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17th December 2008
Ericsson’s customized DC/DC module solution with reduced design time

Ericsson Power Modules’ BMR653 3+ series is a customized DC/DC module based on the company’s standard ‘building blocks’, or commercial products (in this case the PKM-B). Ericsson’s Customer Specified Products group provides optimized solutions for applications where off-the-shelf products do not match 100% of the customers’ specification.

11th December 2008
Ericsson’s digital 40A voltage regulator

Ericsson Power Modules’ BMR451 is a digitally controlled, non-isolated voltage regulator rated at 40A. Featuring a high current density of 7.90A/cm3 (129A/in3), it is the second digitally controlled POL regulator from the company, following on from the recently released 20A rated BMR450. As with the BMR450, due to its high power density and the flexibility offered by the many different features embedded within the product, and offering the abi...

6th November 2008
Ericsson’s digitally controlled voltage regulator greatly outperforms analogue based solutions

Compared to traditional voltage regulators based on analogue control, Ericsson Power Modules’ BMR450 uses a highly integrated digital PWM controller. This makes it possible to increase current density while decreasing footprint, and to reduce component count by 50%. Further, thanks to embedded dynamic and adaptive controls, it is possible to reduce power consumption by adjusting critical parameters to match load conditions, resulting in higher...

28th October 2008
Ericsson Power Modules announces DC/DC converter

By delivering 35W output power, and with its wide input range of 18 to 72V, Ericsson Power Modules’ PKU-E DC/DC converter provides flexibility to customers where their applications require more that the company’s 15W PKR, and less than the 50W delivered by the original PKU.

3rd July 2008
Ericsson’s bus converter enables higher power levels in eighth brick format

Ericsson Power Modules’ eighth brick sized PKB-NG DC/DC bus converter provides an output power of 300W at 42A. With high output power and high efficiency, the converter sits alongside the best products on the market and offers users the opportunity to attain higher power levels in a smaller packaging than traditional quarter brick units. Alternatively, it enables users to achieve higher power in a standard eighth-brick format when upgrading b...

18th June 2008
Ericsson’s truly groundbreaking digital DC/DC converter offers unprecedented levels of control and power density

In an industry first, Ericsson’s BMR453 series of DC/DC converters uses a digital control platform contained within the modules themselves. By integrating more into the control circuitry, the concept frees up real estate for greatly improving the power density, simultaneously offered unprecedented levels of control.

12th June 2008
Ericsson eighth brick DC/DC converter offers quarter brick performance for downsizing and upgrading

Compared to existing products available on the market, the output power of Ericsson Power Modules’ eighth-brick PKB-B DC/DC converter is considerably higher. This is an important benefit when customers are looking for higher power in a smaller packaging than traditional quarter-brick, or to achieve higher power from a standard eight-brick when upgrading boards for higher performance. The PKB4204B PI is rated at 12Vat 20A and is available in t...

2nd June 2008
Ericsson’s power module is digitally controlled for MicroTCA applications

Ericsson Power Modules’ MicroTCA power module has gone through extensive interoperability testing with other MicroTCA component suppliers and system integrators. The digital control of the DC/DC converter that is embedded within the module is unique to Ericsson and provides cutting edge performance in terms of the level of control available, and efficiency.

21st December 2007
Ericsson wins Elektra Clean Design award in recognition of its leadership in environmental performance

Ericsson has won the Clean Design category in the Elektra Awards for 2007 The Clean Design category recognizes companies that achieve clear results in their approach to design methods that offer benefits to the environment.

17th December 2007
Sixteenth brick modules reduce manufacturing costs

Ericsson Power Modules has released a surface-mount version of its successful PKU series of DC/DC converters. The PKU-SI uses proprietary Ericsson technology that meets all assembly and environmental requirements while contributing to lower total cost of ownership. Addressing the market for smaller power supplies, particularly for highly integrated systems in a broad range of applications in telecom and datacom equipments, Ericsson Power Modules ...

10th December 2007
Full-brick DC/DC converter is a ‘drop-in’ replacement for new and old 24 V input designs

Ericsson Power Modules’ DC/DC converter platform for RF power amplifier applications utilizes the industry standard full-brick format and footprint, making it an excellent drop-in replacement that offers enhanced performance. The device, aimed at the telecoms market and customers developing base transceiver stations in cellular radio networks where high efficiency and reliability are required, is also ideal for many other applications, such as ...

3rd December 2007
Ericsson Power Modules signs with Mouser Electronics, Inc

Ericsson Power Modules has signed a distribution agreement with Mouser Electronics, Inc. Under the agreement, Mouser Electronics will support Ericsson Power Modules’ sales in the US and Canada, serving customers and expanding sales and demand in the catalog and buy-online market segments for Ericsson’s product portfolio. In particular, Ericsson Power Modules sees Mouser’s ‘buy-on-click’ solution as a very important and valuable additio...

13th September 2007
MicroTCA power module

Ericsson Power Modules has introduced an evaluative level MicroTCA power module aimed at telecom equipment manufacturers and system integrators. It is likely that MicroTCA will be used in many different types of both applications and Information and Communication Technology equipment, and those nearest to adopting are most likely for edge and access equipment.

6th September 2007
Ericsson delivers three-millionth environmentally friendly board-to-board DC/DC converter

As a company very focused on its environmental, social and economic impact on the world, Ericsson claims to constantly strive to improve these aspects of all its products and services, from manufacturing, through the reduction of product deployment energy consumption levels, to end-of-life disposal. Now, with the shipment of its three-millionth board-to board DC/DC converter, a landmark has been achieved by Ericsson Power Modules since this tech...

10th August 2007
Ericsson’s POLA modules said to improve performance and save board space

Ericsson Power Modules’ PMN and PMP series point-of-load modules, based on the latest generation of high dynamic-response control IC with embedded TurboTrans functionalities, are third-generation POLA products. As point-of-load (POL) power modules, they address a wide range of applications – from industry to avionics – including applications in the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) industry.

21st June 2007
Pinned version DC/DC module is fully compatible with previous platform

Offering users a pinned version of its MacroDens PKR DC/DC module, Ericsson Power Modules’ PKR-PI is based on the same proprietary, market-leading, board-to-board technique that was developed to reduce the amount of molding. The technique also makes the products more environmentally friendly, easier to recycle at end-of-life, and they are fully compliant with all relevant standards and regulations. This means the PKR-PI (pin version) is an ev...

4th June 2007
1/8 brick DC/DC module

In the industry standard 1/8-brick footprint, Ericsson Power Modules’ PKB-C DC/DC converterThe PKB-C’s uses a secondary digital monitoring circuit to make it possible to offer control of an infinite number of customers’ output circuit characteristics, such as latching, Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Current Protection (OCP) and Over Temperature Protection (OTP) – all without adding any extra components. Because this circuit can be p...

15th May 2007
DC/DC converter helps reduce energy consumption

Based on an open-frame design with one side populated and utilizing a board-to-board technique, Ericsson Power Modules’ PKD-E DC/DC converter is fully interoperable with the original lead-free PKD series introduced in 2000. The platform shift from ceramic hybrids to board-to-board helps to lower lifetime cost and reduces energy consumption during manufacturing at Ericsson Power Modules, as well as at CEMs when assembling the modules onto custom...

27th April 2007
Full-brick DC/DC converter offers efficiency levels in excess of 94%

Ericsson Power Modules’ latest DC/DC converter platform, the PKY4716PI, utilizes the industry standard full-brick format and footprint, making it an excellent drop-in replacement for enhanced performance. The device, aimed at the telecoms market and customers developing base transceiver stations in cellular radio networks where high efficiency and reliability are required, is also ideal for many industrial applications.

5th April 2007
Dual output DC/DC converters power telecom and datacom transmission systems

Expanding its MacroDens portfolio of DC/DC modules, Ericsson Power Modules has released three PKR modules aimed primarily at powering telecom and datacom transmission systems requiring floating dual outputs, such as line cards and optical transmitters. Similarly, the PKR will also power a wide range of applications in instrumentation and process control that use analogue logic and communication chipsets. With their floating design, the devices’...

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