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7th October 2019
UK's first fully integrated hospital-wide digital transformation

The Northern Care Alliance NHS Group and Hitachi Consulting announced a partnership to deliver the UK's first fully integrated digital transformation of care processes. Known as the Digital Control Centre, the ten year project will be deployed across Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, part of the Northern Care Alliance, and update the organisation of care across its acute and integrated services.

23rd April 2019
Contributing to the stable supply of energy

It has been announced that Hitachi has received an order from Chubu Electric Power for the delivery of two Voltage-Sourced Frequency Converters (300,000 kW each; 1FC and 3FC) for Higashi Shimizu Substation, equipment installation construction work and tests.

6th June 2018
Thermco Systems announces partnership with Hitachi

Thermco Systems based in West Sussex, UK has announced a strategic partnership with Hitachi Kokusai Semiconductor Europe, strengthening its position as a manufacturer of horizontal thermal reactors. This partnership makes available to Thermco’s European customers, the feature-rich Vertical Thermal Reactors ‘Vertron Revolution’ for the first time.

3rd April 2018
Supporting energy storage with EV batteries for offices

  Hitachi, Mitsubishi Motors and ENGIE have demonstrated a pioneering project to explore the potential for Electric Vehicles to act as a means of energy storage for an office building. For this demonstration, the consortium linked the first vehicle to everything (V2X) charger to ENGIE's office building in Zaandam.

10th November 2017
Speeding the Industrial Design Process

With the current climate of industrial trucking products, truck manufacturing companies are striving to improve their products in more efficient ways than ever. These improvements can come in many forms, but in an industry of expensive prototypes and stiff competition, it is critical to find innovations that fit within tight margins, fast development cycles, and that deliver guaranteed reliability in the field.

Test & Measurement
19th September 2017
Supria True64 CT receives FDA Clearance

Hitachi Healthcare Americas has announced it has attained FDA 510(k) clearance to market its Supria True64 Computed Tomography System, the premier model within Hitachi’s Supria compact CT family. The Supria True64 is a remarkably compact, economical and clinically versatile CT with 64 discrete detector and electronics processing channels to provide rapid thin 64-slice imaging across its full 40mm detector coverage.

19th June 2017
Breath-alcohol detection system that features facial recognition

After developing a prototype portable breath-based alcohol detection device in March last year, Hitachi has now developed a prototype system for a new breath-alcohol detection device equipped with facial recognition.

16th March 2017
Compact sensor identifies EMI sources

A compact sensor has been announced by Kanazawa University and Hitachi, capable of identifying the source of electromagnetic interference (EMI) that causes malfunction in components for autonomous operation. The realisation of the compact sensor will not only allow multiple sensors to be embedded in vehicles such as automobiles and trains but also, by configuring it with several antennas, enable the direction of this low-frequency electromagnetic...

9th March 2017
Developing human activity recognition of workers with wearables

Deutsches Forschungszentrum fur Kunstliche Intelligenz (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, "DFKI") and Hitachi announced the joint development of AI technology for human activity recognition of workers using wearable devices. The AI technology performs real-time recognition of workers' activities by integrating technology in eye-tracking glasses to recognise gazed objects with technology in armband devices to recognise actio...

14th September 2016
Wind turbine generator produces power regardless of wind

Development of a 5MW offshore wind turbine generator system has been announced by Hitachi with the HTW5.2-136 including a downwind configuration. The new system features a 15% larger rotor swept area to increase output in light-wind regions that have annual average wind speeds below 7.5m/s.

2nd September 2016
Humanoid robot to test at Haneda Airport

Hitachi and Hitachi Building Systems have announced that on 2nd September, they will begin Proof of Concept (PoC) tests of passenger services using the "EMIEW3" humanoid robot, which was developed by Hitachi. The tests will be conducted at Haneda Airport Passenger Terminal 2 (Domestic Flights) in collaboration with Japan Airport Terminal.

3rd August 2016
Real time analytics system increases speed 100 times

Hitachi has announced the development of a database management system optimised for the high-speed embedded memory in the hardware (FPGA) and technology for high performance parallel data processing in FPGAs. Using these technologies, speed of data analytics was successfully increased by up to a maximum of 100 times compared with not using these technologies.

27th July 2016
Medium voltage multi-level IGBT drives are smallest in class

The HIVECTOL-HVI-E2 series has been introduced by Hitachi, to expand its product line of HIVECTOL-HVI medium voltage multi-level IGBT drives, which contribute to energy conservation in process plants, as well as improvements in productivity and quality. Sale of E2 series, the smallest in class, will start on October 1st.

14th July 2016
Image analysis system to detect signs of facilities failures

In collaboration with Daicel Corporation, Hitachi has developed an image analysis system that supports quality improvements and increased productivity by detecting signs of operational failures in production line facilities and deviations in worker activities on the front lines of manufacturing.

2nd June 2016
AI technology enables logical dialogue in Japanese

Hitachi announced that it has developed a basic AI technology that analyses huge volumes of Japanese text data on issues that are subject to debate, and presents in Japanese both affirmative and negative opinions on those issues together with reasons and grounds. In this research, Hitachi applied deep learning to the process of distinguishing sentences representing reasons and grounds for opinions, eliminating the need for a dedicated program to ...

11th April 2016
Vehicle smart key's could feature alcohol detection device

Hitachi and Honda Motor's subsidiary Honda R&D have announced they have successfully developed a prototype of a portable alcohol detector that is tamper-resistant as it can distinguish human breath from alternative gases and that can be integrated into smart key.

11th April 2016
Robotics IT platform developed for customer services

Hitachi has announced the development of 'EMIEW3', a humanoid robot, and its 'remote brain' robotics IT platform. EMIEW3, capable of autonomously approaching customers requiring assistance, was developed to provide necessary services and guidance in stores and public facilities.

11th March 2016
Technology can anonymise encrypted personal data

Hitachi announced the development of technology to securely anonymise encrypted personal data. Anonymisation converts information related to individuals, personal information, to a form which cannot identify the individual. This newly developed technology which conducts anonymisation in a more secure manner will be applied to respond to the expected increase in market needs for anonymised personal data resulting from the revision of the Japanese ...

7th March 2016
Hitachi & Redlen Technologies announce agreement on joint development

Hitachi Medical Corporation, a subsidiary of Hitachi, and Redlen Technologies have announced an agreement to jointly develop a direct conversion semiconductor x-ray detector module required for Photon Counting Computed Tomography systems (PCCT), a promising next generation diagnostic medical imaging modality.

27th October 2015
Accurately estimate behavioural characteristics in real time

Hitachi has developed a technology which can accurately measure human behaviour and estimate attributes (characteristics) in real time. By analysing 3D data obtained from a stereo camera, human behaviour can be measured accurately, in real time, even in a crowded space, which used to be difficult with 2D image data from conventional surveillance cameras.

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