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2nd September 2009
Pizza Box 1U Rack Enclosures to take away from Foremost

Foremost Electronics has announced the introduction of a range of 1U, 19” rack mountable “Pizza Box” enclosures. The new Elma Slimkit 10 is a flexible enclosure solution for free standing or 19” rack mounted systems. The basic chassis can easily be transformed into a complete case by adding a rear panel and top cover to the basic mounting chassis.

12th August 2009
Binder Connectors now available from Foremost Electronics

Foremost Electronics, the Essex based specialist distributor of electromechanical components, has been appointed UK distributor for Binder Connectors. The recently formed office of Binder UK are making available to Foremost the entire range of Binder Connectors in order to provide a better service to customers in the UK.

16th July 2009
Compact Vandal-Proof Illuminated Keypads are Waterproof

Foremost Electronics has announced the introduction of two vandal resistant metal keypads. Responding to increasing demand for secure and rugged security switching these compact, low profile, metal keypads may be used in public and industrial environments for access control, security, data-entry, vending machines and kiosks, environmental control and service access. The keypads are ideal for use in low light conditions as they feature LED illumin...

17th May 2009
Push Button Switch Has Built-In TFT Colour Graphics Display

Foremost Electronics has introduced a new man-machine interface solution. The TFT128 ScreenKey is a push button switch with a built-in full colour, high resolution TFT graphics display. The display is backlit by a white LED and the integrated TFT LCD display has a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels, where each pixel colour may be chosen from a palette of 65,536 colours.

23rd July 2007
Illuminated Low-profile keypads

Two new low-profile keypads introduced from Foremost Electronics combine attractive styling with the ability to resist environmental extremes and low light conditions. These waterproof, metal keypads designated the AK Series, are available in, 3 x 4-key or 4 x 4-key formats, each having the option of yellow or blue key illumination.

22nd February 2007
Compact haptic switch offers integral LED

New from Foremost Electronics is a range of short-travel haptic switches which, having the option of an integral LED, are ideally suited to a broad spectrum of switched control applications, such as in an automotive steering wheel which typifies its current use.

4th August 2006
Solid-state switch is rated for 10 million operations

The new DS series sensor from Foremost Electronics occupies the same outline as a conventional snap-action switch (“microswitch”), but its design uses Hall-effect sensing to eliminate electro-mechanical contacts and achieve very long operating life. Designers can specify the DS for the same sensing applications where they would previously have used a snap-action switch – open/closed sensing of doors or panels, actuation detection for pressu...

4th August 2006
Lead-free miniature coded switch delivers 3 Ncm torque and 10,000 cycle life for space-saving user c

Now available from Foremost Electronics is the first of a series of new switch families manufactured by Elma, the C08 miniature coded panel switch, believed to be the world’s smallest coded panel switch to combine high torque tactile feedback (3 Ncm) long life (10,000 cycles) and compatibility with lead-free reflow soldering. Designed to offer a space-saving user control for price-sensitive mobile or handheld applications such as two-way radios...

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