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25th March 2015
Front-access hybrid plug-in connector delivers up to 100A

Hirose has enhanced its industrial power connector family with a low-profile, front access hybrid connector that allows mating/unmating of power and signal cables from the plug-in side. Access from the mating side simplifies cable assembly, installation and maintenance, as well as eliminating the need for on-site cable wiring.

13th March 2015
Wire-to-board are designed for vehicle roof antennas

  Hirose has developed a small, multi-terminal, wire-to-board connector that significantly reduces the installation time of automotive rooftop antennas. The GT36 series connector provides a one-step connection of multiple coaxial cables to the PCB, simplifying the mating operation.

28th January 2015
Connector offers high pin count in a 2.0mm pitch

  Designed to handle demanding automotive conditions, the GT8E series internal wire-to-board or wire-to-wire interface connector has been released by Hirose. Featuring a 2.0mm pitch, the connector provides a high pin count in a small footprint. 

23rd January 2015
Low-profile, single-pole connector targets LED lighting

Providing a high current capacity of 6A at 350V, a low-profile, wire-to-board connector has been introduced by Hirose for high-power LED lighting applications. The DF59M series accommodates 22-28AWG wire and features a narrow 5.9x2.6mm (0.23x0.10") footprint and low profile that minimises LED light shadowing.

14th January 2015
I/O connector is tested to more than 20,000 operations

  Combining a small size and light weight with high reliability and a long operating life, the 18-position 3800 series I/O connector has been introduced by Hirose Electric. The device is suitable for cable and docking station applications within the consumer, industrial, medical and POS sectors.

5th January 2015
Connector chosen for use within IoT computing platform

Intel has chosen to use Hirose’s DF40 series board-to-board connector within its recently released Edison computing platform. The miniature platform, which is suitable for the development of IoT, wearable, mobile, industrial and automotive applications, utilises the DF40 70-pin header to allow developers to connect devices such as displays, keyboards and power supplies. 

21st November 2014
Power connector claims industry’s lowest-profile

Featuring a narrow 1.7mm pitch and 1.8mm mated height, the DF65 series wire-to-board connector has been hailed as the industry’s lowest-profile power connector by manufacturer Hirose. The connector provides high-current capacity and high reliability for power supplies, up to 4A (with 24 AWG wire) and 50V AC/DC.

4th November 2014
Mated connectors stay waterproof at 2m for two weeks

The HR41A series, released by Hirose, is a group of IP68 rated, small, light plastic power connectors with advanced lightning surge protection of 15kV. The connectors are suited to power applications outdoors and in other harsh environments. When the connectors are mated, the unique waterproof gasket design prevents water intrusion, even while submerged in water at 2m for 14 days.

31st October 2014
Plug-in connector's slim design suits ESS storage batteries

Expanding its plug-in connector series, Hirose has introduced slim design devices for ESS (Energy Storage System) batteries, UPS and industrial machinery. The PS3 series is available in power only and signal/power hybrid versions, with the power contacts supporting up to 150A and the signal contacts supporting up to 1A.

22nd October 2014
Antenna connectors are 10% smaller than competing designs

Featuring a coaxial termination system which allows the crimping of the centre and outer conductors in one easy step, a series of automotive antenna connectors has been released by Hirose. Providing precise centre conductor positioning and producing consistent, repeatable cable assemblies, the GT21 series allows the cable assembly to be finished without touching the centre conductor.

6th October 2014
Connector simplifies maintenance of storage batteries

Designed to simplify assembly, installation and maintenance of storage batteries, the PS2 series connector has been released by Hirose. Featuring a plug-and-play design, the connector removes the need for on-site cable wiring, which reduces worker exposure to electrical lines. The connector eliminates the need to disconnect and reconnect wires to the battery module, reducing maintenance time.

12th September 2014
Connector improves PCB retention force via reflow method

Employing a pin-in-hole intrusive reflow method, the GT32 Series high-speed connector improves PCB retention force and enables a one-time reflow process with other SMT components. The connector, from Hirose, combines the reflow method with a positive locking structure that prevents partial locking, incomplete engagement and accidental disengagement. These features enable the connector to satisfiy demanding automotive specifications.

8th August 2014
Connectors' wire and housing seal achieve water resistance

A water resistant in-line connector series, designated the DF62W Series, has been introduced by Hirose. The water resistant connector series has a simplified, slim design and smooth contour for connecting inside small spaces. When mated, the IP67 rated series has dimensions of 27.10mm x 10.20mm x 12.00mm.

6th August 2014
Connectors maximise flexibility & support auto standards

Capable of conveying transmissions of up to 1 Gbps, the GT17H/HN connectors support not only automotive standards but also USB2.0, IEEE1394, LVDS and GVIF signals. The connectors, offered by Hirose, have an advanced shielding structure for 360° EMI protection and low near-end crosstalk (NEXT). Maximising design flexibility while satisfying stringent automotive requirements, the connectors are available in a wide range of low profile single ro...

27th June 2014
Connector provides high-current capacity in a compact size

Hirose has developed the DF63 connector, a robust wire-to-board connector that combines small size with high-current capacity and high reliability. Featuring a 3.96mm pitch, the DF63 Series connector provides a high current rating of up to 15 amps and is suitable for use with #16 to #18 AWG wire. Current capacity varies with pin count and wire size. This compact DF63 Series connector features up to 30% reduction in occupied board area compared to...

21st May 2014
Wire-to-wire connector has unique plug/socket shapes

Suitable for space-constrained applications, Hirose has expanded its robust DF62 series slim in-line connector product offering to include two versions with unique plug/socket shapes. The enhanced wire-to-wire connectors feature a pin layout arranged in a 2.2x2.0mm grid pattern creating a smaller diagonal diameter.

13th May 2014
Board-to-board power connector supports currents up to 60A

Strengthening the company's board-to-board power connector portfolio, Hirose has introduced the flexible and customisable IT-P series. Featuring a 3-piece structure consisting of the mating receptacle, the interposer and the mounting receptacle, the series provides a wide range of variable height interposers to achieve board-to-board stack heights in the range of 13.5-44mm.

21st February 2010
Hirose LX Series ultra-low profile interface connector

The LX series is a 0.5mm pitch ultra-low profile interface connector. Hirose has an established reputation in the industry for quality, reliability and leading-edge technology. Recognising the rapid and challenging technological developments in the dynamic field of electronics, Hirose have introduced smaller yet better performing connectors.

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