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22nd May 2015
LED component portfolio lights up Thai expo

E has announced that it will introduce LED components for lighting, signage, infrared and automotive applications at LED Expo Thailand, taking place from 21st to 24th May 2015, in booth S03. The company's 0.2W 2016 series features compact size and a high flexibility of applications including tubes. The small pitch signage 18-035 series (0.5x0.5mm) will also be on display in this event.

Events News
30th April 2015
LED lighting portfolio set to dazzle at Lightfair

Everlight will demonstrate its portfolio of LED components for lighting and automotive applications at Lightfair International, 5th to 7th May 2015, at booth 1329. Highlights at the booth include the high efficiency 0.2W LED EAHE 5630, the ultra warm white 1W LED EAHP 3030 and colour choice LED solutions for general lighting, as well as existing packages available in all colours for horticulture lighting.

29th April 2015
Nichia’s white LED patents found invalid

EVERLIGHT has filed for declaratory judgment of invalidity and non-infringement of Nichia’s U.S. patents related to white LEDs, including U.S. Patent Numbers. 5998925 and 7531960. These two patents are directed to yellow and green phosphor being used with blue LED chip to emit white light, and its phosphor concentration.

7th April 2015
Golden LEDs are sulphur-resistant

  A series of sulphur-resistant LEDs has been introduced by EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS. Featuring a golden lead frame, the A09KU, 67-21U and 67-31U LEDs are suitable for head lamps, DRL, fog lamps, side signal lamps and rear tail lamps.

24th March 2015
Optical switch integrates IR emitter & NPN phototransistor

Designed for use in printers, copiers, scanners and for non-contact switching environments like a proximity sensor, the ITR1201 opto interrupter has been unveiled by EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS. The reflective type ITR1201SR10A/TR is a light reflection switch which includes a GaAs IR-LED and an NPN phototransistor with a highly photosensitive receiver for short distances, operating in the IR range.

17th December 2014
COB LED families offer high efficiency and easy installation

Providing high efficiency and offering easy assembly, Everlight has introduced two COB LED families, the XUAN series of high-power COBs and the Colour Choice (Colour on Demand) COB series, CHI. Covering the range of 2-50W, the Metal Core PCB (MCPCB) devices can achieve over 130lm/W

11th November 2014
EVERLIGHT Electronics highlights three new high performance optocouplers among its increasing infrared portfolio at electronica 2014

Everlight Electronics will showcase its broad and growing infrared portfolio at electronica 2014 that includes infrared LEDs, photo transistors and photo diodes, infrared receiver modules, optical sensors, photocouplers and high speed couplers. A particular attention this year will be given to three new high performance optocouplers EL617, EL101X and EL121N that combine a high breakdown voltage of 80V with a wide operating temperature range from ...

11th November 2014
Everlight Electronics debuts Automotive LED light sources for interior and exterior applications

Everlight Electronics is launching several light sources for interior and exterior automotive applications at electronica 2014.

11th November 2014
EVERLIGHT Electronics presents new low/mid- and high-power LEDs to offer customers “The Right LED for the Right Application” – better than ever before

Everlight Electronics introduces two new low/mid-power LEDs especially suited for use in light tubes – retrofits and new designs – with excellent lm/w and lm/price characteristics.

4th November 2014
Tiny IR LED efficiently provides discreet security

HIR-C19D, an 855nm High Efficiency Infrared (HIR) LED that features a low thermal resistance and a high radiant intensity in a compact SMD package, has been introduced by Everlight. With a wave length which is almost invisible to the human eye, the 3W HIR LED is a suitable light source for infrared illumination in CCD cameras, night guard security and other discreet surveillance systems.

15th September 2014
Technology provides LEDs with a CRI of more than 95Ra

  To offer higher colour quality, EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS are upgrading the 3-50W ceramic COBs within it's JU series and the metal PCB COBs within it's XUAN series. The company's Natural Light Technology, which provides a CRI up to 98Ra, is to be integrated into the LEDs.

25th July 2014
High voltage LED seeks to reduce manufacturer costs

The XI3030 High Voltage (HV) LED has been introduced by EVERLIGHT, with the high voltage LED expanding the existing XI3030 series. Seeking to reduce manufacturers’ total lamp or fixture costs, the XI3030 HV LED is a half to full watt LED that has a 30V version available, with other voltages upon request.

18th June 2014
LED fog light provides clear forward visibility

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS has introduced the Argus series fog light source. This product is capable of providing a clear forward visibility when driving in dense fog or heavy downpour. Combined with the colour temperature of sunlight (5600K), the LED front fog light increases the driver’s ability to perceive contrasts. The Argus series combined fog light and daytime running light module will be showcased in the 2014 Guangzhou International Ligh...

29th April 2014
940nm IR LED is offered in MIDLED package

An ultra-thin, 940nm top-view infrared LED, designated the IR92-01C/L491/2R, has been launched by EVERLIGHT. Offered in a miniature MIDLED package, the device has been developed for applications where high power output, narrow beam angle or available space is of concern.

9th September 2013
Everlight Extends JU Series of COB LEDs

Everlight Electronics Co Ltd has expanded its high performance JU series of chip-on-board (COB) LEDs to include 7, 10 and 15 W types in addition to the existing 4W version. COB LEDs are especially suited for directional applications that require a powerful single light source for effective illumination such as GU, MR and PAR retrofits, downlights and candelabras.

11th June 2013
Everlight Offers Low-Power LED with Overdrive Capabilities for Brighter LED Light Tubes

Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd expands its broad product range of low-power LEDs with a 0.2W top-view white LED featuring a lead frame technology with heat slug for good heat dissipation. The new 45-21S series is especially suitable for LED light tubes in general lighting.

6th June 2013
Everlight Electronics Introduces a Cost-Effective 1W High-Power LED for Multiple Lighting Applications

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD announces the top-view white 1W high power LED XI3535. This highly cost-effective package provides high lumens and efficacy and is well suited for use in lighting grade high power LED designs such as omni-directional LED light bulbs, directional lamps, decorative lamps, panel lights and many other general and residential lighting applications.

5th June 2013
Everlight Adds Two IRLEDs for Remote Controls and Optical Touch Panels

EVERLIGHT Electronics Co., Ltd expands its product offering of ‘invisible’ light sources for remote control applications with two new SMD infrared LEDs (IRLEDs), the IR26-71C and the IR26-61C.

4th June 2013
Everlight Presents New HIR LEDs for Proximity-Sensors and High-Tech Intelligence Touch Panel Applications

EVERLIGHT Electronics Co. Ltd introduces three new 850nm HIR (high efficiency infrared) LEDs featuring a high output power and narrow viewing angles which make them ideal for use in high-tech intelligence touch panel and proximity sensors.

7th May 2013
Everlight Unveils Ultra-small Outline ITR Photo Interrupter for Optical Switches, Digital Cameras and Printers

Everlight Electronics has introduced the latest member of its ITR series of photo interrupters for use in optical switches, digital cameras and printers, the ultra small outline slotted type ITR1205ST11A/TR. A slotted type opto interrupter detects an object when it enters the gap of the slotted switch and blocks the light path between the emitter and detector.

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