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19th June 2019
Have we peaked when it comes to IoT?

At the recent IoT Expo show, held in London Electronic Specifier’s Anna Flockett got the chance to catch up with Gemalto’s M2M Manager, Neil Bosworth who is involved with IoT projects from start to finish. Having been in the industry for a number of years, specifically with Gemalto for nine years Bosworth is an expert in this area and has been on the front line of the M2M industry since 2006.

8th April 2019
Thales acquires Gemalto as a leader in digital identity and security

Thales has acquired Gemalto for €4.8bn which will create a Group on a new scale and a global leader in digital identity and security employing 80,000 people. The larger Thales will master all the technologies underpinning the critical decision chain for companies, organisations and governments. Incorporating the talent and technologies of Gemalto, Thales will develop secure solutions to address the major challenges faced by our societies, su...

29th March 2019
Platform to digitalise mobile subscriber enrolment

The Trusted Digital Identity Services Platform has been announced by Gemalto, which orchestrates everything needed by mobile operators to digitalise customer enrolment, including the capture, verification and authentication of customer credentials and biometrics. Drawing on Gemalto's in-depth experience, the platform enables streamlined customer enrolment, both in-store and online. 

22nd February 2019
5G SIM to unleash the potential of next generation networks

Gemalto has announced the industry-first 5G SIM in order to meet operator requirements for the new generation of network deployments which will emerge in 2019. Compliant with the latest ETSI 3GPPspecifications and SIMalliancerecommendations, the 5G SIM is defined by them as the only solution capable of securing 5G network access. The Gemalto 5G SIM brings not only improved data privacy and seamless 5G global roaming imposed by the latest standard...

12th December 2018
The importance of security within IoT projects

As IoT and IoT projects become increasingly popular, we wanted to know what are the biggest issues within IoT projects when it comes down to security, and often what are the common mistakes that people keep on making? Electronic Specifier spoke to Neil Bosworth of Gemalto to ask his expert opinion on the topic.

7th November 2018
Highly efficient IoT connectivity boosted with secure NB-IoT platform

Gemalto is expanding highly efficient IoT connectivity with the launch of its Cinterion Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) wireless module platform. The new solution builds on the success of Gemalto's NB-IoT product in China, delivering power efficient future 5G connectivity to APAC and Europe. A unique combination of several optional security features ensures trust in the comprehensive IoT ecosystem. The solution is ideal for the growing mass of industrial...

22nd June 2018
Bringing security to connected vehicles

With the anticipation of the launch from Faraday Future of its first intelligent electric car, Gemalto has announced it is providing the data security and encryption technology that will help protect the software that powers the car and data collected from everyday use of its cars. Connected and autonomous cars have been in the works for years, but the futuristic technology is now becoming a reality, with Gartner estimating that there will be a q...

13th June 2018
Collaboration to integrate eSIM innovation

A collaboration has been announced by Gemalto that will see its advanced mobile connectivity solutions integrated with Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile PC platform, a product by Qualcomm Technologies, a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated. This paves the way for iSIM commercialisation on a growing range of Always Connected PCs, laptops and tablets.

Cyber Security
13th June 2018
Trust in smart energy enhanced with end-to-end security solution

With the introduction of an end-to-end security solution which protects the entire ecosystem, Gemalto is strengthening trust in the smart energy sector. Deployed by smart meter makers and distribution systems operators, the offer provides connectivity solutions, secure digital identities and security lifecycle management for the long life of smart meters, as threats and stakeholders evolve over time. The solution protects connected energy assets ...

16th February 2018
How can we speed up enterprise deployment of the IoT?

We may look back on the last couple of years as a turning point for the Internet of Things. While connected devices such as smartwatches, thermostats and home security systems have been steadily building momentum among early adopters and technology enthusiasts for some time, the explosive popularity of the Amazon Echo in the last few months demonstrates that the promise of the IoT is finally becoming a mainstream reality.

12th December 2017
Gemalto eSIM technology enables always connected experience

Supplying the eSIM (embedded SIM) solution for Microsoft’s Surface Pro with LTE Advanced, Gemalto is working with the most connected laptop in its classwhich will begin shipping to business customers in December 2017. This partnership with Microsoft and Gemalto enabled Surface to become the first fully integrated embedded SIM PC in the Windows ecosystem.

20th November 2017
Creating a cost-effective solution for mass market IoT

To meet the growing demand for long-lasting low-power NarrowBand (NB) IoT modules, and aiding device manufacturers meet these demands, Gemalto and Huawei, through its semiconductor arm, HiSilicon, are working together to develop the next generation of modules that combine an extra level of security and consume very low power.

9th November 2017
First 'all in one' IoT module delivers global LTE connectivity

The IoT world is growing again, as Gemalto is expanding Industrial IoT connectivity with a significant breakthrough in wireless engineering – the industry’s first IoT moduleto provide global connectivity on 12 LTE bands plus, 3G and 2G cellular coverage all from a single device. This greatly simplifies logistics and distribution and lowers the cost of global IoT deployments.

1st November 2017
LTE-M IoT technology paves the way for widespread adoption

There are billions of new Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are expected before 2020, but the majority of these do not require the full capabilities of 4G cellular networks. Emerging Low-Power Wide-Area wireless technologies, including LTE-M and NB-IoT, allow devices to efficiently connect to existing 4G networks. Gemalto's LTE Cat M1 I​oT module is now certified by Verizon. With very low power consumption, these new modules will expan...

Cyber Security
25th October 2017
Trusted digital services help secure our world

If you take a minute and actually look what the year 2016 brought us it is pretty amazing. It was a year that smart homes and driverless technology really took off, so what next? Well Neil Bosworth, UK Manager, at digital security company Gemalto believes that: “If 2016 was the year that the Internet of Things broke into mainstream consciousness, 2017 will be the one where it starts to prove its worth.”

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