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18th October 2016
Connectors designed for automotive applications

The range of compact and reliable connectors from ERNI Electronics has expanded. The MaxiBridge (2.54mm pitch) and MiniBridge (1.27mm) series will shortly be joined by the MicroBridge series in a 1.27mm pitch. The MicroBridge product family has been designed specifically with the requirements of customers from the automotive industry in mind. 

12th May 2016
Non-ferrous connector systems designed for medical applications

ERNI has expanded its miniature 0.8mm MicroStac SMT connector series to include anti-magnetic versions with 12-pin (single row) and 54-pin (dual row) configurations with a 5mm board-to-board stack height and a 1.5mm effective wipe length. The non-ferrous connectors are designed specifically for medical and instrumentation applications such as MRI machines, where ferrous materials can be hazardous and degrade test results.

27th April 2016
Connector's active latch improves mating integrity

The MiniBridge Koshiri Security connector from ERNI Electronics have been developed for rugged, reliable connectivity in automotive LED/lighting applications. The pin contacts are recessed sufficiently so they cannot be damaged if the mating connector shell is scooped into it during the mating process. Specifically, the MiniBridge Koshiri design prevents pins from being bent and contacts from being shorted during mating.

31st March 2016
SMC lock connectors provide doubled security

ERNI Electronics continues enhancements of the popular SMC 1.27mm product line for ruggedised applications and requirements. The proven design of the double-sided stamped and formed spring contact provides a highly reliable electrical connection that customers have come to rely on.

8th December 2015
ERNI's MiniBridge now meets Koshiri Security requirements

ERNI has expanded its popular 1.27mm pitch MiniBridge cable connector family with the introduction of a robust version that is increasing in popularity in automotive LED/lighting applications. The single row MiniBridge Koshiri connectors offer significantly higher mating integrity and protection from improper skew insertion.

4th November 2015
Wire-to-board connectors offer a carrying capacity of 12A

ERNI has expanded its compact MaxiBridge wire-to-board connector family with a dual row version. The 10 or 20-pin connectors offer a current carrying capacity of up to 12A per contact on a 2.54mm grid for heavy-duty and space-saving connections. Available in vertical and right angle version, the dual row MaxiBridge connector system is offered with 2x5 and 2x10 positions. The straight and angled male connectors are fitted with SMT terminations and...

27th October 2015
IDC terminals provide high contact reliability

ERNI Electronics expands its offering of IDC terminals, adding variants for stranded wires (AWG24/7 and AWG26/7) to the existing offering for solid wires AWG24/1 and AWG22/7 (stranded wires). Wires with a maximum diameter of 1.1mm (including isolation) can now be handled. The IDC terminals and the current AWG22 variants are also now available with extended colour options.

19th August 2015
High-speed connectors are optimised for ATCA systems

Introducing the ERmet ZDpro connector family, ERNI Electronic paves the way to 100G ATCA systems. The ERmet ZDpro connectors are an enhancement of the ERmet ZD family. This high-speed differential Hard Metric connector system enables data rates of over 25Gb/s and is the first connector system that meets the requirements for 100G ATCA technology.

30th July 2015
12- & 54-pin models added to antimagnetic connector range

ERNI Electronics has expanded its 0.8mm MicroStac SMT connector series, based on a patented hermaphroditic design, to include antimagnetic versions with 12 (single row) and 54 pins (dual row). The special design enables reduced logistic and inventory costs. The powerful combination of miniaturisation and innovative design makes it suitable for compact, demanding applications.

26th May 2015
Gigabit Ethernet connector provides high-speed data transfer

ERNI Electronics continues to expand its M12 connector product offerings. Recent additions to this popular form factor include an enhanced Gigabit Ethernet connector that facilitates 10GbE applications. Providing reliable high-speed data transfer, the M12 X-Code Gigabit Ethernet connectors are designed for reliable and rugged industrial data communications applications.

21st April 2015
Open pin-field triple row connectors offer 25Gb/s

ERNI has expanded its 1.0mm pitch MicroSpeed high-speed connector system to include a three-row version. The MicroSpeed connector system features SMT terminals that provide a high contact density capable of speeds up to 25Gb/s. The open pin-field design allows for a third (centre) row that can be selectively assigned as ground to optimise signal quality between the higher speed signal conductors or rows.

13th April 2015
Secure locking for M8/M12 connectors

Expanding its range of accessories for male and female M8/M12 connectors, ERNI Electronics has introduced locking nuts and screws. Once the connectors are soldered, the locking nuts and screws are positioned on top of the connectors and pressed into the circuit board. With the help of the pressfit technology, a direct gas-proof connection can be established between the cable shield and the circuit board.

23rd March 2015
SMD power elements suit fully automated production processes

SMD power elements, designed for applications where no holes on the PCB are allowed or a fully automated production process is given, have been released by ERNI Electronics. The SMD variants, which expand the company’s portfolio of PowerElements, are available in blister packaging for fully automatic assembly. 

16th October 2014
Connectors provide three contact rows & data rates of 25Gb/s

Introducing variants with three contact rows, ERNI Electronics expands it’s MicroSpeed high-speed connector family. High-speed data applications with up to 25Gb/s are enabled by the MicroSpeed Triple connector family, which has a 1mm pitch. A high contact density is provided by the three row versions with SMT terminals.

26th September 2014
Power modules suit CAV applications

Powering high power circuits controlled by a CAN Network, the Cube modules have been released by ERNI Electronics. The modules are suitable for use in harsh environments with power distribution systems that require the ability to control relays and monitor fuses and relays.

5th September 2014
MiniBridge connectors with Koshiri security are very robust

Expanding the company's 1.27mm pitch MiniBridge cable connector family, ERNI Electronics has announced variants which are very robust. Featuring a compact design, the connectors are suited for space saving connections between PCBs and decentralised function units, especially in the automotive market.

22nd August 2014
Connector system supports data rates up to 25Gbps

  Expanding the company's high-speed connector portfolio, ERNI electronics has introduced the ERmet ZDHD family. The high density high-speed connector system, which supports data rates of up to 25Gbps, is available in 4- and 6-pair male and female versions.

5th August 2014
Surface-mount D-Sub connectors are extremely robust

  Featuring large surface soldering brackets to ensure a high retention force on the board, ERNI Electronics has a series of D-Sub SMT connectors. The company has claimed that these connectors further improve the robustness and reliability of D-Sub I/O connectors.

7th April 2014
Compact cable connectors for modern lighting

The MaxiBridge (2.54mm pitch) and MiniBridge (1.27mm pitch) cable connectors from ERNI Electronics are suitable solutions for compact as well as electrically and mechanically sophisticated designs, such as those found in modern lighting technology. With low pitch, these connectors are particularly suited for SSL, which requires highly compact designs with high current carrying capacity.

2nd April 2014
Enabling reliable PCB termination when space is limited

  In miniaturised applications such as retrofit bulbs and LED lighting units, ERNI Electronics enables reliable PCB connections with the IDC-PCB terminals. With a total height of just 2.0mm these terminals eliminate manual preparation (stripping) of wires prior to termination.

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