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15th July 2022
HoloMed contactless devices reduce pathogen transmission in hospitals

Holo Industries LLC announces the launch of a transformative HoloMed line of holographic inserts for medical carts, patient monitors and other products that protect patients and hospital staff by virtually eliminating surface contact and touchpoints, thereby reducing the transmission of HAIs.

13th December 2021
CES 2022 is the launch pad for holographic interaction

Fantasy and cinematic holography meet real-world applications with Holographic Touch, Holo Industries’ transformative mid-air interactive technology showing next month at CES 2022.

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13th December 2021
CES 2022 is the launch pad for holographic interaction

Holo Industries launches holographic consumer, gaming and hospitality applications in Las Vegas.      

23rd November 2021
Germ-free, contactless holographic touch interface

Holo Industries will showcase its Holographic Touch contactless, germ-free user interface during the Self-Service Innovation Summit at Florida’s Diplomat Resort on the 14th of December 2021.

22nd October 2021
Holo Industries has launched large-format Holographic Touch

Holo Industries has expanded its line of Holographic Touch solutions to include large-format, contactless holographic systems for machine, factory and other rugged industrial applications.

24th September 2021
Holo Industries Launch Large-format Holographic Solutions

Holo Industries LLC has expanded its line of Holographic TouchTM applications to include large-format, contactless holographic solutions. The increased sizes are made possible by glass holographic plates from ASKA3D, a division of Japanese Technology firm Asukanet and are distributed by Holo Industries LLC worldwide. Available plate sizes measure 310mm (12.2” x 12.2”), 420mm (16.5 x 16.5”), and 630mm (24.8” x 24.8”)....

15th July 2020
Contactless holographic products for safe interaction

Convergence Promotions has developed a line of contactless-touch holographic products that allow users to interface with keypads, touch-screens, displays and other interactive devices in mid-air. The Contactless-touch Holographic products will be released in North America and Europe under the brand Holo Industries.

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