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12th March 2020
LED series to provide sterilisation through flip chips

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS has released its new ELUC3535NUB series of UVC products for the maintenance of life quality and health, using the epitaxial and flip chips on the sapphire substrate to guarantee quality and sterilisation.

Events News
3rd October 2017

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS will attend CEATEC for the first time to demonstrate the advantages of diversified product offerings including opto interruptors, couplers, transmitting/receiving components (IR, PD/PT), automotive and lighting components, applied for multi-function printers, touch screens, eye tracking, automotive ambient lighting and lighting applications.

5th September 2017
Infrared LED suitable for iris recognition

Global LED and optoelectronics company, EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS, has launched the NIR-C19M series with a wavelength of 810nm which exert what the company claims to be the clearest contrast effect to read the pattern of the iris. The recognition process is precise, quick and features heat dissipation. This makes it suitable for iris recognition applications in security surveillance systems (access control) and portable handsets.

10th May 2017
Agriculture LEDs meet plant and livestock requirements

EVERLIGHT Electronics will exhibit its comprehensive portfolio of agricultural lighting LEDs at LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL in San Diego/USA. It includes a variety of high-power, medium-power and low-power products that meet various kinds of market demands. Different environments, animals and plants need different combinations to achieve maximum productivity and also energy-savings.

27th March 2017
Factory for automotive components opens in Taiwan

In order to enhance its portfolio of automotive products and increase its production capacity, EVERLIGHT Electronics has invested more than $300m to construct a smart, ergonomic factory for the production of automotive components in Taiwan, the Miaoli Tongluo New Factory.

21st November 2016
Ambient light sensor aids wearable devices

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS introduces the ALS-PD50-42C. The new ambient light sensor operates at a 550nm and has a very low signal calculation failure rate and a high current efficiency. An ideal application for this device is heart rate signal detection in wearable electronics for the health and fitness industry. With the increasing demand for health-awareness, more and more people manage their health and progress through their own daily activit...

28th June 2016
Three-in-one sensors save energy in advanced displays

Designed for use in brightness detection and smart switching in high end and standard smart phones, tablet PCs, residential smart lighting and digital signage applications, EVERLIGHT Electronics has announced the APM-16D17-05-DF8 and APM-16D17-06-DF8 three-in-one sensor modules.

20th May 2016
High power LEDs for the automotive market

Four ceramic high reflective packaged, high power automotive LEDs have been launched by EVERLIGHT. The LEDs feature a Golden Lead Frame in four different colours - White, PC-Amber, Red and Super Red - according to their preferred exterior applications.

11th May 2016
Reflector type photo interruptor targets non-contact sensing

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS has introduced a reflector type photo interruptor, the ITR1502 series, which can sense an object and give signal response at an exceptionally long distance of 4mm at a speed of 20μs. This is in contrast to a usual distance of 0.5 to 1.0mm. Additionally, the cost-effective ITR1502 meets MSL3 standards for moisture sensitive SMD components.

Events News
21st April 2016
Everlight Electronics introduces five UV LEDs at LIGHTFAIR 2016

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS announces five UV LEDs at LIGHTFAIR International 2016, showcased at booth 1851. The UV LED market is expected to grow rapidly in 2016, due to upcoming applications apart from the well-known printing technology. Emerging curing applications, like UV paint and cosmetic curing, medical treatments, domestic disinfection and home appliances like photocatalytic air and water purifiers are as appealing as counterfeit checking.

14th April 2016
Compact three-in-one RGB LED is AEC-Q101 qualified

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS has announced a three-in-one RGB LED with compact size and colour transformation which has been AEC-Q101 qualified. Suited for interior ambient lighting and dashboard applications, the 67-63U(AM) has a golden lead frame which significantly improves a product's ability to resist sulfur. This enables the LED to perform, no matter how severe the environment is. 

14th March 2016
High-power SMD device features high lumen density

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS announces the Shwo F-ELB high power LED series, the latest and most powerful update to the existing high power and bright 'Shwo' LED series. Shwo F-ELB features Flip Chip technology to enable better overdrive conditions while maintaining high efficiency.

10th March 2016
Mid-power 2835 LED package features different voltage selections

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS presents updates to its popular top view, white, low to mid power LED package in a 2835 form factor (2.8x3.5x0.7mm) in three voltages 3, 6, 9V at 0.5W and two voltages 6V and 9V at 1W. Target applications are mainly for general lighting, especially consumer, commercial, and professional lighting.

9th March 2016
LED series features improved efficiency

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS announces an ultra-high efficiency version of its low-mid-power 5630 package series, the 5630 HE KK7D-ELB, available now. With the rise of energy-saving efforts worldwide and improvement of applications using LEDs as next-generation light sources, more emphasis is put on the performance of LED lighting components than ever before.

22nd January 2016
Optocouplers offer speed increase in limited space

Everlight Electronics has announced the introduction of two single channel 6-pin SDIP 1Mb/s and 10Mb/s transistor output optocouplers. With merely half the dimensions of comparable 8-Pin 6N13X devices, they are both suited for use in space constrained industrial applications. The ELS511 and ELS611 optocouplers are SMD devices in a small outline 6-pin SDIP package.

23rd December 2015
Low power colour sensor suits display applications

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS announces the introduction of the company’s first RGB integrated colour sensor. Based on CMOS technology and therefore able to operate at a minimum supply voltage of 1.7V, the CLS-16D17-34-DF6 adjusts the brightness of display equipment with less power consumption than comparable colour sensor devices which almost all operate at a minimum of 2.7V.

17th December 2015
Operation in tight spaces

Two new single channel 6-pin SDIP 1Mbit/s and 10Mbit/s transistor output optocouplers have been introduced by Everlight Electronics. Both ELS511 and ELS611 are SMD devices in a small outline 6-pin SDIP package, meaning they are both suited for preferential use in space constraint industrial applications.

1st December 2015
LEDs deliver luminous efficiency up to 250lm/w

With the rise of energy-saving efforts worldwide and improvement of applications using LEDs as next-gen light sources, more emphasis is put on the performance of LED lighting components more than ever before. With EVERLIGHT's advanced 5630KK5D and 5630KK6D series (0.2W), the luminous efficiency can be improved to over 205lm/W (5000K) to meet the demands for high luminous performance of commercial lighting lamps and fixtures.

14th September 2015
15Mb/s optocoupler suits serial & field bus isolation

Everlight has announced the introduction of a single channel 8-pin SOP 3.3V 15MB/s logic gate optocoupler, for use in industrial applications. The EL071L consists of an infrared emitting diode optically coupled to a CMOS detector IC. The surface-mount device is packaged in a small outline 8-pin SOP for ease of use in designs with limited PCB real estate.

29th May 2015
IR emitter & PIN photodiode combine for oximeter detection

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS has introduced an IR emitting diode in a miniature SMD package and a high speed, high sensitive PIN photodiode. Both measuring 6x4.8x1.1mm for oximeter detector applications, the IRR60-48C/TR8 IR emitter and the PD60-48C/TR8 PIN photodiode feature optimised red and IR wavelengths of 660 and 905nm, respectively.

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