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24th March 2017
Added functionality makes smart lighting platform even smarter

A firmware update has been added to firmware Casambi’s smart lighting platform in order to provide integrated support for users of EnOcean switches, Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) devices and movement sensors. A new control hierarchy has also been developed to make it easier for users to automate lighting operation across a wireless network and to allow manual overrides to be performed when required.

Events News
21st March 2017
EnOcean Alliance Certification Program to be presented at ISH 2017

The EnOcean Alliance is presenting the EnOcean Alliance Certification Program at ISH 2017, which will enable and improve the user experience as well as the interoperability and performance of products from different manufacturers.

13th March 2017
Partnership develops intelligent IoT building solutions

Through the partnership with Vertuoz by ENGIE, the French energy giant, the ecosystem of the EnOcean Alliance continues to grow and promotes the standardisation of intelligent building solutions for the Internet of Things. Vertuoz by ENGIE is now a key player in the EnOcean Alliance, actively supporting the further development of EnOcean energy harvesting wireless standard for energy-efficient building solutions.

20th February 2017
Energy harvesting wireless solutions on show at ISH 2017

  The guiding theme of ISH 2017 (14th-18th March, Frankfurt am Main) is 'energy efficiency and comfort in buildings.' At booth B69 in hall 10.3, the EnOcean Alliance, along with 14 of its members, is to present energy harvesting wireless solutions for building automation and the smart home.

25th January 2017
Collaboration ensures seamless smart lighting technology

A collaboration has been announced between Casambi and EnOcean. EnOcean has newly developed a batteryless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) switch module with Near Field Communication (NFC) that expands its range of energy-harvesting wireless solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

30th November 2016
Partnership standardises intelligent IoT building solutions

The EnOcean Alliance has expanded and strengthened its programme in building automation and the Internet of Things with IBM supporting the EnOcean Alliance as a Promoter Member. The EnOcean Alliance is a consortium of more than 400 companies which standardise and develop intelligent building solutions integrating energy harvesting wireless technology. 

18th October 2016
Energy harvesting wireless modules for IoT applications

Energy harvesting wireless modules and white label products are to be offered by EnOcean under the brand name 'Dolphin – Self-powered IoT by EnOcean' in the future. The Dolphin portfolio includes energy harvesting wireless modules for use in building automation and smart homes with EnOcean wireless technology on the sub 1GHz band.

Events News
14th March 2016
EnOcean kinetic power conquers the world

At Light + Building 2016 (Frankfurt a. Main, March 13-18th, Hall 9.0, Booth B40), EnOcean will be presenting a new self-powered product family for wireless communication in the globally usable 2.4GHz frequency band. This adds to the company’s products in 868, 902 and 928MHz for new markets and regions. With the 2.4GHz offering, OEMs can now realise batteryless switch applications for worldwide use. This development emphasises EnOcean’...

Wireless Microsite
8th October 2015
Empowering the Internet of Things

How energy harvesting and 3D printing could enable the Internet of Sensors. By Andreas Schneider, Chief Marketing Officer, EnOcean GmbH

27th November 2014
Free energy for all!

  Consumers are discovering how tapping in to free but overlooked energy sources can be harnessed to provide power for wireless control systems around the home. By Thomas Gauthier, CEO, ID-RF.

17th April 2014
More intelligence through cross-vendor standardisation

Building automation must meet increasingly stricter demands as more and more disciplines need to be integrated into intelligent control systems. All the necessary technologies already exist. The real challenge today is to combine the partial solutions of different manufactures and various communication standards. An open network based on standards paves the way for "artificial intelligence".

17th April 2014
A cloud link for energy harvesting wireless networks

EnOcean Link is a middleware for energy harvesting wireless networks. It transforms EnOcean telegrams into ready-for-use data which eases the integration of energy harvesting wireless solutions into a wide range of applications and networks, thus facilitating the development of deeply interconnected systems. Using EnOcean Link as a web service via the Internet moves the effort of processing to the cloud, enabling lightweight cost-efficient gatewa...

18th October 2013
Flexing the ability of wireless control

Energy harvesting technology is reaching maturity and when coupled with low-power wireless solutions it allows OEMs to explore the possibilities of an entirely new flexible and robust control domain. Frank Schmidt, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of EnOcean, explores more in this article from ES Design magazine.

15th April 2013
Control Network Solutions introduces native Niagara AX driver for EnOcean networks

Control Network Solutions has developed an EnOcean Ethernet wireless transceiver driver for Niagara AX. Integrating the CNS-EnOcean driver, Niagara system integrators can use Niagara AX to easily discover and commission EnOcean-based energy harvesting wireless networks.

12th April 2013
New EnOcean software opens door to world of energy harvesting wireless technology

With EnOcean Link, EnOcean has launched the first middleware for energy harvesting wireless technology. OEMs can now integrate EnOcean technology easier and faster into a wide range of applications and systems, such as those in smart homes.

8th November 2012
Automatic for more of the people

With interoperability now clearly defined by the new ISO/IEC standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3-10), will it help drive demand for home automation systems? Chief Executive Office of EnOcean, Laurent Giai-Miniet, investigates.

27th April 2012
EnOcean starts new University Programme

EnOcean has launched a new university programme. This initiative will educate the university community about energy harvesting wireless technology and open up students’ career opportunities at EnOcean. The programme addresses Electronics, Software or Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and other related courses. A key element of the programme is 13 month placements (internships) for students.

Automotice Microsite
17th April 2012
Kit de démarrage EnOcean: la solution de facilité pour aborder la technologie sans pile et sans fil

EnOcean annonce le lancement d’un nouveau kit de développement ESK 300, offrant une approche rapide, simple et économique de la technologie sans pile et sans fil. Ce kit comprend divers générateurs d’énergie et modules permettant de développer facilement des capteurs sans fil autoalimentés. A l’aide de ce kit, les équipementiers partenaires d’EnOcean pourront aborder de nouveaux domaines d’application de la technologie de récol...

17th April 2012
First ISO/IEC wireless standard optimised for solutions with ultra-low power consumption and energy harvesting

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has ratified a new standard – ISO/IEC 14543-3-10 – for wireless applications with ultra-low power consumption. It is the first and only wireless standard that is also optimised for energy harvesting solutions and, therefore, for EnOcean's self-powered wireless technology. Together with the EnOcean Equipment Profiles (EEPs) drawn up by the EnOcean Alliance, this international standard lays th...

13th March 2012
EnOcean ESK 300 starter kit - the easy way to get started with batteryless wireless technology

EnOcean has announced its new ESK 300 starter kit which offers a speedy, simple and cost-effective approach to batteryless wireless technology. The starter kit includes a variety of energy converters and modules enabling the effortless creation of energy-autonomous wireless sensors.

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