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7th January 2016
UVA & UVB sensor monitors environmental health risks

Offering new health and wellness capabilities for wearable and mobile devices, Integrated Device Technology has introduced a light sensor that accurately detects levels of the UVA and UVB light spectrum. Developed by engineers at recently acquired ZMDI, the two-channel ZOPT2202 sensor has ultra-sensitive photodiodes which, when coupled with the sensor’s patented IR light suppression, deliver a high-performance UV solution.

7th January 2016
Wireless power transmitter brings flexibility to new gen charging pad

Integrated Device Technology and Belkin International have announced Belkin’s first dual-mode wireless charger widely available to consumers. With IDT’s dual-mode wireless power transmitters, the Belkin Universal Wireless Charging Pad + Charger delivers greater flexibility by supporting two of the leading wireless power standards.

18th December 2015
Broadband differential input RF amplifier simplifies RF DAC

Integrated Device Technology has introduced a broadband differential input RF amplifier that greatly simplifies designs for transmitters utilising RF digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and/or integrated transceivers used in a wide variety of base stations and public safety infrastructure.

Events News
18th December 2015
IDT to showcase wireless power at Consumer Electronics Show

Integrated Device Technology announced it will showcase several of its latest innovations at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in January. The company will demonstrate its groundbreaking wireless power technology, as well as the pioneering sensors developed by ZMDI, which IDT acquired earlier this month. The show runs from the 6th-9th of January in Las Vegas.

16th December 2015
IDT helps speed & improve analytics at CERN's LHC

IDT and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) have developed a low-latency platform to speed and improve the management of analytics at the organisation’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and data centre. Developed at IDT’s Open HPAC Lab and built upon the company’s RapidIO technology, the platform marks the first major milestone in the three-year collaboration IDT and CERN openlab announced in March.

9th December 2015
IDT completes ZMDI acquisition

Integrated Device Technology announces that it has completed the acquisition of privately held ZMDI (Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden AG) for $307m. Announced six weeks ago, the acquisition brings a highly regarded automotive and industrial business, as well as high-performance programmable power devices and signal conditioning solutions.

25th November 2015
RF switch performance improved with SPDT switch

IDT has introduced the industry’s first single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) RF switch featuring its patent-pending KZ constant impedance technology. The IDT F2923 is a low insertion loss SPDT absorptive RF switch designed for a multitude of RF applications, including base stations (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), wireless backhaul, CATV and portable handhelds.

20th November 2015
PMIC enables power system reuse for multiple protocols

Integrated Device Technology has introduced a multi-channel PMIC which is optimised for eSSDs and designed to speed time-to-market and revenue. The P8300 is a flexible, highly programmable PMIC suitable for a broad set of data centre, enterprise and high-performance computing applications.

6th November 2015
Low-loss RF switches feature constant impedance technology

Integrated Device Technology has announced the expansion of its RF product portfolio with two switches that offer low loss and high isolation, with a new-to-the-industry constant impedance technology, called Kz. The F2914 and F2915 are 50Ω SP4T and SP5T RF switches that exhibit insertion loss of only 1.1dB with corresponding IIP2 of 124dBm and IIP3 of 61dBm at 4GHz.

4th November 2015
SMART modular selects IDT as a preferred partner

Integrated Device Technology has announced that SMART Modular Technologies has chosen IDT as a preferred partner for its DDR4 NVDIMM (non-volatile dual in-line memory module) product. The offering includes the 4RCD0124K registered clock driver (RCD) and TSE2004GB2 thermal sensor with SPD, which are part of IDT’s NVDIMM chipset. The chipset is the only complete DDR4 NVDIMM solution available on the market and has been customer qualified and ...

2nd November 2015
Ease compliance with network synchronisation standards

Integrated Device Technology has introduced a new hardware and software solution that simplifies IEEE 1588 synchronisation of network communications equipment. The 82P339xx-1 products are composed of IEEE 1588-compliant software and IDT Synchronisation Management Unit (SMU) chips that deliver a complete telecomms network synchronisation solution for IEEE 1588 and synchronous Ethernet.

Aerospace & Defence
22nd October 2015
Microchip will speed the data transfer in harsh environments

BAE Systems and Integrated Device Technology has announced a technology for space applications that will transfer greater volumes of data at higher speeds than ever before possible during space missions. BAE Systems’ space-grade microchip, known as the RADNET1848-PS space-grade RapidIO switch, will use the market’s first RapidIO interconnect to speed massive amounts data through a network of radiation-hardened computer systems in oute...

21st October 2015
RF switches feature constant impedance technology

IDT has announced two RF switches that offer low loss and high isolation, with a new-to-the-industry constant impedance technology, called Kz. The F2914 and F2915 are 50Ω, SP4T and SP5T RF switches that exhibit insertion loss of only 1.1dB with corresponding IIP2 of 124dBm and IIP3 of 61dBm at 4GHz.

16th October 2015
Programmable clock generators offer 500fs RMS phase jitter

Integrated Device Technology has introduced the VersaClock 6 programmable clock generator family to deliver flexible, low-power timing for demanding high-performance applications. With RMS phase jitter of less than 500fs, the VersaClock 6 products deliver the best performance to date for IDT’s VersaClock family, offering an exceptional combination of jitter performance, flexibility, and low operating power.

14th October 2015
Low-latency computing platform speeds Big Data analytics

IDT has launched a heterogeneous mobile edge computing platform that performs real-time Big Data analytics and deep learning with low-latency computing at the network edge. Developed at IDT’s Open High-Performance Analytics and Computing (HPAC) lab, the platform utilises modules currently in production and is based on innovations and collaboration with NVIDIA, Prodrive Technologies and Concurrent Technologies.

13th October 2015
Joint testing demonstrates SyncE compliance

IDT and Altera have reported their success using IDT network communications solutions with Altera FPGAs and Altera IP cores to build flexible Ethernet nodes that comply with ITU-T SyncE requirements. IDT’s 82P33731 Synchronous Equipment Timing Source (SETS) for 10-40G Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) was used alongside the Altera devices. The 82P33731 is a proven solution that can reduce risk and speed time to market for SyncE designs. It is su...

8th October 2015
Moving to the mass market

Wireless charging is still predominantly the domain of the high volume mobile handset manufacturer, but IDT is hoping to change that with a simpler solution, as Philip Ling reports.

5th October 2015
Jitter attenuator & frequency synthesiser offer high performance

Integrated Device Technology has introduced jitter attenuator and frequency synthesiser devices that deliver ultra-high performance, meeting the phase noise requirements of the most stringent applications, including JESD204B-compliant RF timing. The 8V19N407 and 8V19N408 support up to 3GHz output frequencies, as well as 82fs of RMS phase noise, addressing the requirements of multi-carrier GSM radio transceivers as well as 40 and 100Gb Ethernet PH...

26th August 2015
Turnkey kits bring power to the people, wirelessly

Integrated Device Technology has introduced groundbreaking turnkey wireless power kits that make integrating wireless charging easy, affordable and practical for a broad range of consumer electronics. The Qi-compliant transmitter and receiver reference kits deliver plug-and-play ease of integration, enabling engineers to incorporate wireless charging capabilities into their designs in a matter of hours.

Mixed Signal/Analog
13th August 2015
VVA delivers 1,000 times better linearity than GaAs

Expanding the company's family of RF VVAs (Voltage Variable Attenuators) to cover a range of 1MHz to 6GHz, IDT has announced the F2255 and F2258. The devices offer about half the insertion loss of competitive solutions, IP3 performance which is 1,000 times (30dB) better than the competing GaAs device and exhibit a linear-in-dB attenuation characteristic across the voltage control range.

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