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15th January 2015
Reinventing the PLC for Industry 4.0

  A new reference design platform is showing how today’s technology can drastically improve the performance of industrial PLCs. Sally Ward-Foxton reports.

5th January 2015
C what you get

In August 2014, the USB-IF released the specification for the Type C connector for USB 3.1, promising a simpler and more integrated single-cable solution. Steve Rogerson looks at how likely that might be.

23rd December 2014
Are we ready for untethered charging?

  The promise of truly untethered charging may be nearer than we think, allowing devices to recharge over greater distances, as Philip Ling discovers.

2nd December 2014
What technologies will emerge as leaders for industrial sensors?

The use of industrial sensors is expected to grow as part of the IoT, but there is little agreement on the technologies that will be used. Steve Rogerson reports.

2nd December 2014
Newer nodes enhance FPGA performance

Sally Ward-Foxton investigates how more advanced process nodes are enabling performance enhancements in the latest-gen FPGA products.

2nd December 2014
Now you sense it, now you don’t…

  Established sensing principals are getting a make-over thanks to MEMS technology which is creating quite a stir from both a technology and commercial perspective, as Philip Ling discovers.

28th November 2014
Making more of Doherty in LTE basestations

Steve Rogerson looks at how one company believes it is keeping 1930s Doherty amplifier technology up to date for modern LTE basestations.

Frequency Control
28th November 2014
Will the market adopt MEMS timing?

Although MEMS timing products and their relative advantages have long been talked about, the market acceptance of these products is still relatively low. Sally Ward-Foxton investigates why.

28th November 2014
A simpler solution to home A/V

Anyone who has contended with too few power sockets or HDMI inputs, cables that are too short to reach your surround sound speakers, or too many remote controls will probably welcome the idea of a simpler solution to home A/V. Philip Ling, ES Design magazine Editor, takes a look at some contenders.

13th November 2014
TI Engineer wins PS4

  At electronica 2014, Stefan Isermann has won the first PS4 in Electronic Specifier's daily competition. The Texas Instruments Engineer was overjoyed when he came to collect the Driveclub bundle from A4.142.

Events News
5th November 2014
Visit us at electronica to win a PS4 bundle

  Electronic Specifier will be exhibiting as an official Media Partner at electronica 2014. Visit us in A4.142, where each day there will be a prize draw to win a PS4 Driveclub bundle. Plus, meet the Electronic Specifier team for a drink at our stand, every day from 4pm.

Events News
24th October 2014
Security takes centre stage at electronica 2014

The Electronic Specifier Security Forum takes place on Wednesday 12th November, Hall A3 between 10:00 and 13:00. There’s no need to book but places will be limited, so arrive early to secure a seat. Here is a full list of participants in the forum, and their chosen topic for discussion:

Events News
16th October 2014
Electronic Specifier to host round-table on security at electronica 2014

Electronic Specifier will be hosting an Industry Round-Table at electronica 2014, Messe Munich, Germany, 11th to 14th November. Organised by Electronic Specifier at the invitation of the organisers, the Round-Table will take place on Wednesday 12th in the electronica Forum Area in Hall A3. There will be two 90-minute sessions taking place between 10:00 and 13:00, comprising six industry experts in each session.

8th August 2014
Protecting circuits from ESD and other power surges

  Protecting circuits from electrostatic discharge and other power surges is becoming more difficult with smaller chip geometries. Steve Rogerson looks at how the industry is coping.

8th August 2014
GaN devices for power electronics are verging on big growth

GaN devices for power electronics are on the verge of big growth, but what are the driving forces behind this growth? Sally Ward-Foxton investigates for ES Design magazine.

8th August 2014
Pervasive connectivity is changing the FPGA landscape

  The emergence of pervasive connectivity - and the resultant volumes of data that creates - could be changing the landscape for embedded electronics, meaning the old mandate of ‘faster, smaller, cheaper’ may soon just read ‘faster’. Philip Ling, Editor, ES Design magazine, reports.

6th August 2014
What autonomous driving technology is now available?

  While much of the technology required to realise self-driving cars is now available, Steve Rogerson looks at what still needs to be done.

6th August 2014
From 1080p to 4k and beyond

  Increasing display resolution and higher refresh rates are putting pressure on today’s display interface standards, writes Sally Ward-Foxton for ES Design magazine.

6th August 2014
A look at the latest developments in non-volatile memory

The rate at which modern devices generate data means it should come as no surprise that manufacturers are still actively developing alternative and - hopefully - improved non-volatile memory solutions. Philip Ling, Editor, ES Design magazine, takes a look at some of the most recent developments.

6th August 2014
Not-so-common sensors

    Steve Rogerson looks at recent developments and trends in automotive sensors for ES Design magazine.

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