stepper motors for a long time, however the latest version of the compact amplifier brings enhanced multi-motor capability. This allows the motor type to be programmed by the user with no board changes required. The result is even greater flexibility in the development of motor contro...

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