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25th March 2020
Low-temperature proximity switches for easy connection

EGE provides IGEX20Pa-type proximity switches that withstand low temperatures down to -60°C. ATEX- and IECEx-certified for use in Ex zones 0 and 20, these sensors can be used in hazardous areas with gas or dust atmospheres, for example in filling stations and facilities with gas pipelines.

24th July 2019
Proximity switch for Ex zones 0/20 with direct 24V connection

Launching the IGEX20a inductive proximity switch, EGE presents a compact sensor with ignition protection type Ex m (encapsulation). Observing the relevant installation standards and conditions, it can be used directly in zones 0/20 without any further switching amplifier.

13th June 2019
Hydrostatic level sensor released for up to 20m

  EGE has extended its DGC line of hydrostatic level meters, adding a new sensor for measuring liquid media levels up to 20m. The sensor consists of a measuring head with integrated electronics and an IP68 probe attached to a cable. The cable is up to 20m long to ensure the probe can be lowered to the bottom of large tanks.

7th March 2019
Custom-assembled level sensors with guided microwave

EGE offers to configure level controllers with guided microwave according to customer specifications. Based on its proven standard level gauge, the German manufacturer is able to adapt the sensors to suit various tank geometries, mounting conditions, or demanding media in no time. Options include angled probes that can be mounted on the side of tanks.

6th February 2019
IECEx-certified processing units for intrinsically safe EGE sensors

It has been announced that EGE now offers IECEx-certified signal processing units for the growing range IECEx-approved two-wire sensors. The certification greatly facilitates exporting the intrinsically safe sensors to many countries around the world, machine manufacturers and plant engineers can now use them in applications where they were previously barred or had to be specially certified in a tedious process.

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