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6th August 2021
Mating integrity is key to car connection technology

 High demands are placed on each plug connection in automotive systems, which means secure and robust connections are crucial to prevent failure during operation. Connector systems must provide high vibration resistance, temperature resistance and easy handling.

4th August 2021
ERNI provides product data via the Supplyframe platform

ERNI continues to expand its digitisation-based services using the Supplyframe DesignSense platform to deliver digital design assets including schematic symbols, PCB footprints, and 3D CAD models in STEP format (ECAD models). 

24th March 2021
MicroSpeed connector with new signal variants

ERNI is expanding its MicroSpeed product family in the signal area to include variants with the additional pin counts 26, 32 and 44, plus unshielded connectors are also being added in the power supply group. With the expanded range of variants, ERNI can respond even more precisely to the specific requirements of its customers and, through greater diversity, provide even greater development flexibility and additional competitive advantages in the ...

11th September 2020
ERNI has supplied over 300 million SMC connectors

With the SMC connectors (small multiple connector) family introduced in the late 1990s, ERNI developed a pure SMT connector system. In addition to SMT as the termination method, the aim was to reduce the DIN pitch from 2.54mm to 1.27mm and thus to advance miniaturisation.

21st May 2020
ERNI expands iBridge Ultra cable-to-board connectors

ERNI is expanding its iBridge Ultra connectors to include vertical and right-angle male connectors with dip solder termination, in addition to the SMT variants already available. Dip soldering is a reliable connection technology, especially in the automotive industry. What is more, the cable-to-board connectors are now also available as pre-assembled cable connectors for efficient and time-saving processing.

4th May 2020
Robust ERNI MicroBridge cable-to-board connector

ERNI is expanding its successful MiniBridge (1.27mm pitch) and MaxiBridge (2.54mm) cable-to-board connector families with the single-row MicroBridge cable-to-board family in a 1.27mm pitch. In developing the MicroBridge cable connector, ERNI has consistently implemented the requirements of customers from the automotive sector.

13th February 2020
Reliable cable-to-board connectors

ERNI presents the new iBridge Ultra connector family, adding to its extensive offering of Cable-to-Board connector solutions. The 2.0mm pitch connectors are designed to provide compact and reliable connection that will withstand high vibration, making it suitable for use in rugged environments.

16th December 2019
MicroCon connectors in 0.8mm pitch with robust design

A highly compact design does not necessarily have to imply restrictions in terms of performance with regard to secure mating, current carrying capacity, reliability or robustness, and ERNI's MicroCon series in 0.8 mm pitch, aims to prove this.

10th July 2019
Broad portfolio of M8/M12 connectors

Over the last three decades, the M8/M12 connector system from ERNI has established itself as well suited for use in harsh industrial environments that require a reliable, robust connection solution for fieldbus, sensor and Ethernet connections. With different numbers of pins, male and female connectors, connector configurations and coding as well as shielded versions, the connectors cover a range of applications.

19th February 2019
Important step for the target market of automotive electronics

Following a successful audit by TÜV Rheinland, ERNI Electronics was awarded IATF certification at the end of 2018. For ERNI Electronics, the certification is an expression of the company's high level of quality and of great importance for the automotive industry as a market segment. Especially cable connections with the MaxiBridge, MiniBridge and MicroBridge connectors are increasingly used in cars. 

21st January 2019
Global materials procurement strategy to meet high demand

Last year was the most successful year in ERNI Electronics’ history, and the trend is continuing, with significant growth in incoming orders. With no significant let-up in demand expected in the medium term, ERNI is working hard to develop various strategic measures to enable it to continue supplying customers with the required volumes reliably and on time.

6th November 2018
Rugged connectors designed for handheld automation control

  It has been announced that ERNI has expanded its SMC Series connector and cable assembly offering to support a wide range of industrial applications. The family of dual row SMC small form 1.27mm pitch connectors are reportedly more popular than ever due to multiple connector configuration options. 

31st August 2018
Rugged connectors designed for automotive LED lighting systems

Connectors supporting advanced automotive headlamps systems from ERNI, deliver ruggedness, reliability and long term operation, all in a miniature and lightweight package. ERNI has an established a connector offering that is designed to meet the needs of automotive lighting systems.

23rd August 2018
12- and 17-pin variants introduced to connector portfolio

Over the last three decades, the M8/M12 connector system has established itself as the preferred device connection for use in rough environment which require a reliable, robust coupling solution. With various pin counts and a number of cable types, plug configurations and plug codings, ERNI Electronics has provided M8/M12 connectors addressing a wide spectrum of requirements. The company is now expanding its already-extensive M8/M12 portfolio to ...

16th February 2018
Board and wire connector solutions optimised for industrial drives

Continuing to support industrial automation, ERNI Electronics is taking advantage of decades of electro-mechanical contact design and employing that experience in ruggedised factory applications. Industrial automation requires constant, highly reliable connectivity for high vibration environments. Miniaturisation is also challenging interconnect solutions and options, but it does not imply foregoing electro-mechanical reliability and mating ...

4th May 2017
Hot-swappable SMC connectors reliably protect electronics

With the addition of a 1.27mm pitch with hot-swappable variants, ERNI Electronics has extended its comprehensive SMC connector family. These connector versions feature late mate contacts to permit reliable system swapping during operation and/or with applied electric voltage in industrial applications or in cars. With 'hot swapping/hot plugging', the electronics are reliably protected by following a defined sequence of signal, ground, or power co...

3rd May 2017
Rugged connectors meet challenging automotive requirements

It is essential that system components evolve to meet new design challenges and application requirements because electric and hybrid vehicles continue to advance in popularity and sophistication. ERNI has an established connector offering that is designed to meet the needs of automotive battery management (BMS) and inverter systems. There are certain considerations for power connectors associated with the battery management systems and inverters.

Test & Measurement
11th April 2017
Net-list testing solution eliminates bad boards risks

An advanced testing method that offers 100% electrical testing of every connector contact point and every solder point throughout the entire signal path via a RoBAT S1 backplane fixtureless test has been announced by ERNI USA. The all-in-one RoBAT S1 automatic optical inspection and fixtureless electrical test machine simulates the daughter card plugging into the backplane or motherboard.

16th March 2017
Company delivers fully assembled military backplanes

Manufacturing and support services are provided by ERNI USA for military OEMs with special product requirements, performance specifications, test parameters and supply chain needs. With knowledge of pressfit technology (semi- and fully-automatic), ERNI specialises in fully assembled and fully-tested military backplanes. ERNI manufactures high-quality, low-to-mid volume, high-mix military backplanes for radar equipment, drones and other milit...

22nd February 2017
Getting the best out of automation connectivity

To meet the growing demands of industrial control networks and motion control/drive systems, ERNI has expanded its connector product offering.

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