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16th June 2020
Advanced fibre optic and DC power cabling

Hughes Electronics has launched an advanced fibre optic and DC power cabling concept for cellular networks. OptiMod is the latest improvement in fibre cabling technology. Designed specifically to handle the rigours of the cellular telephone industry, OptiMod is a robust yet incredibly agile system of interconnecting fibre and DC power passive transmission media.

31st January 2018
When it comes to cables, length is important

  Cable lengths in mobile base station structures are much more important than previously thought according to a new study, which has discovered that adjusting a jumper cable length by as little as 1cm can significantly influence PIM.

11th April 2017
Humidity makes a significant contribution to PIM

Latest research by the strategic alliance formed exclusively to investigate and mitigate sources of Passive InterModulation (PIM) in cellular networks, Hughes Electronics and London Southbank University, has found that humidity makes a significant contribution to PIM. The group has found that humidity deposits a layer of salts and other airborne contaminants which interfere with ‘clean’ signal transit and has invented a novel way...

15th July 2016
PIM solution for infrastructural data connections

In 2013 a strategic alliance was formed between the Biomedical and Communications (BiMEC) research group at London South Bank University and Hughes Electronics. Its aim was to develop innovative and disruptive technologies to combat Passive InterModulation (PIM) in cellular networks. This research has resulted in a white paper shedding new light on the effects of PIM and a new connection system designed specifically to help reduce PIM - the WaveW...

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