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22nd March 2021
Collaboration builds 5G NB-IoT satcom terminal

To meet the anticipated future connectivity demands of such a growing market, GateHouse SatCom and Addvalue Innovation have announced that they will jointly develop a 5G NB-IoT satellite communication terminal (‘5G NB-IoT Satcom Terminal’) for collaboration with companies that aspire to take advantages of the fast-growing 5G satellite systems.

14th August 2020
Sateliot and GateHouse Telecom to develop NB-IoT network

Sateliot, has signed a partnership agreement with GateHouse Telecom. The partnership is a part of Sateliot’s project to develop a space-based NB-IoT network (NarrowBand-IoT) network offering a full seamless 5G connectivity in remote regions with limited or no coverage today. 

Aerospace & Defence
27th May 2020
COVID-19 might trigger aviation digital transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the aviation industry leaving several airlines fighting for their lives. The crisis might spark a digital transformation in the industry to raise efficiency and cut costs.

Aerospace & Defence
31st March 2020
Contract to develop space-based NB-IoT network

GateHouse Telecom has, with support from the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education, signed a contract with the European Space Agency for space-based NB-IoT networks. The project aims to develop a solution for extending existing NB-IoT protocols to enable a space-based Narrowband-IoT network.

20th January 2020
What will 2020 bring for the satellite industry?

IoT will be the most prevailing trend in the satcom industry in 2020, predicts the satellite communications waveform and test tool specialist, GateHouse Telecom. Significant advancements within satellite enabled data relay, environmental monitoring, and flight safety will also influence satcom in the year to come.

16th January 2020
Are UAVs properly tested, or is development rushed?

The market for unmanned aerial vehicles, or simply UAVs, is booming. But with high demand follows the risk of rushed development. A good example is Beyond Line of Sight operations that have opened new possibilities but also implied new risks of both loss of connection, data or even the UAV itself. By Svend Holme Sørensen, Product Manager, GateHouse Telecom

Test & Measurement
16th August 2018
Off-air testing wards off the cyber threat

In the digital age of today, new technologies are continuously developed. But new applications are vulnerable to the increasing threat from cyber-attacks and interception – especially when being tested on a live satellite network. Data transferred over an unprotected link can be intercepted, which is increasingly exploited by hackers. The number of cyber-attacks doubled in 2017, which led the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) to name last ye...

Test & Measurement
28th June 2018
On-ground testing for airborne GX solutions

The aviation industry is rapidly increasing its digitisation and connectivity efforts to improve passenger experience as well as to lower cost of operation. GateHouse Telecom, has now developed new technology customised for airborne GX solutions that has pulled testing new applications down to earth.

12th January 2018
Will connectivity dominate satellite communications in 2018?

  GateHouse Telecom has published five trends it sees as the focus of the satellite communications industry in 2018 - with connectivity at the forefront. Other trends span cyber security, the connected aircraft, the increasing use of commercial SmallSats and easier terminal development processes enabled by core modules and off-air test tools.

1st November 2017
GateHouse Telecom in trailblazing cyber hardening initiative

According to research firm Gartner, cybersecurity spending on connected products and services exceeded more than $80 billion in 2016 and as the IoT revolution accelerates, expenditure is expected to increase to $1 trillion over the next five years. Rising cyber crime will demand increased testing of products and services. Every IT developer will become cyber hardened in protecting and defending apps, data, devices, infrastructure and people.

13th July 2017
GX Link Emulator proves a revelation at VT iDirect

GateHouse Telecom has announced a further endorsement of its new Global Xpress Emulator (GLE) tool from the industry's leading satellite-based broadband access solutions VT iDirect. The latest endorsement follows that of Inmarsat earlier this year recommending the emulator to its partners for testing all Global Xpress (GX) applications and solutions off-air without a terminal.

Test & Measurement
13th April 2017
Global Xpress test tool gets thumbs up from Inmarsat

Satcom test tool leader GateHouse Telecom says that Inmarsat has performed testing of its new Global Xpress Link Emulator (GLE) clearing the way for Inmarsat to recommend the tool to its partners for part of their testing of Global Xpress (GX) applications and solutions off-air without a terminal.

29th March 2017
Off-air testing is integral to satellite communications

The basic characteristics of satellite IP communications differ from a typical fibre, cable or ADSL internet connection. Satellite links provided with geostationary satellites have significant latencies of 480 milliseconds and upwards. The variation in how long it takes data to get through is typically high (jitter) and throughput is dependent upon effective buffering mechanisms and buffer size in order to obtain expected bandwidth.

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