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28th September 2020
SafeTpack established as AURIX safety solution

Hitex has announced that with the SafeTpack, it aims to provide a universal solution for many applications to implement safety requirements in AURIX systems quickly and safely. The SafeTpack is a comprehensive safety manager for the second generation of the AURIX microcontroller family.

30th March 2020
Unit test tool expanded to cover extra tasks

Tasks cannot always be completed automatically by tools. In the current version 4.2 of the unit test tool TESSY, there is now an additional type of test for these cases. These are called tasks and are intended to cover exams that do not fall into the categories ‘module/unit test’ or ‘integration test’ - these two categories are covered by TESSY by default.

14th February 2020
Preferred design house for gate driver ICs

Hitex has been awarded by Infineon as Preferred Design House (PDH) for the TLE9180 family. As a certified service provider, Hitex supports customers in all aspects of the use of the TLE9180 gate driver IC devices.

11th February 2020
Hardware-in-the-loop tests of AURIX based systems

Hitex has announced that it now offers extensive support for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing of AURIX based systems. HIL tests allow testing of embedded real-time control systems in a virtual environment. This can significantly reduce costs and test times.

Events News
29th March 2019
SafeTpack enables implementation of safety requirements with AURIX

Hitex was awarded the 'embedded award' at the embedded world 2019 for the innovative SafeTpack. With this award, Hitex has been honoured for the fourth time by the expert panel of judges for particularly innovative developments. SafeTpack is Hitex's comprehensive solution for rapid and safe ISO 26262 or IEC 61508 safety certification for Infineon's second generation AURIX 32-bit microcontrollers.

17th March 2017
FPGA platform for rapid prototyping features colour touch screen

  Tanto, a universal generic platform which can be used for rapid FPGA prototyping has been created by Hitex.

25th April 2016
Reducing time to market with complex drivers

Hitex has created a set of specialised complex drivers for Infineon AURIX that can be used in addition to Infineon’s MC-ISAR low level drivers based on the AUTOSAR MCAL layer or with any other SW architecture.

9th December 2015
Speeding the implementation of functional safety

  A new self-test library has been introduced for Infineon’s XMC4000 industrial microcontroller family, based on Cortex-M4 supplies out-of-the-box safety according to IEC 61508 SIL2 or SIL3.

12th September 2015
MCU self test library aids domestic appliance maker

A pre-certified self test library for Atmel Corporation’s SAM D2x microcontrollers has been published by Hitex. The library helps manufacturers achieve compliance with safety standards for household appliances which mostly require the class B cerfication level.  According to the IEC 60335 and IEC 60730 standards a microcontroller-based device has continuously to prove reliable operation.

30th July 2015
TESSY V3.2.7 qualification renewed

TESSY, the tool for automated unit/module/integration testing of embedded software, was again qualified for safety-related software development according to IEC 61508:2010 and ISO 26262:2011. The qualification was done by the TÜV SÜD and is valid since version V3.2.7 of TESSY.

Test & Measurement
2nd June 2015
Software test tool eases data transfer

TESSY, the tool for automated unit / module / integration testing of embedded software, has been released in version V3.2.6. The new version enables convenient transfer of test data from one test object to another. This is very helpful if variants of software need to be tested. The interfaces of the test objects (i.e. the set of all input and output variables together with their types) need not to be identical.

Test & Measurement
13th March 2015
Updated module testing tool hides undesirable test objects

An updated version of TESSY, a tool for automated unit/module testing, has been released by Hitex Development Tools. The V3.2 version now offers static analysis as well as reports in Word and HTML formats. 

Test & Measurement
9th October 2014
TESSY tool supports LabWindows/CVI

Hitex Development Tools says TESSY version V3.1.9 now supports National Instruments LabWindows/CVI (version 2013 and later). TESSY is a tool for automated unit / module / integration testing of embedded software. Unit and module tests are usually required for safety-critical software according to safety-related standards like IEC 61508.

Test & Measurement
7th May 2014
Embedded software test tool supports CCES

 The new version of TESSY, the tool for automated unit / module / integration testing of embedded software, now supports CrossCore Embedded Studio (CCES) from Analog Devices for the processor families BlackFin and SHARC. CCES is a new Eclipse-based integrated development environment, which has been supported by TESSY since CCES V1.0.2.

Test & Measurement
19th February 2014
Embedded software test tool adds coverage measures

The new version 3.1 of TESSY, the tool for automated unit / module / integration testing of embedded software, features additional coverage measures and can also generate test cases from given values. With the additional coverage measures TESSY adheres better to the requirements of different standards with respect to functional safety.

12th February 2013
Energy Efficiency Optimized On LPC4000 Designs From Hitex

Hitex will be demonstrating how to optimize the energy consumption of an embedded application based on an NXP LPC4350 microcontroller at Embedded World 2013. This will be shown using the analysis tool PowerScale, together with the Keil ULINKpro debugger and the LPC4350 evaluation board.

11th February 2013
Dynamic Software Tests With Tessy V3.0

Hitex presents version 3 of Tessy, the tool for unit and integration testing of embedded software. The most essential enhancement is the completely new Eclipse-based user interface. In the test data view a tabular editor allows displaying test data of several test cases side by side for improved overview.

17th October 2012
Hitex unveil LPC4357 Evaluation Board for NXP's LPC4357

Hitex have today introduced the LPC4357 Evaluation Board for NXP’s new Cortex-M4-based dual-core LPC4357 microcontrollers. The LPC4357 is provided with 1MB Flash, 16kB EEPROM and 136kB SRAM on chip. The evaluation board is USB-powered, but can also be driven by external power supply or via power-over-Ethernet.

16th March 2012
Development kit for functional safety in XC2000 designs

After the successful SafeTkit for TriCore awarded with the Embedded Award 2011, Hitex Development Tools now presents the SafeTkit for XC2000. The 16-bit SafeTkit XC2000 is a complete development package for designs based on Infineon’s XC2000 architecture. It contains all components enabling the developer to prepare his application for a quick and secure certification process according to IEC 61508 or ISO 26262.

20th February 2012
XMC4000 Evaluation Board with WLAN

Hitex Development Tools offers a compact „all-in-one“ evaluation board right in time with the newly introduced XMC4000 architecture from Infineon based on the Cortex-M4 core from ARM. The board named XMC-HiLight comes with a bunch of functions such as communication (WLAN, LAN, USB), slide control, LED matrix control, RGB, A/D on just one board.

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