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29th June 2020
Switches, connectors feature in automation systems range

Designers and manufacturers of automation systems and machine builders can access key components from distributor Foremost Electronics.

22nd June 2020
Distributor funnels solutions into water industry

Cabinets and components for the Water and Waste Treatment industry are in stock at distributor Foremost Electronics.

12th June 2020
Cable clamp is easy to install

Availability of the icotek LFC cable clamp with EMC shield connection for use on the industry standard 30mm DIN-Rail shape C is announced by Foremost Electronics.

11th June 2020
icotek LFC cable clamp with EMC shield from Foremost

Foremost Electronics has announced the availability of the icotek LFC cable clamp with EMC shield connection for use on the industry standard 30mm DIN-Rail shape C.

21st May 2020
TACT switch offers joystick functionality

Offering a flexible solution to HMI control functionality the MEC Navimec switch concept offers product designers a circular soft-touch TACT switch with joystick functionality.

7th May 2020
Cable entry grommet withstands water ingress

It’s easy as 1-2-3 to install is the claim made for the icotek new KEL-SCDP single cable entry plate, which is now available at Foremost Electronics.

15th April 2020
Getting a handle on enclosures and cabinets

More panel-building accessories which suit standard and custom cabinets and enclosures have been added to the Foremost Electronics product range.

18th February 2020
Safety solutions use patented technology

A wide range of safety solutions for industrial and construction equipment and services has been introduced by Foremost Electronics.

22nd January 2020
Encoder boasts rotational life up to 150,000 revolutions

Availability of the new E18 mechanical incremental encoder from ELMA Electronic has been announced by Foremost Electronics. The industry standard footprint E18 product family incorporates all of the features required for the widest range of applications while providing improved performance and manufacturability.

26th November 2019
Split EMC cable gland features two grommets

The icotek EMC-KVT-DS, said to be the world’s first split EMC cable gland for preassembled cables of thread size M32 is available at distributor Foremost Electronics. It also provides IP54 protection for use in extreme outdoor conditions.

8th October 2019
Online configurator supports custom enclosure design

An area of particular significance for Foremost Electronics is the design and supply of enclosures. Standard moulded plastic and cast metal boxes have largely been replaced by more aesthetically pleasing modular enclosures and the world of industry standard 19in. racks has been transformed.

Safety / HAE
6th June 2019
Hygienic cable entry plate prevents contamination

Availability of the icotec cable entry plate KEL-DPZ 16 has been announced by Foremost Electronics. The KEL-DPZ 16 fits outbreaks that are standardised for 16-pin heavy-duty connectors. The hygienic design does not create any niches which may collect contamination.

24th April 2019
Harsh environment connectors handle up to 32A

Availability of the latest additions to the Binder 696 Series of HEC (Harsh Environment Connector) series of connectors designed specifically for outdoor use has been announced by Foremost Electronics. A power connector designed to handle up to 32A at a rated voltage of 600V is available in both cable and panel mount formats and comes with 4+PE silver plated male or female contacts.

6th March 2019
Industrial switches meet CE, UL and CCC standards

The IDEC CW range of pushbutton switches, pilot lights, selector and key switches are available at Foremost Electronics in an ergonomic, modern and complementary design. With a standard bushing of 22mm and many customisation possibilities, each product benefits from 50 years of experience to create the latest IDEC range of 22mm industrial switches which incorporate the latest technologies and modern design with CE, UL and CCC recognition.

31st January 2019
The EMC cable gland alternative blocks EMI disturbances

Essex based specialist distributor of electromechanical components, Foremost Electronics, now offers the icotek EMC-KEL cable entry system which claims to be a cost effective alternative to expensive EMC cable glands as a means to divert and block conducted and field bound EMI disturbances.

21st November 2018
DIN-rail power supplies are space-savers

The IDEC PS5R Series of space saving DIN-Rail mounted switch mode power supplies offering 5V, 12V, and 24V outputs at up to 10A is available at Foremost Electronics. The slim fitting enclosure sizes range from 22.5mm to 60mm with optional brackets for panel mounting.

Events News
10th October 2018
Switches, connectors and cabinets line up for EDS

Products representing blue-chip manufacturers including Binder, MEC, NKK, Schroff, Fibox, Storm, Elma, Thermodisc, Blore Edwards, Mentor, IDEC and Icotek will be displayed by Foremost Electronics at the Electronic Design Show 2018 at the Ricoh Stadium in Coventry (October 17-18).

20th September 2018
LED indicators are directly mountable on equipment

LED surface mount indicators from IDEC are available from distributor Foremost Electronics. The LH1D LED Spider Lights are a slim and stylish design ideal for mounting on the surface of equipment or panels and offer excellent visibility from the front and the side.

20th September 2018
IDEC LH1D series surface mount LED indicators

Essex based distributor of electromechanical components Foremost Electronics, has announced the introduction the latest LED surface mount indicators from IDEC. The LH1D series of LED Spider Lights are a slim and stylish design ideal for mounting on the surface of equipment or panels and offer excellent visibility from the front and the side.

29th August 2018
Nine series of emergency stop switches from IDEC

Foremost Electronics has announced the introduction of 9 new emergency stop switches from the IDEC e-stop series. The new products include the IDEC XA, X6, XN1E/5E, XN4E, EU2B, FB1W, XW, HW and YW product ranges. Emergency stop switches are required in virtually all markets, from industrial and process control, to medical applications, consumer, transportation and agriculture.

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