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                    EOS Power is a German owned designer and manufacturer of switch mode power conversion products used predominately in the medical, communications and industrial markets. The EOS strategy of designing class leading low to medium power AC/DC products and providing easy access to modification and manufacturing services has allowed our global customers get complete power solutions from one source.

                     All EOS products are designed and produced in Mumbai, India in an ISO9001 & 14001 approved facility. EOS currently has close to 500 employees and is seeing unprecedented demand for its new M(W)LT series of products since their introduction in 2009.

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31st January 2020
Power supply development booster at embedded world

At the upcoming embedded world 2020 show in Nuremberg, EOS Power’s designers will present their standard open frame supplies. EOS will focus on how cunning modification can safe customers’ development time and money and boost the efficiency of the customers’ device engineering and certification process. (MEV booth Hall 3-341).

28th November 2019
Ultra-efficient medical power supplies at COMPAMED

EOS Power has announced that it is joining the COMPAMED MedTech show in Duesseldorf for the first time. The medical power supply experts from Mumbai, there bring its first series of medical and commercial high efficiency open frame AC/DC power supplies up to 1,000W. 

7th May 2019
Pan-European agreement to enhance power portfolio

It has been announced that Acal BFi has added EOS Power's open frame power supplies to its power portfolio. Acal BFi is a Europe-wide custom technology supplier and design partner for leading OEM and technology companies, with a specialist portfolio of high- and low- power solutions. 

27th March 2019
How to modify MedTech power supplies

The demand for standard medical open frame power supplies has increased drastically; provided the supplier can offer the right product range and modifications. More and more customers in the field of medical technology are trying to rejuvenate their products and design whole device families and on a platform basis. 

14th February 2019
Ultra-flat, innovatively cooled, versatile power supplies

Designer, manufacturer and seller of high efficiency open frame power supplies, EOS Power, will bring its new VPS600/1000 series of medical and commercial high-efficiency AC/DC products to the embedded world 2019 show (MEV booth Hall 3-341). The cooled WLC550 and the ultra-flat ULP series from 25 to 275W, all based on standard footprints, are open frame supplies in their classes. 

6th December 2018
Open frame power supplies deliver up to 1000W

  Mumbai-based EOS Power presented its first open frame power supplies at electronica 2018, in Munich. The German owned company, based in India, adds a versatile range to its medical portfolio.

5th December 2018
Series of high efficiency power supplies

Designer, manufacturer and seller of high efficiency power supplies, EOS Power, has announced the US release of its new (M)VPS600/1000 Series of Medical and Commercial High Efficiency AC/DC products. The (M)VPS600/1000 Series are packaged in a 5x8.5x1.61" profile and can deliver 600 to 1000W depending on configuration.

15th February 2018
The power supplies that make your solutions run smoothly

When you don’t even have to think about it that is when you know you have found the perfect power supply for your application. In power design reliability, long-life and high efficiency are crucial. At the Embedded World 2018 show, EOS Power and its distribution partner MEV present EOS’ ultrasmall, narrow, cooling-flexible and up to 93% efficient 40-550W power supply series. All backed by its standardised and modification portfol...

23rd October 2017
World’s smallest (M)WLP225 with fan and cover kit

EOS Power can now provide its successful (M)WLP225-series serially combined with a fan and cover kit. Word’s smallest EOS (M)WLP225 therefor is EOS first compact series including fan and casing serially. The complete package allows customers to use the market leading 225W series without worrying about external cooling solutions. Total size of the new compact module is < 110*80*50 mm.

6th February 2017
EOS Power expands to Northern Europe

  EOS Power is reinforcing its European sales team as of 1 February. In order to be properly equipped for the future business in Northern Europe, and to further strengthen the collaboration between direct sales and distribution, EOS Power has now brought Uwe Scheumann on board to run EOS’ Nordic office from now.

21st November 2016
Medical series now has seven year warranty option

The series of medical open frame products released last year by EOS Power have been a global success due to their power densities and specifications. To further enhance the appeal of the MWLP225 and MWLP350 to EOS’ medical customers, EOS Power is now offering an extended warranty option of seven years on both the 225 and 350 MWLP product series.

15th November 2016
Arrow Europe signs distribution agreement with EOS Power

A distribution agreement for the EMEA region has been signed between Arrow Europe and EOS Power. Holger Schierenbeck, Key Account/EMEA Sales Teams Coordinator PEMCO Power Supplies of Arrow Central Europe and Ralph Bischoff, CEO of EOS Power, agree on the power supplies of EOS Power as good supplement to Arrow's portfolio of compact and efficient AC/DC converters.

14th July 2016
Maximum cooling flexibility on a standard footprint

The (M)WLC550 series of high efficiency, high power density AC/DC products have been released by EOS Power. The (M)WLC550 series for medical and commercial applications, has a power density exceeding 24W per cubic inch and offers unrivalled cooling and installation options for all devices, which require small size AC/DC power solutions.

12th November 2015
The 'world's smallest' 75W power supply series

EOS Power has announced the release of the (M)WLP75 series, another 'smallest in its class' power supply. The (M)WLP75 series is supplied in a 5x7.5x2.5cm (2x3x1") package which, according to the manufacturer, makes it the smallest convection cooled 75W AC/DC converter on the market today.

9th October 2015
120W power supply is claimed to be world's smallest

Expanding its ultra-small, low-profile, high-efficiency series of products, EOS Power has released the (M)WLP120 series of medical and commercial low-profile, high-efficiency AC/DC products. The (M)WLP120 series is packaged in an impressively small 51x76x30mm (2x3x1.18") profile and delivers 1.034W/cm3 (16.94W/in3) and is claimed to be the world’s smallest 120W power supply currently available.

9th July 2015
AC/DC power supplies deliver 28W per cubic inch

  Delivering 28W per cubic inch, the (M)WLP225 series of high efficiency, medical and commercial AC/DC modules has been announced by EOS Power. Supplied in a 50x100x25mm (2x4x1") package, the series features efficiencies up to 94%, standby power consumption of 0.5W and dual fusing.

5th November 2013
Medical and commercial U-channel AC-DC power supply

EOS Power introduces a new series of medical and commercial U-channel AC-DC power supplies. Designated the M(W)LT450 series, the new power supplies are packaged in a 4 x 6.5 x 1.61 inch U-Channel chassis and has options for top and side mounted fan assemblies. Featuring convection cooled ratings of up to 300 Watts, the M(W)LT450 series provides typical efficiency levels of 90% and no load power consumption levels of 0.8 Watts maximum at 230VAC in...

7th June 2013
EOS Power India Private Ltd Announces the Release of the New M (W) LT300 Open Frame AC/DC Series

EOS Power announced that it has released its new M (W) LT300 Series of Medical and Commercial Open Frame AC/DC products. The M (W) LT300 Series is packaged in a 3 x 5 Inch footprint and has a host of Class leading specifications without the premium cost.

7th June 2013
EOS Power Announces New EOS brand MWLT150 & WLT150 Medical & Commercial Open Frame Power Supplies in 2 x 4 Inch Footprint

EOS Power announced today that it has released its new M(W)LT150 Series of Open Frame, AC/DC power supplies for use in the Global Medical, Commercial, DataCommunications and Networking Industries. The M(W)LT150 Series of single output convection cooled products are one of the smallest and most efficient 150-watt power supply packages available in the industry today.

7th June 2013
EOS Power Announces New EOS Brand MWLT200 & WLT200 Medical & Commercial Open Frame Power Supplies in 3 x 5 Inch Footprint

EOS announced that it has released its new MWLT200 & WLT200 Series of Open Frame AC/DC power supplies for use in the Global Medical and Commercial Industries. The M (W) LT200 Series of single output products are one of the smallest and most efficient 200 watt power supply packages available in the industry today.

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