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22nd September 2015
A flesh approach to making gaming characters more lifelike

  A new technique will capture the subtle deformations in human skin and translate them into more realistic computer characters.

10th August 2015
'Bionic eye' monitors industrial assembly lines

Scientists are developing a 'bionic eye' that could be used by manufacturers to improve the monitoring of industrial assembly lines. At the back of the human eye is a specialised layer of cells called the retina, which captures light information. This information is then converted into electrical signals and sent via the optic nerve to the brain, where a visual image is produced.

10th August 2015
Organisms re-engineered to produce green fuels

A project to develop clean fuels using microscopic organisms called cyanobacteria has been given the green light. Cyanobacteria get their energy from sunlight through photosynthesis. They excrete oxygen as a by-product. Billions of years ago they are thought to have dramatically changed the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere, stimulating a flourishing of different forms of life and leading to the near-extinction of organisms that we...

10th August 2015
Car manufacturers make their own green technology choices

  According to researchers from Imperial College London, policies did not determine the types of low emission technology choices made by some of Germany's leading automotive manufacturers.

1st July 2015
Ultra-thin membrane could cut industrial energy consumption

Engineers have developed an ultra-thin, super-strong membrane to filter liquids and gases, with the potential to cut energy consumption in industry. Membranes are selectively permeable barriers that can provide a filter for a range of processes, from removing salt from sea water in desalination plants, to filtering the blood of kidney patients in dialysis machines.

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