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20th March 2020
Duo expand infrastructure for Ethernet communication

Hirose has announced its recent partnership on the release of ix Industrial connectors by Amphenol. The ix Industrial is a suitable connection solution for Factory and Process Automation, Machine to Machine communication, Robotics, Sensors, Human Interface devices and other devices needing Ethernet IIoT connectivity in an automated industrial environment due to its rugged, EMC resistant IEC 61076-3-124 design and Cat.6A high speed performance.

10th December 2019
Low profile push/pull nano sim card connector released

  Hirose has developed the lowest profile push/pull Nano SIM card connector. Featuring an ultra-low profile of 1.12mm, the KP13C Nano SIM card connector offers a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) mounting space savings of up to 23% compared to other products on the market.

7th February 2019
Vertical receptacle connector designed for smart manufacturing

Hirose has expanded its rugged ix Industrial connector family to include a vertical receptacle. The ix80 Series vertical receptacle provides design flexibility for manufacturers of next-generation industrial equipment. Featuring a small robust design for use in most any industrial environment, the ix80 connector is available in two keying variations for Ethernet (A Key) and non-Ethernet (B Key) applications.

2nd January 2019
Screwless terminal block simplifies maintenance by up to 40%

Hirose has developed a screwless terminal block series that significantly reduces the electrical wiring time and maintenance workload compared to conventional terminal blocks. The Zero ScrewTM EF2 Series features a single-action connection design that requires the user to simply push a ring terminal into the connector. By eliminating the need for screws, the EF2 Series terminals do not require inspection or retightening to ensure a stable and con...

24th August 2018
Miniature coaxial connector offering with 40Ghz SMP interface

Developer of innovative connector solutions, Hirose, has launched a series of MIL compliant coaxial connectors that deliver high frequency performance up to 40Ghz. The SMP Series mmWave connector features a user-friendly push-on lock and is available in wide variations including plug, jack, adapter and terminator.

27th June 2018
Connector features single action lock for robotic assembly

It has been announced that Hirose has developed a compact Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) connector with a single action lock designed for automatic assembly. In addition to simplifying assembly, the FH62 Series FPC connector also simplifies the design process.

1st June 2018
Industrial connector offers IDC plug for non-Ethernet applications

Hirose has expanded its rugged ix Industrial Series product offering to include an Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC) plug assembly for faster installation and a 'B' Key version for non-Ethernet applications. The ix Industrial Series combines a small robust design with high speed data transmission capabilities that enables industrial equipment advancements in smart manufacturing.

23rd March 2018
Top-mount connector expands space-saving family

Hirose has added a top-mount version to its compact USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C connector family to meet customer requests for a rugged USB connector with a small PCB footprint. Designed for electronic devices susceptible to high-vibration and drop impacts, the top-mount CX90B1 Series USB connector offers enhanced mounting strength to the PCB for increased durability. With a depth of only 8.15mm, the miniature design creates additional PCB space for opti...

12th March 2018
High temperature FPC/FFC connector for automotive applications

Hirose has developed a rugged flexible printed circuit (FPC) / flat flexible connector (FFC) that offers high-heat resistance for harsh environment applications. With an operating temperature of up to 105ºC, the FH63 Series satisfies severe heat requirements found in automotive applications. The FH63 Series is currently available in a 30 and 40-position versions and accepts shielded FFC for EMI prevention. Additional circuit sizes will becom...

9th March 2018
Optical connector system features built-in E/O-OE devices

Hirose has developed a unidirectional active optical connector system with built-in E/O on the Tx (transmit) end and an O/E on the Rx (receiver) end. The BF4M optical connector system converts a balanced high speed differential electrical signal on a PCB at one end into a MM optical signal for transmission down a very thin flexible FO cable, and then converts it back into an electrical signal on the other end.

24th January 2018
Back flip connector provides high retention forces

Designer and manufacturer of connection solutions, Hirose has expanded its compact Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) connector product offering to include a 0.25mm pitch version. Supporting USB 3.0, Embedded DisplayPort ver1.3 and MIPI D-PHY ver1.1 standards, the compact FH58M series FPC connector is designed for consumer, medical, point-of-sale and other portable electronic applications.

3rd January 2018
Space-saving connector series offers hybrid signal and power version

Hirose has expanded its miniature BM23 series FPC-to-board connector to include a standard signal only version and a hybrid connector version that provides both signal and power contacts. Designed for portable electronic devices that require high transmission speeds and rugged performance, the BM23 series connector features a miniature design that offers space-savings in digital cameras, portable audio players, portable gaming devices, laptops, s...

29th November 2017
Mini connector delivers high speed transmission on consumer devices

  A miniature lightweight Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) connector for portable electronic devices that require high speed transmission has been developed by Hirose. The FH53M series FPC connector saves valuable PCB real estate via a back flip style actuator that minimises the required mounting area.

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