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31st May 2022
GateHouse SatCom contributes to the 3GPP 5G NB-IoT NTN release

GateHouse SatCom has contributed technical expertise to 3GPP’s first-ever 5G NB-IoT standards for Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTNs). The company became an Individual Member of ETSI and an active participant in 3GPP’s long-awaited Release 17, aiming to include satellite capabilities to reach hard-to-cover areas.

23rd March 2021
GateHouse SatCom gets funding for future 5G network

The European Space Agency and the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science have acknowledged GateHouse SatCom. They have granted funding to develop software for coming Narrow Band IoT network based in space, offering 5G connectivity in regions with limited coverage. GateHouse SatCom already has the first few customers within the nanosatellite and telecommunications sector.

3rd April 2020
First global VDES Satellite network to launch in 2022

A newly established consortium is going to develop a network for low Earth orbit satellites delivering ice chart data to ships at sea. This hopes to significantly improve navigation for ships in rough seas and raise security for the crew on board. The network will also allow the satellite operator Sternula to launch its first out of a total of fifty small satellites.

26th May 2017
Contract deploys data unifying system across all operations

Logistics data unifier, GateHouse Logistics, has won a contract from Heinloth Transport that will see modules of its ghTrack data unifying system deployed across all operations. Heinloth will use GateHouse’s ghCore and ghView modules to obtain one data stream overview of all deliveries being undertaken by its fleet in real time. At a stroke, the firm’s logistics operations will be easier to manage and more effective as a result. The h...

1st February 2017
Is 2017 the year for smart logistics connectivity?

There has been so much about the IoT revolution already this decade, and soon, everything in homes, shops and factories will all be connected. Businesses are revamping the way they operate to open new connected revenue streams, factories are becoming smart, and people are changing the way they work, rest and play. 

5th December 2016
GateHouse and Schmitz Cargobull realise automotive project

In one of the most ambitious projects yet seen in automotive manufacturing, GateHouse Logistics, a telematics data stream company, and Schmitz Cargobull Telematics, trailer telematics specialist, have entered into a joint agreement with Magna International to set up a Long Distance Just in Sequence (LD-JIS) tracking solution for new vehicle programs at Magna's Steyr facility in Graz, Austria.

15th November 2016
Logistics cloud counters high-value road theft

Transport data unifier GateHouse Logistics today announced that it has launched a new cloud service to help transport managers better counter high-value road cargo theft. Called ghSecure, the new cloud service is a further module of the firm's unique, all telematics unifying system ghTrack. According to TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association), three road cargo thefts of high-value goods in the supply chain occur each day in Europe.

6th July 2016
GateHouse joins Industrial Data Space association

Supply chain data unifier joins association of business leaders to identify, analyse and evaluate best practice requirements for open Industry 4.0 ecosystems across all industrial sectors.

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