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27th July 2018
PD pump providers switch to solution-based business models

Traditional product-based selling is giving way to solution-based selling as the European Positive Displacement (PD) Pumps Market experiences a surge in partnerships among Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as well as Automation and IT sectors. This Business model allows Pump manufacturers to position themselves as One-stop solution providers and meet the rising consumer demand for smart services.

23rd July 2018
Creating growth opportunities for material manufacturers

In the recent analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Material Technologies Shaping the Future of Electric Vehicles (EV), the material technologies used in EVs is discussed by analysing recent global and regional trends. It found that electric vehicle manufacturers are looking at materials as a lever of growth for EV adoption. 

18th July 2018
MRO distributors best positioned to tap IIoT growth opportunities

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) assisted machinery are proving highly valuable tools for plant owners keen to reduce operational expenditure (OPEX) in a volatile economic environment. Changing competitive landscapes and customer preferences, the emergence of advanced digital technologies, and the threat of price wars are compelling manufacturers to enhance their asset lifecycle to remain viable. 

4th July 2018
Wearable technologies give a boost to the adoption of medtech

In the recent analysis, Healthcare Innovations in Emerging Economies, Frost & Sullivan found that medtech markets are among the most competitive in the world and are dominated by large multinational companies (MNCs), offering a wide range of products and solutions for the most commonly occurring diseases. 

11th April 2018
Embedded instrumentation expected to reach $110.3m by 2023

As growth opportunities for providers now offer flexible, versatile, cloud-enabled, and connected test solutions, these can easily be upgraded, and for these reasons Frost & Sullivan believe the embedded market will grow and grow. The embedded instrumentation market is witnessing double-digit growth due to increased demand from the automotive and telecommunication industries and the miniaturisation and complexities of electronic devices.

13th March 2018
Demand for industrial automation and IIoT fuels

The latest analysis of the pneumatic valves and actuators market from Frost & Sullivan found that Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) adoption is expected to increase significantly due to rising energy costs and end-user demand for lower product costs, improved operational efficiency, and increased machine up-time.

5th March 2018
Adoption of IIoT-based smart bearings spurs market

There is a clear and steady growth that is visible in the European bearings market. Factors stimulating growth include the adoption of sophisticated bearings with improved performance and demand for bearings with longer service life, higher efficiency, and lower maintenance requirements.

18th January 2018
What's in store for sensors?

A new era of connectivity in the digital age is being brought by the Internet of Things, as it connects critical business sectors through a network of secure data flow, analytics, and management. It’s also bringing numerous opportunities for sensor participants through security technologies required for remote services and enhanced accessibility of devices.

23rd October 2017
Growth of home automation market fuelled by connectivity

Unambiguous business models, frequent innovations on IoT, cloud services, Big Data platforms, rise of connected devices, and dependency on technology are some of the drivers propelling double-digit growth in the European home automation market. Products and services associated with home automation and smart and connected homes have changed the consumer’s perception of technological innovation.

13th July 2017
Research material developments drive growth of FE industry

The Flexible Electronics (FE) industry is currently in a growth phase. Keen research and development activities, coupled with advanced material development, are propelling the creation of diverse enabled technologies.

12th July 2017
Autonomous vehicles mean huge opportunities for sensor developers

The need for vehicle and occupant safety in automobiles is growing hand-in-hand with the popularity of autonomous vehicles and as such, the market as a whole is being opened up to advanced automotive sensor technologies.

9th June 2017
Bandwidth-heavy applications create growth opportunities

Governments and industry stakeholders are keenly following developments in the microelectronics industry, as these technologies could potentially disrupt and bolster the Internet of Things (IoT) Mega Trend. Microelectronics will support eco-friendliness, Innovating to Zero, smart and connected homes, cloud computing and miniaturisation trends, and influence the technological progress of a wide range of industries.

7th June 2017
Developers focus on sustainability to stay relevant in the market

The demand for efficient and sustainable energy is intensifying with the global rise in standards of living, digitalisation and economic growth. Technological advances in management platforms, automation and control solutions, building energy management solutions, tight oil extraction, and microgrids are changing traditional paradigms in the energy sector, making it smarter and more environmentally friendly.

1st June 2017
Innovation drives growth in diverse industries

Robotic exoskeletons are rapidly breaking out of the realm of sci-fi, finding application across varied industries, including healthcare, military, sports, robotics, construction, logistics, warehouse and industrial automation. Their exceptional ability to rehabilitate patients with physical or neurological disorders, or enhance the wearer’s physical strength, efficiency, performance capability and functionality, is encouraging research ins...

31st May 2017
DC power suppliers focus on growth in emerging nations

With the rising deployment of mobile broadband (MBB) and fixed broadband (FBB) networks all over the world, direct current (DC) power system manufacturers are experiencing a period of sustained growth. The increased implementation of long-term evolution (LTE) infrastructure in Asia-Pacific and Europe, and the need for basic telecom infrastructure in Africa are generating a host of opportunities for DC power system suppliers in the telecom in...

30th May 2017
Surging demand from Data Centres energises European diesel market

As low economic growth is expected to keep the diesel generator set (genset) market subdued until 2020, several factors are sustaining market potential, including the growth of data centres, rising infrastructure investments, low diesel prices due to falling oil prices, and capacity market auctions in the United Kingdom.

22nd May 2017
Report finds digital solutions crucial to IIoT growth

Due to the need for capital efficiency, asset efficiency and resource efficiency, tectonic shifts are underway across process and discrete industries. These trends are nurturing the growth of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0. The convergence of algorithms, cloud, data, devices and networks drive a creative destruction and expansion of traditional business models. Further, the directional shift from CAPEX ◇ OPEX ...

18th May 2017
The rise of renewable energy continues

With prices for both solar and wind continuing to decline, renewable investment keeps booming at the expense of traditional power generation. Lower project costs and continued regulatory support for renewable energy in key markets will see global renewable power investment reach $243.1bn in 2017, with solar photovoltaic (PV) the fastest growing segment, followed by wind power – by 2020 non-hydro renewables will account for 65% of global pow...

2nd May 2017
Solar PV is fastest growing renewable energy segment

There are many driving market opportunities in the power industry including increased decentralisation, the need to decarbonise electricity generation, and digitisation to boost operational efficiency. Continued regulatory support for renewable energy in key markets will see global power investment reach $443.5bn in 2017. Solar photovoltaic (PV) will be the fastest growing segment, followed by wind power, accounting for 37.5% and 21% of global in...

10th April 2017
Global alternator market is fuelled by new technologies

A rising demand for energy efficiency and security, technology advancements, and power demand-supply gap is driving the global alternator market. Growing industrialisation in the Asia-Pacific region, the shift toward renewable power generation, and investment in distributed energy will drive market revenues to $5.19bn by 2020. In a highly fragmented market dominated by relabels, alternator suppliers must look to integrate with power generati...

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