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14th February 2020
Temperature detection for heavy metal

Fluke Process Instruments will exhibit temperature detection sensing solutions at the European Conference on Heat Treatment in Antwerp, Belgium. The manufacturer develops both infrared sensors for continuous remote monitoring of equipment and processes and datalogging systems for furnace surveys and in-process product temperature profiling.

17th August 2018
Thermal imagers for the automotive industry

Fluke Process Instruments will present a thermal camera in addition to thermal imaging solutions. These devices facilitate troubleshooting, QA, and process optimisation in various applications. They help reduce scrap, save fuel costs, and ensure traceability to meet auditing requirements. They can be integrated in OPC and plant-specific networks. The ThermoView TV40 integrates both an infrared and a visible-light camera.

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23rd August 2016
Fluke condition monitoring

Now there's a breakthrough way to monitor the equipment and systems that matter - no matter where you are.

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12th May 2016
Two into one produces thermal imaging multimeter

A thermal imager incorporating a digital multimeter has been introduced to enable faster and more through troubleshooting. Fluke’s 279 FC TRMS Thermal Multimeter integrates a full-featured true RMS (TRMS) digital multimeter (DMM) with a thermal camera in one device to speed troubleshooting. It is also a member of the Fluke Connect family of wireless test tools.

24th August 2015
Prizes to be won in Fluke Legend promotion

Could you be a Fluke legend? There is only one way to find out and that is to enter the Legend of Fluke promotion, a way for Fluke digital multimeter (DMM) customers to share their stories for the possibility of winning one of ten state-of-the-art Fluke tool bundles and, of course, the glory of becoming a legend.

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17th April 2013
Simultaneously Stress Test Networks And Diagnose Issues In Real-Time

Fluke Networks announce a new version of the OptiView XG v10 Network Analysis Tablet that allows users to simultaneously stress test and diagnose network problems in real-time, as well as a new iPhone App, called HeadsUp XG, that receives instant notifications of issues identified by the tablet. Simultaneous testing is key to quickly isolating intermittent network performance issues, a top concern of more than 75 percent of IT professionals.

21st February 2011
Fluke Networks vous offre jusqu’à 3500 euros de remise pour la reprise de votre ancien testeur de câblages

Fluke Networks, leader dans le domaine de l’installation et de l’analyse d’infrastructures réseau, proposent aux clients qui investissent dans un testeur de certification DTX CableAnalyzer™ 1800 de bénéficier d’une offre de reprise exceptionnelle pouvant atteindre 3500 euros. Lancée aujourd’hui, la campagne « Le testeur de certification le plus fiable du marché » p...

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18th February 2011
Fluke Networks offers up to £2,495 rebate for trade-in of any cable tester ‘Your Most Trusted Tester’ campaign offers user rebates for trading in old testers when purchasing a DTX CableAnalyzerTM

Fluke Networks, the leader in network infrastructure installation and analysis is offering an ‘unbeatable’ trade-in deal which could be worth up to £2,495 for users who upgrade to Fluke’s DTX CableAnalyzer™. Launched today, the company’s ‘Your Most Trusted Tester’ campaign allows customers to simply trade in their old cable tester and receive a rebate against one of the six models in the DTX CableAn...

7th February 2011
Fluke Networks Teams with Ingram Micro to Foster Greater Partner Growth in the U.S.

Fluke Networks, the leader in network installation, monitoring and analysis, today announced that, effective Feb. 7, Ingram Micro Inc., will serve as its preferred master distribution partner in the U.S. for products including Fluke Networks’ EtherScope™ Network Assistant, DTX CableAnalyzer™, OptiView® Network Analyzer, as well as for products from AirMagnet™ and Visual Network Systems. Under the expanded distribution ...

7th February 2011
AirMagnet Enterprise 9.0 Innovation Redefines Wireless Network Protection

Fluke Networks today announced the availability of AirMagnet Enterprise, Version 9.0, the industry’s premier wireless intrusion prevention system for managing and securing corporate WLAN deployments. The latest release introduces dynamic threat protection technology for WLAN security and performance management that eliminates Wi-Fi downtime and disruption by allowing organizations to dynamically update and defend the corporate network when ...

2nd November 2010
AirMagnet Claims Breakthrough Approach to Measure, Visualize and Understand WLAN Client Experience

AirMagnet, now part of Fluke Networks, today released new versions of its leading AirMagnet Survey PRO 8.0 (including the AirMagnet Planner module) and AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer PRO 9.0. Both products now include the company’s new multi-adapter solution, which delivers dramatic enhancements to the wireless LAN (WLAN) designing and troubleshooting process by going beyond just collecting greater amounts of data, to integrating that data into fe...

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5th October 2010
Fluke Networks Launches OptiView V6 for Application-Centric Analysis

Fluke Networks today announced the availability of OptiView® Version 6, the leading analysis solution to speed and simplify network and application troubleshooting across wired and wireless networks. With OptiView V6, Fluke Networks successfully integrates its recently acquired ClearSight Networks ClearSight Analyzer (CSA) solution into the OptiView portable analysis platform. CSA is a next-generation application-centric analysis solution tha...

20th September 2010
AirMagnet Completes First Year as Part of Fluke Networks; Demonstrates Strong Growth

AirMagnet, now part of Fluke Networks, today marked the first year anniversary of its acquisition by Fluke Networks. In addition to demonstrating strong shipment growth over the past year, AirMagnet also showed strong global expansion, released several new compelling WLAN solutions to the market, and extended key partnerships worldwide.

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20th September 2010
Next-Generation Family of Network Forensics Tools from Fluke Networks Offers Enhanced Performance Analysis for the New Data Center

Fluke Networks, the leader in network installation, monitoring and analysis, today announced its latest Network Time Machine hardware platform, a high-performance network forensics recorder for back-in-time analysis. Leveraging its unique application-centric analysis technology, Network Time Machine allows network engineers to quickly get to the heart of performance problems across all applications.

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16th September 2010
Fluke Networks Launches New Version of EtherScope Series II Network Assistant with One-Touch Health Audit to Identify Network Problems Instantly

Fluke Networks, the leader in network installation and analysis, today announced the availability of EtherScope Series II Network Assistant version 5 with Health Audit test to speed and simplify network testing. Today’s businesses rely heavily on Ethernet networks for delivery of essential business applications, making it critical that network professionals have simple tools to install, validate and troubleshoot the network infrastructure f...

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26th July 2010
New AirMagnet AirMedic USB Delivers Breakthrough Entry-level Spectrum Analysis and Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

AirMagnet, now part of Fluke Networks, today announced AirMedic USB, an easy-to-use and affordable spectrum analysis tool that brings Wi-Fi troubleshooting to entry-level users. The product uses the universal USB form factor to give users the flexibility of installing and using the application on a Microsoft Corp. Windows PC or Apple Inc. MacBook Pro, and delivers unique capabilities not found in competitive solutions.

30th June 2010
AirMagnet Launches New AirWISE Community for WLAN Security and Networking Professionals

AirMagnet, part of Fluke Networks, today launched the AirWISE Community, an online resource center designed to foster education, collaboration and contribution around WLAN security and reliability topics, including current threats and new vulnerabilities/exploits, and intrusion prevention and security best practices.

28th May 2010
Fluke Networks Offers Free Switch Port Monitor for Visibility into Network Switches

Fluke Networks announced the availability of its Switch Port Monitor, a free, downloadable network monitoring software utility that provides visibility into network switches to help IT professionals solve problems common to local area networks (LAN). Specifically, this Microsoft® Windows®-based utility offers monitoring via simple network management protocol (SNMP) to query switches and deliver information that is useful for identifying i...

15th March 2010
AirMagnet Enterprise Delivers Zero-day Protection Against Latest Wi-Fi Security Exploits and Vulnerabilities

AirMagnet Inc., a Fluke Networks company, today announced that AirMagnet Enterprise, the industry’s premier application for managing and securing corporate WLAN deployments, delivers zero-day protection against the latest Wi-Fi security exploits and vulnerabilities, ensuring that AirMagnet customers are protected without having to upgrade their current systems.

Test & Measurement
25th January 2008
Fluke's 2008 Test Tools Catalogue available now and it's free

Fluke has announced the availability of its 2008 Test Tools Catalogue. The free, 116 page, full-colour catalogue contains the latest information about the continuously expanding line of rugged and reliable Fluke test tools, together with useful application articles of interest to engineers, technicians and troubleshooters.

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