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22nd May 2020
16 Gigabit DDR3 memory from I’M Intelligent Memory

I'M Intelligent Memory has doubled its maximum offerings of DDR3 memory-capacity again to 16 Gigabits per component. While most DRAM manufacturers produced DDR3 memory with a maximum of 4Gb per chip, Intelligent Memory followed its motto ‘beyond limits’ having offered DDR3 devices with 8Gb capacity for more than six years.

13th December 2019
Samples released for ECC DRAM product line

Four years after bringing the first DRAM with on-chip ECC in DDR1, DDR2 and DDR3 technologies to the market, Intelligent Memory is expanding the product line again adding a new series of LPDDR4(X) memory components with integrated ECC error-correction capability.

20th February 2018
8Gb components support DDR3L low-voltage operation

Hong Kong based fabless DRAM manufacturer, I'M Intelligent Memory, has announced the availability its newest revisions of 8 Gigabit DDR3L components. Orderable devices include x8 (1Gx8) configurations in FBGA 78 ball package and x16 (512Mx16) types in FBGA 96 ball package. Customers can choose the devices to have either a single Chip-Select (1CS) or dual Chip-Select (2CS) pinout.

3rd April 2017
SDRAM memories have integrated error correction

Memory manufacturer, Intelligent Memory, has released DRAMs in traditional SDRAM-technology with on-chip ECC functionalities. As IM started off their ECC DRAM series with DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 and LPDDR technologies originally, now coming up with SDRAM-devices sounds like a technological step backward.

21st August 2015
ECC DRAMs operate up to 125°C

  A family of robust ECC DRAM components withstanding even the highest operating temperatures and stress has been released by Intelligent Memory.

16th July 2014
'World's first' 8Gb DDR3 components with single chip-select

8Gb DDR3 components with a single chip-select, claimed to be the world's first, have been introduced by I'M Intelligent Memory. The JEDEC specification JESD79-3 has always allowed an 8Gb density for DDR3 memory devices. While most DRAM manufacturers are waiting for a 2 x nm process to fit such high memory capacity into a single DRAM IC package, I’M has manufactured 8Gb DDR3 components utilising existing 30nm manufacturing technolo...

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