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18th March 2014
12Gb/s HDDs for mission-critical 24/7 applications

HGST is shipping a family of high-performance, high-capacity, 2.5" small form factor, 15K RPM enterprise-class hard disk drives, the Ultrastar C15K600 family. Delivering best-in-class performance and capacity in one streamlined solution, the Ultrastar C15K600 family enables higher density and higher performing servers, blades and network storage arrays while reducing space requirements, lowering cooling costs and improving total cost of ownership...

8th October 2013
HGST Ships New Endurastar Automotive Hard Drive

HGST today announced that it is shipping its new Endurastar J4K320 family, a single-platter hard disk drive (HDD) specifically designed for the automotive infotainment and telematics markets. As HGST’s sixth generation automotive HDD, the new Endurastar J4K320 family is based on proven technology, provides the industry’s highest automotive HDD capacity at 320GB (220% more capacity than its predecessor) and is built to operate in extre...

9th April 2013
HGST Launches The Industry's First 12Gb/S SAS Solid State Drives

HGST is very pleased to announce today the industry’s fastest and most advanced enterprise-class, multi level cell SAS SSD family – the Ultrastar SSD800MH, Ultrastar SSD800MM and Ultrastar SSD1000MR.

Component Management
4th March 2013
HGST Reaches 10-Nanometer Patterned-Bit Milestone

HGST is leading the disk drive industry to the forefront in nanolithography, long the exclusive purview of semiconductor manufacturers, by creating and replicating minute features that will allow the doubling of hard disk drive (HDD) density in future disk drives.

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