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11th November 2019
WiFi 6 pilot project to embrace the future of learning

At the Wireless Global Congress (WGC) held by the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), Huawei announced a new WiFi 6 pilot. The project, supported by the WBA, will carry out a series of WiFi 6 verification tests at Mondragon University, Spain, to explore innovative WiFi 6 use cases, inspire students, and enhance education outcomes.

6th March 2017
What time is it? It's fitness time!

At last week's Mobile World Conference 2017 in Barcelona, the Huawei Watch 2 was officially introduced to the world. Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu announced the company’s newest smartwatch following the introduction of the Huawei P10 smartphone. The announcements took place Sunday evening and were broadcast live around the world. The Watch 2 will supplant the original Huawei Watch, which was introduced at the same event...

13th February 2015
Wireless module supports M2M applications

Designed to support M2M industrial applications such as remote control and monitoring, 3G routers, gateways and telematics, the MU709s wireless module has been introduced by HUAWEI. The device, based on the company’s in-house HiSilicon chipset, Balong 330, is available in two different versions: Dual-band for the European market and Tri-band for the Latin-American market. 

4th December 2014
imec & Huawei research optical data link technology

A research partnership, focusing on optical data link technology, has been announced between imec and Huawei. Through their research into silicon-based optical interconnects, the companies are expected to provide high speed, low power consumption and cost savings.

17th July 2012
S5700 Series Switches Win the Industry’s First IEC 62368 Certificate for Communications

Huawei has declared that its eight models of S5700 series switches, have won the IEC62368 certificate from Underwriters Laboratories Incorporation - the first IEC62368 certificate awarded on communications products. As the first company in the industry that wins this certificate, Huawei sets up an industry benchmark and, more importantly, demonstrates its core ideas of giving top priority to safety designs.

12th July 2012
Unified Storage and Server Series unveiled by Huawei

Huawei have launched four unified storage products (OceanStor T series) and four high-end servers (Tecal series) for the enterprise industry. Under the theme ‘Simplify your business, accelerate your success’, the OceanStor T unified storage series will provide enterprise businesses with greater intelligence and simplicity in the cloud era, while the Tecal high-end servers will deliver substantially more powerful performance and reliability.

11th July 2012
Huawei Cloud Storage Passed the Performance Tests of CERN

Huawei declared today that its cloud storage system has passed the performance test of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). The CERN data centre, also known as the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid Tier-0, is at the core of a global computing resource which enables the storage and analysis of more than 20 PB of Large Hadron Collider data per year.

4th July 2012
Huawei Announces Breakthrough on HSUPA as the Single-User Uplink Peak Data Rate Exceeds 20Mb/s

Huawei declared today that a demonstration it conducted broke the High Speed Uplink Packet Access record for peak single-user uplink data rates with 20Mb/s using Dual Carrier and 16QAM Quadrature Amplitude Modulation technologies.

21st June 2012
Huawei Device showcases its portfolio of star products at the Mobile Asia Expo 2012

Huawei launched the Ascend P1 TD-SCDMA and the 2600 mAh XL versions at the GSMA Mobile Asia Expo 2012 in Shanghai today. The Ascend P1 TD-SCDMA will be available for sale through e-commerce channels in China at the end of June. And the Ascend P1 XL will be available for sale at the Q3.

Test & Measurement
19th June 2012
Huawei Completes Industry's First eHRPD optimized Handoff Test

Huawei today announced the successful completion of a commercial test for LTE to CDMA evolved, High-Rate Packet Data optimized handoff. eHRPD means the evolution and improvement of the original CDMA EV-DO network.

8th June 2012
Huawei Showcases Comprehensive Portfolio for Energy Sector at World Gas Conference 2012

Huawei today announced its customer momentum, while reinforcing its commitment to the energy sector at the World Gas Conference 2012, one of the foremost oil and gas industry events. Helping energy organizations deal with challenges and needs across upstream, midstream and downstream sectors, Huawei Enterprise will be showcasing its comprehensive energy portfolio at the World Gas Conference.

7th June 2012
Official Huawei Website to Permanently Enable IPv6

Huawei, today announced that will be permanently accessible through IPv6 from June 6, 2012, in a move intended to accelerate the global momentum of IPv6 deployment. On World IPv6 Day in 2011, an event organized by the Internet Society, Huawei was the only telecom equipment vendor in China to pass the IPv6 deployment test.

1st June 2012
Huawei Unveils Mobile Broadband Backhaul Adaptive Solution for Enhanced Transmission Efficiency

Huawei today unveiled its Backhaul Adaptive Solution, a mobile broadband solution that provides operators with an IP Backhaul Performance Monitor and IP Backhaul Quality Management services for improved IP backhaul efficiency. The widespread global adoption of smart phones has ushered in a new era of mobile internet access, leading to unprecedented increases in data traffic.

31st May 2012
Huawei SingleEPC to Build User Experience-Centric LTE Network

Huawei today announced at the 2012 LTE World Summit a new company vision, BON (Business, Operation and Network), for focusing on mobile broadband user experience. BON was introduced in a speech given by Xu Weizhong, Huawei President of Packet Core Networks for the Wireless Network Business Unit.

29th May 2012
Huawei Sets Agenda for Future of LTE Networks with No-Edge Networks Approach

For the past 20 years, mobile operators have focused on how to increase their subscriber numbers, but in the next 20 years, the focus should be on attracting valuable users and enhancing user experiences, said Ying Weimin, President of GSM/UMTS/LTE Networks for Huawei's Wireless Network business unit, yesterday in a keynote presentation at the 2012 LTE World Summit.

28th May 2012
Huawei mLAB, a Platform for Innovation, Experience and Cooperation on MBB

Huawei today announced the launch of its state-of-the-art mobile broadband research laboratory, mLAB. Huawei's mLAB facilitates close cooperation with MBB industry players and is open to customers to experience Huawei's innovative MBB solutions for HSPA/LTE and future network environments.

25th May 2012
Huawei Files Complaint against InterDigital for Patent Abuse

Huawei has yesterday filed an anti-trust complaint with the European Commission against US-based InterDigital in which it urges the Commission to intervene to end InterDigital's abuses of its patents allegedly essential to the 3G (UMTS) standard.

24th May 2012
Huawei Announces Managed Services Agreement with Telefónica UK

Huawei today announced the signing of a five-year managed services agreement with Telefónica UK. Under the agreement, Huawei will be responsible for planning and managing Telefónica UK's core transmission, mobile access and network construction in the multivendor core network.

24th May 2012
Huawei Receives Second TM Forum Solution Excellence Award

Huawei received the Solution Excellence award for Huawei's Value Growth Solution at the TM Forum in Dublin; marking the second time Huawei has received this honor. TM Forum's Solution Excellence Award is presented to suppliers or system integrators that demonstrate the most innovative and effective use of TM Forum Frameworx to deliver tangible cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

24th May 2012
Huawei Launches End-to-End TDFi Solution at 2012 LTE World Summit

Huawei today launched an end-to-end TDFi solution at 2012 LTE World Summit. With TDFi, end users can access LTE TDD networks with any WiFi-enabled devices to enjoy high-speed mobile data services. The advent of mobile broadband has seen the demand for high-speed data services rapidly increase. But while LTE TDD commercialization has been steadily progressing, availability of compatible devices has been lagging.

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