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15th October 2018
From sensor to cloud, developing IoT solutions

  How to better end this year if not with an IoT workshop organised in collaboration with Texas Instruments? Hardware Pioneers is bringing forward their final workshop of 2018, with TI leading demonstrations. 

27th September 2018
Prototyping IoT products: Best practices and new technologies

  As IoT has developed, the variety and technical capabilities of these boards have only become more complex. They need to progress through the hardware development and design process. Join Hardware Pioneers on the 22nd of November to learn more about the new technologies in prototyping IoT products from the experts.

24th September 2018
Developing IoT solutions using Bluetooth mesh networking workshop

  Hardware Pioneers has teamed up with Nordic Semiconductor again to show you how to use the newly released nRF Mesh mobile app for mesh setup and configuration, and how to expand upon the examples in the mesh SDK to add user defined behaviour.

Artificial Intelligence
14th August 2018
Designing AI powered IoT: Thinking outside the app

On 9th August 2018, at Cocoon Networks, Hardware Pioneers introduced Matthew Cockerill, Head of Studio at Swift Creatives’ new branch in London. Cockerill discussed the nature of AI powered IoT from a design perspective, and how being able to think beyond an app has the potential to enhance how we use AI. 

Events News
1st August 2018
Bringing the IoT community together

Hardware Pioneers, a community of over 10,000 builders of IoT products, recently held its annual showcase in London, bringing together makers, entrepreneurs and startups together with some of the major technology providers in the electronics market. Electronic Specifier spoke to some of the key exhibitors.

29th May 2018
Top European startups showcase connected products

Hardware Pioneers will be hosting an 'IoT and Connected Hardware' showcase in central London on the 7th June 2018. Innovative IoT and hardware startups from across the UK will be showcasing their solutions alongside technology providers such as Mouser Electronics, ON Semiconductor, Wurth Electronic, and Digi-Key.

27th April 2018
IoT hardware community launches its first event in Munich

  Following its success in London, Hardware Pioneers will be running four community events in Munich in 2018. The events will be headlined by spokespeople from leading companies in the IoT sector.

12th March 2018
Building more sustainable and equitable smart cities

On the Thursday, 8th March, at Cocoon Networks, Hardware Pioneers introduced Ajinder Singh, General Manager, Building Automation at Texas Instruments, who discussed the visions and challenges faced when powering smart cities. In his presentation entitled 'Nano Power Sensing and Sensor Fusion for Smart Building Automation Sensor Nodes', Singh proposed the extensive use of low power or ultra-low (nano-) power alternatives for more connected smart c...

7th March 2018
Scaling and managing IoT devices: tools and strategies

  An upcoming event will introduce three companies who will share invaluable advice about managing, scaling and monitoring of IoT devices.

14th February 2018
Three hour workshop on building low cost IoT solutions

STMicroelectronics and Rutronik have teamed up with the Hardware Academy to help you develop low power, low cost IoT solutions using the STM32 IoT Node Discovery Kit. This is a hands-on engineering session using professional hardware and software development tools. Attendees will work with multiple motion and environmental MEMS devices and low power radio modules on the STM32 IoT Node Discovery Kit to monitor the surroundings and upload the data ...

30th January 2018
What does the future hold for our beloved wearables?

The majority of people today will be wearing or have previously worn a wearable device of some sort. It is safe to say wearables are a huge part of the technology industry nowadays and it is impressive to look at how much they have progressed, and how much more advanced they soon will be. Electronic Specifier's Anna Flockett went along to this month’s Hardware Pioneers event which was all about developing wearable products in IoT and the op...

Events News
5th December 2017
Developing wearable products: technology and opportunities

  Hardware Pioneers will be starting the new year exploring the latest technologies and the great opportunities the wearable sector has to offer today and will offer tomorrow. 

17th November 2017
IoT start up showcase success

Back in October, Hardware Pioneers hosted the ‘IoT and connected hardware showcase’ which brought together some of the best UK IoT startups to showcase their products alongside leading technology providers in the sector.  The event which took place on the 5th October, saw over 300 pioneers come and connect with the people who are aiming to reinvent the future of things.

Events News
31st October 2017
Designing smart products with SOLIDWORKS

  SOLIDWORKS and NT CADCAM have teamed up with the Hardware Academy to illustrate how the development of connected devices can be streamlined through the use of a unified platform of 3D software solutions, to offer a faster, more intelligent way to bring products to life.

Events News
20th October 2017
Discover how to prolong the battery life of your IoT device

Qoitech (a Sony Group company) and the Hardware Academy announce workshop based on helping you to prolong the battery life in IoT devices, which will take place in London.  Qoitech, a newly started Sony Group company, aims to change the way Internet of Things companies are optimising the current consumption of their battery driven products by using the new Otii solution.

Events News
15th September 2017
IoT and connected hardware showcase returning to London

Hardware Pioneers will host its second IoT and Connected Hardware Showcase in London on 5th October, following the success of the company’s first event two years ago. The event will bring together some of the latest UK IoT startups along with established IoT technology and service providers. Participants will showcase their latest innovations in a collaborative environment, with product demonstrations and industry expert question and answer...

15th August 2017
The IoT journey: from prototype to production

At this month’s Hardware Pioneer event, we saw another large group of technology enthusiasts eager to learn about bringing IoT products to market, from prototype to production. Hardware Pioneers, a company that aim to connect and inspire professionals are building a smarter future in IoT, invited Microchip, Cypress Semiconductors and Koobe along to share their knowledge.

27th July 2017
Enabling the Industrial IoT (IIoT) revolution

At Hardware Pioneers’ event ‘The Industrial IoT Revolution’, in London, Bob Tait, Channel Demand Creation at Xilinx, spoke about how the company plays a part in the Industrial IoT Revolution.

Events News
24th July 2017
Hardware Pioneers: Bringing IoT products to market

  Hardware Pioneers' next monthly event, is taking place on 10th August at the Cocoon Networks building, Christopher Street in London. The event is from 6:30-9:30pm and, this session will be focusing on 'Bringing IoT Products to Market, from prototype to production'. 

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