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8th June 2022
Gresham Power Electronics adds expert to development

Gresham Power Electronics Ltd., a subsidiary of Gresham Worldwide Inc., announces that Paul Waugh has joined the company as Business Development Director.

14th February 2019
DC-DC converters handle wide voltage variations

Modern railways rely on a host of electronic systems in order to operate safely and provide passenger comfort and convenience. A typical railway carriage distributes either 72V or 110V DC of battery power to these various systems many of which require lower and regulated operating voltages.

9th February 2019
How to asses power supply reliability

  Cutting through the acronyms - Gresham Power Electronics explains how to identify a reliable power supply.

9th January 2019
Cryptocurrency power supply reduces component stresses

Availability of the Coolisys CBTM1800-12 Cryptocurrency Power Supply has been announced by Gresham Power Electronics. This 1800W AC/DC device is a fully DSP-controlled, efficient enclosed 12VDC power supply. It incorporates resonance-soft-switching technology to reduce component stresses, providing increased system reliability and very high efficiency.

24th October 2018
Power supplies meet wide range of safety approvals

Medical equipment designers and OEMs can now source a wide range of fully approved medical power supplies from Gresham Power Electronics. Typical applications include medical instrumentation, ultrasound equipment, clinical and cosmetic lasers, hospital and home patient monitoring systems and IT equipment.

20th September 2018
Military strength showcases single-company approach

  Worldwide design and manufacture of power conversion and distribution systems is the result of the formation of Coolisys, the power, defence and aerospace systems provider, which includes Gresham Power.

13th September 2018
High-reliability batteries are fire retardant

Availability of two series of high-reliability industrial batteries from Yuasa is announced by Gresham Power Electronics. The Yuasa NPL Industrial Battery range offers users complete peace of mind by maintaining system power. They are suitable for industrial applications.

21st August 2018
Low profile power supply delivers 550W

The OF(M)550 is a micro-footprint, Ultra High Density (UHD) 550W output power supply introduced by Gresham Power Electronics. The product range has been designed for use in applications including industrial and telecom systems, medical equipment and LED lighting.

21st June 2018
10nm chipset at heart of crypto mining unit

The AntEater is the first in the Super Miner series of crypto mining units from Coolisys Technologies. It features the 10nm mining chipset jointly developed by Samsung/Innosilicon, which has been integrated with Coolisys’ highly-efficient power system. The AntEater is an ASIC Bitcoin crypto-miner designed to operate faster while emitting less heat than any other similarly dedicated miner currently available.

15th June 2018
VRLA batteries suit all standby applications

maintenance Authorised Yuasa battery distributor Gresham Power Electronics has available two series of high-relability VRLA batteries (valve-regulated lead-acid) from Yuasa’s wide industrial product range. VRLA batteries are more commonly known as sealed maintenance free lead-acid rechargeable batteries which, due to their construction, may be mounted in any orientation and do not require constant maintenance.

15th May 2018
Switching power supply delivers 225W with fan cooling

The OF(M)225 Series of open frame switching power supplies from Gresham Power Electronics utilises a highly advanced circuit topology to deliver 225W with fan cooling and 120W convection cooled in an industry standard package that has a 2.00 x 4.00in. footprint while being just 1.0in. high (50.8 x 101.6 x 25.4mm).

22nd March 2018
DC/DC converter designed for military security systems

  The GPD500 500W DC/DC converter now available from Gresham Power Electronics has been designed for use with fixed and mobile communications and security systems on tactical and non-tactical vehicles.

13th March 2018
Power supply has highest power density available

Gresham Power Electronics has announced the availability of the Polytron MUI310-A Series of desk-top power supplies for medical applications. The universal AC input product range offers a wide selection of output voltages from 12 to 44 Vdc and up to 310W output power. Typical applications include medical instrumentation, ultrasound equipment, hospital and home patient monitoring systems and IT equipment.

22nd January 2018
Brabham set to take the reins at Gresham Power

Gresham Power Electronics, the Salisbury-based Defence and Commercial power conversion specialist has named Martin Brabham as Sales Director and Managing Director designate. He is a veteran of the power conversion industry and has held directorships with major international power supply manufacturing companies and distributors.

10th January 2018
DC/DC converters offer efficiency up to 93%

Two series of DC/DC converters from Polytron Devices for use in industrial and railway applications are in stock at Gresham Power Electronics. The QB100 and QB150 series boast 100W and 150W ratings, respectively, feature a 4:1 ultra-wide input range and operating temperature of -40 to +110°C.

19th October 2017
1200W power supply has industrial and medical approvals

  Gresham Power Electronics has announced the availability of the VOX Power NEVO+1200 modular configurable power supply, the smallest in its class and the ultimate power solution for applications where size, weight, low standby power and primary side inhibit are vital factors.

4th October 2017
Medically approved DC/DC converters offer wide input range

Gresham Power Electronics has announced the availability two new series of DC/DC converters from Polytron Devices approved for use in medical applications including equipment and devices used in close proximity to patients. Both series are in the industry standard miniature DIP Package and provide a regulated 3 watt output with the TWA3/MHI featuring a 2:1 wide input voltage range while the TWB3/MHIA5 Series has an ultra-wide 4:1 input ...

10th August 2017
Low-noise, encapsulated medical power supply have short circuit protection

Low noise, encapsulated medical power supplies from Polytron Devices are available from Gresham Power Electronics. The defence and commercial power conversion specialist has introduced the P3/P5/MHIA medical AC/DC linear power supply series which is UL 60601-1 Third Edition-recognised.

15th June 2017
Power supply has Industrial and Medical approvals

The introduction of the UI450 Series of single output 450W power supplies from Polytron Devices has been announced by Gresham Power Electronics. The UI450 fits in a 1U enclosure and has dimensions of 127×76.2×40.1mm (5×3×1.58”) for the open frame unit and 148.2×80×40.6mm (5.83x3.15×1.60”) for the enclosed version.

13th June 2017
Power supply has medical and industrial approvals

 Single output 450W power supplies from US-based Polytron Devices are now in stock at Gresham Power Electronics. The UI450 fits in a 1U enclosure and has dimensions of 127 × 76.2 × 40.1mm (5in. × 3in. × 1.58in.) for the open frame unit and 148.2 × 80 × 40.6mm (5.83in. × 3.15in. × 1.60in.) for the enclosed version.

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