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22nd November 2018
Miniature ultrasonic sensor encapsulated in gap-free housing

  A new compact (45mm long and 18mm diameter) ultrasonic sensor, the P53-80-D18 from Hoffmann + Krippner, has been released. It is one of the smallest ultrasonic sensors on the market worldwide and is designed for use in harsh environmental conditions as well as in hygienic applications.

25th October 2018
Sensing solution for high quality cheese making

  A new case study from Hoffmann + Krippner, has illustrated how the P53 Ultrasonic Sensor by PIL can improve hygienic conditions and equipment for safe and high-quality cheese making processes. Any equipment used in food production must meet the highest standards of hygienic design; food safety and quality depend on it.

27th October 2017
LVDT sensors feature integrated signal processing

  Hoffmann + Krippner has announced a new product addition to their redesigned, user-friendly online shop. In addition to Sensofoil linear and rotary membrane potentiometers, cleanroom/medical keyboards and emPC A/RPI Industrial PCs, the shop now features inelta LVDT linear displacement sensors.

17th July 2017
Ultrasonic sensor mounting kits offer EHEDG certification

The availability of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) certified hygienic mounting kit for PiL’s P53 'Steel Head' ultrasonic sensors has been announced by Hoffmann-Krippner. This new, off the shelf, hygienic sensor solution has been designed for the food and beverage sector and chemical and pharmaceutical industries – suitable for any manufacturing/assembly/bottling/packaging system that requires a clean a...

26th June 2017
Inductive path sensors come in miniature format

The Inelta ILAT Series Miniature LVDT Sensors provide precision measurements of position and path in the range of single-digit millimeters. The sensors of this series are available in Models ILAT 2, ILAT4 and ILAT10 for the exact measurements of ±1 mm, ±2 mm or ±5 mm traveling distances. Owing to their tiny dimensions with a housing length of 79 mm and a diameter of only 8 mm at a weight of 30 g (including cable), the sensors...

Component Management
15th June 2016
Hoffmann + Krippner announces polymer strain gague printed onto a PCB

Hoffmann + Krippner, Inc. has announced that their new P-DMS Polymer Strain Gauge is now shipping. This compact and cost-effective solution for measuring pressure is based on Hoffmann + Krippner’s industry leading and patented sensor paste technology printed onto a PCB board.

8th April 2016
Everything you need to know about membrane keyboards

Hoffmann + Krippner is proud to announce that its whitepaper about the History and facts about Membrane Keyboard Technology is now. Invented over 30 years ago, membrane keyboards and switches were at first ridiculed as a low-cost but unreliable input technology.  However, after decades of improvements, the membrane switch has now been established as an effective solution for many different technical applications.

17th December 2015
Displacement & position sensors suit confined spaces

Utilising differential sensing technology, the extremely slim, inductive displacement Inelta IZAL series sensors from Hoffmann + Krippner ensure precise path length measurements in applications with highly confined spaces. Although the 4mm diameter housing of these LVDT sensors are barely larger than a matchstick, their interior provides a complete and powerful differential transformer measuring system with a core and coils.

2nd October 2015
Achieve precise valve position in hydraulic applications

In cooperation with the German manufacturer INELTA, Hoffmann + Krippner now offers a family of robust and customer-specific hydraulic valve position sensing solutions used in a wide range of industries such as oil & gas, power generation or wherever a precise valve position in hydraulic applications is required.

20th August 2015
How to choose the right potentiometer sensor

  Hoffmann + Krippner has announced a new whitepaper: How to choose the right potentiometer for reliable sensing, to help design engineers understand how membrane potentiometer sensors work and how to pick the right type of membrane potentiometer for their project.

27th July 2015
Sensor solutions target IoT & M2M applications

  At the Sensors Expo, Hoffmann + Krippner demonstrated how their unique SensoInk and Sensofoil intelligent sensing technologies can be used for IoT applications such as process automation, position tracking and real time supply chain support.

24th June 2015
Smart steering wheel drives you to safety

Sensing technology, which can be used to measure both position and pressure, can be used to add an extra level of safety in cars. SensoFoil, from Hoffmann + Krippner, can be integrated into steering wheels to allow the steering wheel to sense the pressure and position of the driver’s hands.

9th June 2015
Intelligent sensing: the bread & butter of your IoT kitchen

At Sensors Expo, Hoffmann-Krippner will demonstrate how its SensoInk and SensoFoil intelligent sensing technologies can be used for IoT applications such as process automation, position tracking and real time supply chain support. SensoInk is a reliable, accurate analogue sensing solution based on printed polymer pastes, with low power requirements, operating at 5V.

30th April 2015
Membrane potentiometers replace linear & rotary position sensors

Hoffmann + Krippner's whitepaper, The Membrane Potentiometer - A Competitive Alternative to Traditional Linear and Rotary Position Sensors, introduces the advantages and disadvantages of the membrane potentiometer’s special design and also outlines its possible applications including industrial controls, robotic systems, forklifts, doors, gates and even gaming.

22nd April 2015
LVDT sensors stand up to harsh environments

Hoffmann – Krippner is offering a wide range of LVDT sensors from its German partner company INELTA for contactless and wear-free path and position detection.  The LVDT sensors operate on the principle of the differential transformer and are suitable for use in many applications, such as medical technology, industrial, seafaring, in testing facilities, machinery construction, special purpose machines and agriculture.

15th November 2012
New 15-Inch Touchscreen Panel PC Delivers Cost Effective Reliability In Harsh Industrial Environments

Hoffmann + Krippner has introduced its latest touchscreen panel PC for use in a wide variety of industrial applications that demand rugged design combined with high quality hardware. Designated as the Flexx-IPC-L-T Advanced, this new range has been developed in a direct response to customer needs for long life and flexibility.

18th August 2011
Hoffmann + Krippner appoints electromechanical specialist Cyntech Inc. as representative for Illinois and Wisconsin

Hoffmann + Krippner has appointed Cyntech Inc., a specialist supplier of electromechanical components, electronic packaging and power supplies, as manufacturer’s representative for Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

5th May 2011
Touch-screen panel PC family for food processing environment offers customisable and easily replaceable front panel

Input device specialist Hoffmann + Krippner has developed a family of 10.4-inch touch-screen industrial PCs that meet the needs of modern food processing environments. Models in the flex-IPC® M series allow for rapid and easy front panel replacement and support cost-effective panel customisation in order volumes as low as just 20 units. Further flexibility comes from Hoffman + Krippner’s ability to provide the custom, stainless steel en...

7th March 2011
Hoffmann + Krippner’s 10.4-inch touchscreen panel PC family supports low-cost, low volume front panel customisation

Hoffmann + Krippner has launched a family of IP65/NEMA-rated 10.4-inch touch screen industrial PCs that use the company’s innovative membrane input technology to support cost-effective front panel customisation in order volumes as low as just 20 units.

7th March 2011
Hoffmann + Krippner expands UK operations with new company and MD to support custom panel PC business

Input device specialist Hoffmann + Krippner has announced a further expansion of its global operations with the formation of a new UK subsidiary and the appointment of UK managing director, Ian Ritson.

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