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5th August 2016
Gallium nanoparticles are stable over a range of 1000ºF

Imagine pouring a glass of ice water and having the ice cubes remain unchanged hours later, even under a broiler's heat or in the very back corner of the freezer. That's fundamentally the surprising discovery recently made by an international group of researchers led by an electrical engineering professor at Duke University in a paper published online in Nature Matter. But instead of a refreshing mixture of H2O in a pint glass, the rese...

2nd August 2016
Handheld device captures images with cellular resolution

  Engineers and physicians at Duke University have developed a handheld device capable of capturing images of a retina with cellular resolution. The probe will allow researchers to gather detailed structural information about the eyes of infants and toddlers for the first time.

7th April 2016
Helping humans realise their full regenerative potential

If you trace our evolutionary tree way back to its roots -- long before the shedding of gills or the development of opposable thumbs -- you will likely find a common ancestor with the amazing ability to regenerate lost body parts. Lucky descendants of this creature, including today’s salamanders or zebrafish, can still perform the feat, but humans lost much of their regenerative power over millions of years of evolution.

4th March 2016
Monkeys drive wheelchairs using only their thoughts

Neuroscientists at Duke Health have developed a brain-machine interface (BMI) that allows primates to use only their thoughts to navigate a robotic wheelchair. The BMI uses signals from hundreds of neurons recorded simultaneously in two regions of the monkeys’ brains that are involved in movement and sensation.

21st January 2016
Blood test can distinguish bacterial from viral infections

A new test could help doctors tell whether a patient's flu-like symptoms of respiratory infection are viral or bacterial in origin, helping to avoid the overprescription of antibiotics in situations where they're not needed.

23rd September 2015
Gene sequences may enable control of building bio-structures

Scientists have deciphered the genetic code that instructs proteins to either self-assemble or disassemble in response to environmental stimuli, such as changes in temperature, salinity or acidity. The discovery provides a platform for drug delivery systems and an entirely different view of cellular functions.

23rd September 2015
Engineers unlock 3D vision from ordinary digital camera technology

Modern digital cameras are equipped with an impressive array of functions, from autofocus and image stabilisation to panoramas and HD video. Recently a team of engineers from Duke University has unlocked a previously unrecognised 3D imaging capability of modern cameras by simply repurposing its existing components.

19th August 2015
Sensor solves the 'Cocktail Party' conundrum

People trying to talk to Siri, Cortana or Google Now may soon no longer have to look like they’re about to eat their phones, thanks to a new technology demonstration that solves the 'Cocktail Party' conundrum. In a crowded room with voices coming from every direction, the human auditory system is incredibly good at homing in on a single voice while filtering out the background jabber. Computers are not.

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