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Quantum Tech
14th April 2022
The potential of quantum computing for manufacturing

Imagine looking for a needle in a haystack by examining each piece of hay. What if you could analyse the entire haystack at once, cutting down the location time of the needle drastically?

21st September 2021
The sense of touch – tactile technologies for cobots

Cobots have now been developed to a point where the only thing differentiating them from their human co-workers is soft-skills. Developing adaptive capabilities like decision-making or problem-solving in cobots is challenging for engineers, but progress is inevitable. With state-of-the-art sensors, actuators and software, cobots are now capable of experiencing physical sensations that allow them to feel and identify the object being touched. Here...

17th August 2021
Rapid tech advancement is a double-edged sword

In the era of rapid developments in technologies, newer components or technologies are launched every day. On one hand, technological innovation boosts productivity and efficiency in many sectors, on the other hand it causes more hardware and software becoming obsolete faster than in the past. Here Neil Ballinger, Head of EMEA at industrial parts supplier EU Automation, discusses the pros and cons of fast technological advances.

24th June 2021
The path to end-to-end intelligent automation

Companies are always looking to optimise their automation processes by making them smarter and more efficient. While one size does not fit all, enterprises need to look at customisable and scalable solutions for their automation journey. End-to-end automation can automate almost every part of the production, reducing human errors and speeding up the processes. Here, Neil Bellinger, Head of EMEA at automation parts supplier EU Automation ...

3rd June 2021
Learning from the global chip shortage

An increasing number of consumers are being impacted by the global chip shortage that currently plagues the electronics manufacturing sector. The semiconductor supply chain is unique, but there are lessons that all manufacturers can learn from its shortcomings. Here Neil Ballinger, Head of EMEA at automation parts supplier EU Automation, has discussed how the global chip shortage can teach us a valuable lesson in resource management.

Cyber Security
5th May 2021
Three cyber security tips for SMEs

On 5th February, 2021, a hacker initiated a cyber attack on a small water plant in Florida. If successful, the attack would have caused multiple health complications for the 15,000 residents that the plant provides water for. This is just an example of the disastrous consequences of cyber attacks on smaller companies. But how to avoid them? Here Neil Bellinger, Head of EMEA at EU Automation, discusses how Small and Medium Enterprises (S...

26th April 2021
Leaking data: the worrying new trend in ransomware

Until now, typically the worst threat that manufacturers faced from ransomware was the inconvenience of downtime and lost production while the company worked to get its systems back online using backups. Cyber-attackers played a numbers game, relying on a small number of victims to pay the ransom. However, a new trend sees attackers leak the sensitive data if victims don’t pay. Here Neil Ballinger, Head of EMEA sales at EU Automation, has e...

14th April 2021
Three sectors ready to be revolutionised by big data

Big data has revolutionised production processes in all industrial sectors, but some have been slower than others to understand the potential of what is now considered the most precious resource in the world. Here Neil Ballinger, Head of EMEA at automation parts supplier EU Automation, has delved deeper into how big data is revolutionising three historically low-tech sectors.

Artificial Intelligence
6th November 2020
How artificial intelligence is changing cyber security

Having contact with someone who has a cold increases the chances that you might pick up the bug yourself. In much the same way, businesses adding more connectivity into their system increases the opportunities for cyber criminals to introduce viruses into the system. Here, Sophie Hand, UK Country Manager at EU Automation, explains the role Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play in combatting cyber crime.

27th October 2020
Energising automotive production lines for the EV age

There is one car for every five people on Earth, but the clock is ticking on petrol and diesel vehicles as the Electric Vehicle (EV) makes headway into the market. This means an estimated 1.4 billion cars will soon be obsolete, causing disruption to many of the accompanying industries. Here Neil Ballinger, Head of EMEA Sales at EU Automation, discusses the looming challenges that face automotive and adjacent industries.

29th September 2020
Exploring the common language for industrial automation

The open source Robot Operating System (ROS) has been around for over ten years and has thousands of developers building packages for it. In fact, according to a 2019 report by ABI Research, nearly 55% of the world's robots will include a ROS package by 2024. With this language growing in popularity, Neil Ballinger, Head of EMEA at EU Automation, discusses whether ROS is becoming the common automation language for robotic...

3rd September 2020
Will competing Fieldbus ever evolve into open-source architecture?

As it evolved into the multifaceted enterprise it is today, Uber realised that to help its designers stay in sync, it had to provide common, open-source design libraries for all its services. The approach proved successful. So, what can automation professionals learn from it? Here Neil Ballinger, Head of EMEA at EU Automation, considers the case of Fieldbus and whether or not it will ever develop into an open-source architecture.

14th July 2020
EU Automation learning platform for modern manufacturing

In response to the industry’s hunger for information on technology that can pull them out of the post-pandemic productivity lull, automation equipment supplier EU Automation, has pooled all its resources into a new, free, online Knowledge Hub for modern manufacturing.

22nd June 2020
Overcoming the barriers to smart materials

For all the benefits they offer, smart materials are not always a viable option for manufacturers. This is because they often rely on technologies that are still in their infancy or suffer from issues such as poor reliability and longevity. Here Neil Ballinger, Head of EMEA at automation parts supplier EU Automation, looks at some of the barriers to commercialising these materials.

17th June 2020
Overcoming the barriers to smart materials

For all the benefits they offer, smart materials are not always a viable option for manufacturers. This is because they often rely on technologies that are still in their infancy or suffer from issues such as poor reliability and longevity. Here Neil Ballinger, head of EMEA at automation parts supplier EU Automation, looks at some of the barriers to smart material commercialisation.

10th June 2020
Edge computing for IT/OT integration

Bridging the gap between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) is an essential step in realising a truly smart factory. When IT and OT converge, data collected from IoT devices can be efficiently analysed and quickly turned into valuable information. Edge computing sits right in the space between IT and OT and can therefore facilitate the converge of these seemingly distant worlds.

22nd May 2020
Three emerging technologies changing data centres

Data centres are expected to use 20% of the word’s energy by 2025. While companies across the world depend on them to store data, there are new technologies that can improve their energy efficiency and operational effectiveness, if we take advantage of them.

15th May 2020
Ransomware, the IoT, and businesses

According to the 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report, a business falls victim to a ransomware attack every 14 seconds. As manufacturers connect more equipment to the Internet of Things (IoT), ransomware and other security breaches pose a more serious threat to productivity. Here Neil Ballinger, Head of EMEA sales at automation parts supplier EU Automation, shares how the IoT poses a risk for manufacturers and how to reduce it.

4th May 2020
Three ways that robots are diversifying manufacturing

In 1969, Victor Scheinman invented the Stanford arm, the first all-electric, six-axis articulated robot - the predecessor of the robot arms that we use today. Here Jonathan Wilkins, Director at automation equipment supplier EU Automation, has discussed how robots are diversifying manufacturing in weird and wonderful ways, since 1969.

21st April 2020
Refurbished vs second-hand automation parts

When an obsolete component or  automation part breaks, manufacturers might struggle to find a replacement. This is especially true in highly regulated sectors like pharmaceuticals or food processing, where alternative replacements are not an option and the exact same part has to be sourced.

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