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4th February 2016
'World’s smallest' optical switch operates in room temperature

Researchers working under Juerg Leuthold, Professor of Photonics and Communications, have created the world’s smallest integrated optical switch. Applying a small voltage causes an atom to relocate, turning the switch on or off. The quantity of data exchanged via communications networks around the globe is growing at a breathtaking rate.

19th January 2016
VertiGo robot uses propellers to climb up walls

Disney Research Zurich and Swiss technology institute ETH have developed a four-wheeled robot with integrated propellers that allow it to scale vertical surfaces. VertiGo is driven by a user like a remote-controlled car, but adjusts its propellers automatically in response to changes in the surrounding surfaces.

12th January 2016
How 'cybathletes' will reshape human bodies

In 2012, a single pair of prosthetic legs ignited an international debate. Did South African athlete Oscar Pistorius's carbon-fibre running blades confer an unfair advantage over other able-bodied competitors? Did this technology, the International Olympics Committee asked, take him beyond normal human limits? For the Cybathlon, a new international sporting event taking place in Zurich in October 2016, the question of limits is beside the po...

22nd September 2015
Drones build a walkable bridge

  The Aerial Construction project is a collaboration between the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control and the Chair of Architecture and Digital Fabrication. The objective is to investigate and develop methods and techniques for robotic aerial construction.

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14th August 2015
Assistive technologies put to test at Cybathlon

Zurich will host the first Cybathlon in autumn 2016, bringing together physically impaired people from all over the world to compete against each other using the latest assistive technologies. ETH Zurich welcomed 30 of the participating teams from 15 countries to complete a practice session at the Swiss Arena in Kloten.

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