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1st June 2021
Demand for unmanned traffic management systems to surge

As of now, North America accounts for a majority of the market share for unmanned traffic management (UTM) systems, followed by Europe. This is due to high penetration of autonomous aerial vehicles, UAVs, conventional aircraft, and drones in the region.

3rd February 2021
AI to drive runway foreign object debris detection market

The global airport runway foreign object debris (FOD) detection systems market hit a $36m valuation in 2020, and is poised to reflect a promising growth rate through the forecast period of 2021 to 2031. Airport runway FOD detection system sales are increasingly driven by growth in civilian aircraft fleets.

25th August 2020
Automotive lightweight material market to reach $400bn

The global automotive lightweight material market is forecast to witness a moderate growth rate of around five percent over the forecast period of 2020 to 2030. Growing demand for automotive lightweight material over the past half-decade could be attributed to the production uptake of automotive since 2015.

Aerospace & Defence
13th May 2020
Airport runway FOD detection system market slated to grow

The global airport runway FOD detection system market is poised to grow steadily at a CAGR of ~4% across the forecast period (2020-2030). Aviation authorities across the globe are focusing on adoption of airport runway FOD detection systems to ensure safety of aircrafts.

30th April 2020
Aviation connector market to grow COVID-19

Surge in new air travelling routes and a substantial increase in frequency of existing routes will continue to bolster growth for the aviation connector market.

Aerospace & Defence
24th April 2020
Aerospace plastic market to grow through 2030

The global aerospace plastic market will grow at a modest four percent CAGR during the forecast period (2020 to 2030). Suspension of consumer air travel during the pandemic has left a detrimental impact on the global aviation industry.

17th January 2020
EVs propelling the high voltage electric heaters market

Rising environmental concerns and emission regulations have led to a paradigm shift in the automobile industry, from internal combustion (IC) engine driven vehicles to the adoption of ecofriendly electric and hybrid vehicles. 

25th September 2019
Automotive lightweight material market to grow 5%

Sales of automotive lightweight material are estimated to surpass 76 kilotons in 2019, up from nearly 74 kilotons in 2018, according to a recent Fact.MR report. The automotive lightweight material industry is significantly influenced by broader trends in the automobile industry, especially evolving regulations on fuel efficiency. Fact.MR’s new report analyses this landscape in detail, and offers readers a comprehensive analysis on the key f...

20th August 2019
Proliferation of next-gen tech benefits liquid crystal polymer sales

The latest study indicates that ~ 46,582 KT of liquid crystal polymer (LCP) were sold in 2018, and it is envisaged that the sales will pick pace by ~5% in 2019. The radical increase in the applications of liquid crystal polymer in electronics & electrical industry, which led to ~70% sales of LCP will continue to pace up lucrative growth avenues for market players through 2029. 

12th August 2019
Realising the potential of polycarbonate resins

A latest study indicates that ~ 5,006 KT of polycarbonate resins were sold in 2018, and it is anticipated that the sales will rise by ~4% in 2019. The global polycarbonate resins market is highly likely to witness steady growth in the foreseeable years, which will primarily be driven by the radical increase in its applications in various industry verticals.

10th June 2019
Redefining the competence of robots in industrial automation

Serving as the cornerstone of industrial robots that are already in use across industries, the robotic tool changers are playing a pivotal role in improving their overall productivity and efficiency. With mass shifting of factories to Industry 4.0, adoption of robotic tool changers marks an important step for businesses toward achieving complete industrial automation.  By Santosh Kumar, Fact.MR

14th May 2019
Automotive cabin air filter market through 2022

Blocking pollen, dust and particulate matter from vehicle exhaust from entering the car, automotive cabin air filter is being increasingly used in vehicles. Cabin air filter manufacturers are focusing on research and development of air filters using new material and advanced technology providing better filtration.

8th April 2019
Industrial ecosystems vie to lead Industry 4.0

A recent research study estimates global sales of robotic end of arm tools (EOAT) to surpass $2,000m in 2019, up from $1,900.3m in 2018. This growth in sales can be attributed to the ever-evolving demand of industrial ecosystems for high productivity via industrial robotics.

Component Management
24th January 2019
Demand for impregnating resins propelled by automotive components

The global impregnating resins market has witnessed expansion in the sales as well as a growth rate of the market due to increased demand for impregnating resins for insulation purpose globally. However, with the increasing government investments in the developed as well as emerging economies is expected to create an enormous opportunity in the global market. 

26th July 2018
Microelectronics breaking into auto infotainment market

According to a study carried out by Fact.MR on the Auto Infotainment Market, as the automotive sector continues with its shift towards mobility and software services, use of advanced electronics coupled with IoT integration has accelerated the development of in-vehicle entertainment systems.

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